Neku flame blast

Flame Blast is a negative psych found on only three pins. It is activated by pressing on an empty space. Unlike its relative Pyrokinesis, the flame cannot be moved during activation. All Flame Blast pins will sometimes afflict HP drain on an enemy, causing it to lose 5% of its max HP every five seconds until the effect wears off. In addition, the flame is able to stun-juggle smaller enemies.

Regular Flame Blast pins are categorized under B class. Despite Flame Blast being B class, it is possible to trick the game and have a third BBBB pin in the deck (or more) by evolving Flames Afar, Foes Aflame into BBBB.


Flame Blast is an outstanding general purpose psych. At 74% efficiency, it is the most powerful psych that fires rapidly and attacks multiple enemies. Its high efficiency also makes it suitable as a puck passing psych, although some players prefer to combo into psychs with even higher efficiency.

The Dragon Couture "dream deck" consists of 2x One Grain, Infinite Promise/One Stroke, Vast Wealth along with 2x Blue Blood Burns Blue. This is the most powerful deck one can have from W2D5 right up until the end of the maingame.

Tin Pin Sunscorch vs. Blue Blood Burns BlueEdit

Tin Pin Sunscorch is the earliest Flame Blast pin one can acquire without mingling or evolving, that being on week 2, day 6. It obsoletes many middle efficiency psychs such as Pyrokinesis and Thunderbolt. BBBB may be obtained as early as week 2, day 5, by evolving Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire twice via shutdown PP. As BBBB deals +40 damage/hit over Tin Pin Sunscorch, it is the choice Flame Blast pin if not battling in Pork City.

Blue Blood Burns Blue vs. DrakeEdit

Drake is obtained in the postgame and is an excellent pin in itself, but 2x BBBB with Resonance will have a pin ATK of 133, which barely edges out Drake, and will encourage a trend boost if used with other Dragon Couture pins. It is recommended to keep using BBBB in order to free up the Angel class pin slot.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 158c158Blue Blood Burns BlueDragon Couture B N Flame Blast P Attack 111742303.5s07Press empty space to create a pillar of fire. Inflicts damage and sometimes HP Drain on contact.
Pin 238c238Tin Pin SunscorchUnbranded B N Flame Blast P Attack 57741904s03A special Tin Pin used in slam-offs. This one was designed by the inventor of the Solid Slammer. Press empty space to activate the pin's psych.
Pin 298c298DrakeUnbranded N N Flame Blast P Attack 131742455s03Press empty space to create a pillar of fire. Inflicts damage and sometimes HP Drain on contact.
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