Force Rounds is the name of both the Psych and the pin. This article is about the Psych.

Force Rounds is a negative psych, with the majority of the pins with this psych made by Natural Puppy. This psych is activated by tapping empty space; bullets are fired towards the point tapped. The bullets' characteristics vary from pin to pin. Regular pins with Force Rounds are categorized under A Class.

Neku force rounds

Black Venus


Most Force Rounds pins have an efficiency rating of 25%, one of the lowest in the game. This makes them ill-suited as puck passers, but its very fast firing rate along with its ease of use makes some of the pins adequate for filler damage. The Force Rounds pins with different efficiency ratings are Lolita Bat (40%), Skull Rabbit (30%), Purity Launcher (20%), and Innocence Beam (20%).

Regular bullets (Sexy Beam/Black Venus) vs. penetrating bullets (Skull Rabbit/Playmate Beam/Popguin)Edit

One would believe that the penetrating bullet pins, with much higher pin ATK, are the superior pins. However, as a penetrating bullet goes through an enemy, that enemy becomes invincible for a few frames. If all penetrating bullets are fired rapidly at an enemy, about half the bullets will miss! Therefore, the regular bullet pins, Sexy Beam and Black Venus, deal more overall damage than the penetrating bullets! Black Venus is only available in the postgame, but is better than Sexy Beam because of its shorter reboot time.

Lolita Bat vs. regular bulletsEdit

Neku lolita bat

Lolita Bat

Lolita Bat looks very attractive with its 40% efficiency. Unfortunately, Lolita Bat's bullets cause great knockback. If all of Lolita Bat's bullets are fired rapidly at a mobile enemy, all but one of the bullets will miss! Regular bullets, despite their lower efficiency and pin ATK, will deal greater damage to a single target because the enemy won't be thrown across the field. However, if a player prefers to juggle their enemies over inflicting damage, Lolita Bat is the better pin for that.

Regular bullets vs. Purity Launcher vs. Innocence BeamEdit

Neku purity launcher

Purity Launcher

Regular bullets only hit a single target, while the other two pins feature multi-shot. Innocence Beam acts as a faux Energy Rounds pin with a faster firing rate. Purity Launcher can shoot many more bullets than Innocence Beam provided that it has enough distance for the initial bullet to fragment. It must be fired at medium to long range or else its potential is wasted.

Of the three, regular bullets is the best overall choice, as the more powerful enemies are solo encounters.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Boot Reboot
Pin 022c022Cutie BeamNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 29255706
Pin 023c023Lovely BeamNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 40256006
Pin 024c024Sexy BeamNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 63256606
Pin 025c025Superfine BeamNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 60256507
Pin 026c026Playmate BeamNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 862572010
Pin 027c027Purity LauncherNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 57205106
Pin 028c028Innocence BeamNatural Puppy A N Force Rounds T Attack 72205406
Pin 166c166Lolita BatLapin Angelique A N Force Rounds T Attack 1004012006.5
Pin 167c167Skull RabbitLapin Angelique A N Force Rounds T Attack 121309606.5
Pin 216c216Black VenusGatito A N Force Rounds T Attack 60256503
Pin 269c269Force RoundsUnbranded A N Force Rounds T Attack 26255705.1
Pin 287c287PopguinUnbranded N N Force Rounds T Attack 93257306
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