The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Erasure is the process of eliminating something from existence, an ability used by Players, Reapers, and Noise. If a Player is defeated by Noise, they are Erased; likewise if a Player is Erased specifically by a Reaper or another Player. Reapers can Erase Players if they pose an immediate threat to the running of the Reapers' Game or if the all Players fail to complete a given day's mission. If a player defeats a noise or a Reaper, it is Erased.

Note that a Player will also be erased if they don't have a partner within a certain given amount of time. At the start of the week, if a Player doesn't partner up, they will be erased for this reason.


It's possible to save a person shortly after their erasure by transferring their Soul into a Pin. This can be taken a step further by making the Pin into a Noise. This procedure can only be undertaken by Reapers or Angels, as they are the only ones who seem to be able to transfer Soul and create Noise.

The Composer seems to be able to resurrect Players if they are in this state when they win the game, as Rhyme was resurrected despite being erased and turned into a Noise.