Foxes are a type of Noise found in The World Ends With You and -Solo Remix-. All fox Noise can teleport and transform. Progfox can even periodically unleash a massive-damage, unblockable special.

The fox family occupies entries 42-44 in the Noise Report.

Noise 42 Noise #42 - Psychedelifox

Noise 43 Noise #43 - Ambiefox

Noise 44 Noise #44 - Progfox


Fox Noise can be annoying in battle. As aforementioned, they have the ability to teleport. When they reach 0 HP, they don't instantly get erased, but turn into stone on one screen (the one where their HP was reduced to 0 in) and stop moving and glow in the other. With one hit, you can kill them on the other screen.

Bottom ZoneEdit

Fox Noise mainly attack by transforming into various things.

  • Mimic Wolf: The Fox transforms into a Wolf and charges at you.
  • Mimic Jelly Neocoustic: The Fox transforms into a Jelly Neocoustic and grabs Neku or his partner by the tentacle and saps their HP.
  • Eurobeat Boomer: The Fox transforms into a Eurobeat Boomer and performs a lunging kick attack across the area.
  • Large Stone Head Fall: The Fox disappears briefly, then falls from above as a giant stone head.
  • Skeleton of Invincibility: The Fox turns into a massive skeleton which stands around doing nothing. This only occurs on the bottom screen. The use of any psych on the skeleton

by Neku heals a portion of the Fox's HP. (Ambiefox and Progfox only)

  • 9-Tails Blast: This is an attack that only Progfox has. Once it reaches 9 tails, it will begin a massive attack similar to a fusion. The Progfox marks this by pausing in the bottom screen with nine tails, and nine flames rotating at high speeds around it. The nature of the attack is the same as the fusion that you use, stopping time and then blasting you. Neku can dodge this if you are in a dash, and Joshua can sidestep it.
  • Mushroom Form: The fox transforms into a mushroom, immobilizing it and leaving it defenceless. This transformation is, obviously, rarer than the others and is very brief.

Top ZoneEdit

Notable DropsEdit

The following pins can be dropped from Noise in the Fox family. Pins listed as Exclusive Drops can only be obtained as drops from those Noise.

Exclusive DropsEdit


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