Final Time Attack is a special 11-chain reduction battle against many of the game's bosses. The goal is to defeat all the bosses in the fastest time possible. However, your time will only be saved on Hard or Ultimate modes. Due to the nature of chain battles, the enemies become increasingly harder after each reduction.

Final Time Attack can be accessed during Another Day after doing the first part of the Tin Pin events. After forming the "Kindred Spirits," head for the Shibuya River (if Neku is alone, he will simply say that he has no business there) and go to the Room of Reckoning (the final room in the game). Talking to Joshua triggers the event. Be aware that this challenge is no longer accessible once the Wizard of Slam in Tin Pin Slammer is defeated and Another Day's main story is finished (because the Kindred Spirits are disbanded, and Neku's all alone again), forcing the player to replay the chapter.

Upon beating this mode for the first time on any difficulty, you receive the Angel Feather accessory. In any successful run, including the first time, you will receive five 10000 Yen pins (for a total of 50,000 yen) and a set of starter pins, which consist of the original 6 pins given as the game begins (the Pyrokinesis, Shockwave, Cure Drink, Force Rounds, Psychokinesis, and Thunderbolt pins). This is in addition to the pins normally received for winning against all of the noise encountered.

List of bosses in Final Time AttackEdit

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These are the battles in order:

  1. Cornix Canor (Shiki)
  2. Ovis Cantus (Shiki)
  3. Reaper Beat (Joshua)
  4. Sho Minamimoto/Leo Cantus (Joshua)
  5. Pteropus Canor (Beat)
  6. Uzuki Yashiro (Beat)
  7. Koki Kariya (Beat)
  8. Uzuki Yashiro (Berserk) & Koki Kariya (Berserk) (Beat)
  9. Tigris Cantus (Beat)
  10. Megumi Kitaniji (Beat)
  11. Anguis Cantus (Shiki & Beat)
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Strategies for Final Time AttackEdit

While many potential strategies exist for this challenge, most usually revolve around having Neku and his partner deal as much damage as possible.

Each partner has a different amount of fights that they will be involved in, as listed below:

  • Shiki: 3 (27.3%)
  • Joshua: 2 (18.2%)
  • Beat: 7 (63.6%)

As can be seen, Beat is the partner that you will fight with for the vast majority of the battles, while Joshua represents the fewest. Proportionally, any items that heavily affect partner performance should be allocated first to Beat.

Since Shiki is the first partner to be used in the reduction, only she will receive utility from the bonus fusion stars thread ability. It is possible for the player to begin the chain reduction with as many as 7 stars, requiring only 1 more to be earned for a formidable second level attack and 9 more for the fully healing third level. These 7 stars can be obtained by the following thread combination: Her Stuffed Animal (or Black Bikini) +3, Cupid Tee +1, Bandage Pants +2, and Star Hat +1. The first two bosses are sufficiently weak that Neku can kill them fast enough to permit Shiki to wear these otherwise weak threads; the downside is that the fight against Anguis Cantus begins with Shiki as the partner, meaning that time might be added if Neku cannot make up for the lost damage.

Joshua's pair of battles are not particularly difficult, although both bosses are capable of high damage outputs. These fights present exceptional opportunities to generate fusion stars, especially the one against Sho due to the Taboo Noise he throws out before entering the fray. As such, putting your second best partner ATK threads on Joshua (saving the best for Beat) is an easy way to shorten the time spent against them.

Beat's battles on their own are not too challenging, but by the time you reach them the chain reduction will amplify their damage outputs significantly. Ideally, you will enter Beat's section of fights with a fully charged level 3 fusion attack. This should either be saved for an emergency situation or for a boss that would normally require more time than you are able to commit. Using it against Berserk Uzuki and Kariya, Tigris Cantus, or Kitaniji is acceptable to shorten the fight if you need to make up time. If you still have it by Anguis Cantus, it can be an easy way to finish him off quickly. Just remember to save it for Beat's portion of the fight. One other tip; since Tigris Cantus steals your pins and then returns them to you after the fight, any pins with finite uses (Healing, Cure Drinks, Anguis, etc) will be fully replenished, allowing them to be used once more. Accordingly, if any pins haven't been fully used before this fight and are needed, use them without reservation during the fight.

The toughest battles of this reduction will differ depending on each player, but Kitaniji is particularly damaging and hardy, Uzuki (solo or with Kariya) can deal massive damage with her flowers and is a pain to hit (especially with Beat, as she often teleports before he can execute a finisher), and Tigris Cantus can be a time sink. Sho is also a huge potential time sink due to his initial assault with Taboo Noise, and his teleportation between screens.

Neku should come into this reduction with as high of a damage output as possible. SOS setups can deal the most damage, but they also immediately split your health bar in half. Cosmic SOS will deal the most damage of any set in the game, but also leaves Neku open to costly knock backs. This is a problem in the final battles where there are so many projectiles onscreen that avoiding them can be difficult (Kitaniji in particular is troublesome here with his "time be still" attack). Alternatively, Neku could come in as a defensive anchor for his partners, dealing little damage but taking none with the Holy Field set of pins. This would also greatly amplify the power of the light puck, so choosing a powerful puck passer (like Lighting Rook or Black Uranus) would allow for the top partner to deal high damage. Alternatively, a healing pin could be selected to allow Neku to reduce the damage intake of the pair. This strategy is risky across long chain reductions, though, and especially here; it also does not finish off bosses quickly.

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