The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Efficiency is a rating that determines the offensive power per hit of a psych or a partner attack. Each psych and partner attack has a unique efficiency rating. Efficiency ratings are not listed in the game.

In layman's terms, it determines how much final ATK (sum of equipped ATK and pin ATK) is converted into actual damage for each hit.

Analysis: Neku (DS/Remix)[]

Efficiency is a multiplier that affects the damage formula. An attack with 20% efficiency will deal half the damage versus an attack with 40% efficiency, provided that final ATK is equal and that the enemy has no additional defense.

Efficiency is the most important factor when determining offensive potential. Many players incorrectly assume that pins with higher pin ATK are always better. This only applies when comparing two pins of the same psych. For example, Angel Magnum appears to be a powerful pin due to its 102 pin ATK. However, its psych, Energy Rounds, has an efficiency rating of 20%. Ice Blow, with 27 pin ATK, will always deal more damage than Angel Magnum per hit because its psych, Piercing Pillar S, has an efficiency rating of 100%. For example, if Neku has 10 base ATK:

  • (10 base ATK + 102 pin ATK) * 20% = 22 damage per Angel Magnum hit
  • (10 base ATK + 27 pin ATK) * 100% = 37 damage per Ice Blow hit

However, Angel Magnum has multiple uses before reboot, while Ice Blow has only one use before reboot, thus causing each pin's respective psychs to have different roles. This is explained below in further detail.

High-efficiency psychs take better advantage of Neku's base ATK stat, since final ATK is the sum of base ATK and pin ATK. When using Ice Blow, each +1 ATK to Neku will result in +1 damage/hit because of its 100% efficiency rating. On the other hand, Neku will need +5 ATK to see +1 damage/hit for Angel Magnum.

Low-efficiency psychs vs. High-efficiency psychs (DS)[]

Many low-efficiency psychs are fast, have many uses, and can deal damage to multiple enemies. Some psychs are able to hit an enemy multiple times per use in order to offset their efficiency ratings, such as Vulcan Uppercut. Psychs at the top of the efficiency list deal excellent damage, but usually have a considerable charge time and only deliver one powerful hit.

In abstract, this would make low-effiency psychs similar or superior in total damage compared to high-efficiency psychs. However, the puck provides damage amplification of a single hit. A puck-amplified hit with a high-efficiency psych can deal more damage than a great number of low-efficiency psych hits:

  • 12 Angel Magnum hits @ 10 base ATK = 112 * 0.2 * 12 = 264 damage
  • One Stone, Many Birds hit @ 10 base ATK and 3X puck = 75 * 1.5 * 3 = 337 damage!

Therefore, a recommended strategy is to reserve one or two pins with high efficiency for passing the puck while using faster pins with lower efficiency as filler damage. It is also possible to eschew low-efficiency psychs entirely if the player is using thread setups with Faster Puck and Puck Power.

For example, Shockwave has 35% efficiency, while Vortex Saber has 100% efficiency. It may seem that Shockwave is weak, but a Shockwave pin with nine uses can expend all of them in a few seconds. If all of the shots connect, Shockwave is an acceptable psych. Vortex Saber is a much slower psych, so it's best used when Neku has the puck in order to benefit from the puck's damage multiplier.

Burst Rounds is considered to be the most versatile high-efficiency puck passing psych. Flame Blast combines high efficiency and a fast firing rate, and obsoletes almost every other psych with lower efficiency. The Dragon Couture "dream deck" features both of these psychs, which gives Dragon Couture the nod over Pegaso as the brand with the best possible maingame deck.

Entanglement, despite being tied for the worst efficiency in the game, is an effective psych because its activation is almost instant and will not tie up Neku while it deals its damage. Conversely, Frostbite and Holy Light are considered to be the two worst offensive psychs in the game: not only are they tied for the lowest efficiency, but they have a significant charge time, and Neku is vulnerable during activation.

Low-efficiency psychs vs. High-efficiency psychs (Remix)[]

Both Solo Remix and Final Remix don't use the DS puck system. Instead, the Cross Combo system increases damage with alternating hits from Neku and his partner, plus builds up sync. This means that pin strategy is completely different. By using fast, multi-hit psychs with low efficiency, sync builds up more quickly than using slower, high efficiency psychs. When combined with CC Faster Sync/Sync Charge threads, fusions accumulate at a much faster rate than in DS.

For example, while Piercing Pillar S is great in DS, it's a poor psych for building sync in Remix because it has only 1 use before reboot. Force Rounds, a mediocre psych in DS, is a great psych for building sync and increasing CC multipliers in Remix due to its fast firing rate and multiple uses. Burst Rounds, the gold standard of efficiency, still fires fast enough to be a good psych in Remix, but will not build up sync as quickly as faster pins.

High efficiency psychs will still get the greatest damage boost per hit with Cross Combos, but unlike with the puck, a more effective strategy is to use fast hitting psychs to build up the multiplier quickly, then use a high efficiency psych to exploit the boosted multiplier. In this way, players can effectively design custom combos, in which low efficiency psychs steadily build towards a high efficiency "finisher".

Analysis: Partners (DS)[]

Partner panels and finishers typically have higher efficiency than most of Neku's psychs. This is to offset the partners' lack of any pin ATK. Each partner has various strengths and weaknesses:

  • Shiki has moderate panel and finisher efficiency. Her ground finisher is unique in that it has invincibility frames during its execution. Her combos are also extremely fast and thus harder to interrupt and her finishers strike can strike multiple enemies provided they are in close proximity to the targeted enemy. Her air attacks and finishers can only target air units, with air finishers being twice as powerful.
  • Joshua has the weakest panel efficiency, especially his ground panels which don't produce any damage at all, and his finishers take longer to execute. Moreover, most of his ground finishers strike each target individually, and sometimes deal two hits to each enemy instead of one, reducing light puck effectiveness. However, his ground finisher efficiency increases the more he locks onto a single enemy, and maximizes with five locks. His best ground finisher though requires that he locks on to a minimum of three targets at least twice each, which results in a powerful finisher that hits all targets with equal force. For air combos, if Joshua amounts enough panels in the air (specifically, enough so that a single enemy is hit at least six times), his attacks will attack enemies on both side and his finisher will become a more powerful beam. Should he fall short of this though he will still strike all enemies on the targeted side of the field, though for less damage. Notably, he is the only partner with finishers that can reach 700% and 500% efficiency for ground and air respectively. This is somewhat of a catch: if the player equips threads that force a longer combo map amount this much efficiency, it will take longer to obtain fusion stars.
  • Beat has the strongest panel efficiency and powerful finishers in exchange for a slow but rewarding fusion system. Despite what the game states, Beat should always use his air attacks over his ground attacks unless facing a quick-dodging opponent such as Uzuki. It's more practical for him to deal high panel and finisher damage than to obtain fusion stars. His biggest weakness is that both his attacks and finishers only strike one enemy at a time, limiting his effectiveness against groups. He will typically focus on one target at a time. Note that, when attacking an airborne target, Beat's ground combo will deal damage the same as his aerial combo while still allowing him to play 2 suit cards.

Efficiency List[]

Note that certain psychs have different efficiency ratings in the JP version (usually lower). These are listed separately.

Very High[]

200% Massive Hit (full charge)
200% Pressure Mine (explosion)
150% Burst Rounds
120% Summon Rhyme
100% Massive Hit (medium charge)
100% Nexus Ray
100% Piercing Pillar S
100% Vortex Saber C/M


80% Apport C
80% Grave Marker
80% Lance Lunge
74% Flame Blast
65% Earthquake
65% Splash Core
65% Time Bomb
55% Explosion
55% Lightning Arrester
50% Irregular Note
50% Lightning Bolt
50% Piercing Pillar R


45% Fire Barrier
45% Flame Core
45% Spark Core
45% Velocity Crash
45% Vulcan Uppercut
42% Thunderbolt
42% Thundercloud
42% Thunderstorm
40% Discharge H
40% Massive Hit (small charge)
40% Force Rounds (Lolita Bat; ie. Slow, great knockback bullets)
40% Energy Rounds (Sparkle Beam; ie. Slow, great knockback bullets)
40% Spear Strike


38% Velocity Attack
35% Dark Barrier
35% Pyrokinesis
35% Shockwave
35% Twister
30% Defense break bullets (Skull Rabbit and Lil' Terror Bazooka)
30% Ignition
30% Street Jam
30% Apport T
30% Discharge R
30% Patrol Rounds S/T
30% Stellar Flurry

Very Low[]

25% Force Rounds (all non-Lapin Angelique regular bullet and penetrating bullet pins)
20% Energy Rounds (all pins that fire multiple bullets per use)
20% Entanglement
20% Force Rounds (Purity Launcher and Innocence Beam)
20% Frostbite
20% Holy Light
20% Apport C (flak)
20% Burst Rounds (flak)
20% Massive Hit (no charge)


100-550% Pressure Mine (post-explosion collision)
40-220% Psychokinesis T (used on an Obstacle)
20-110% Psychokinesis D/S (used on an Obstacle)
4-60% Psychokinesis D/S (used on Noise)
8-120% Psychokinesis T (used on Noise)

Japanese Only[]

The only psych that is superior in the Japanese version is Time Bomb. All other listed psychs are worse than their EU/NA counterparts.

150% Massive Hit (full charge)
100% Time Bomb
50% Burst Rounds
50% Earthquake
50% Summon Rhyme
30% Discharge H
30% Irregular Note
20% Ignition
17% Spear Strike
15% Stellar Flurry
15% Massive Hit (no charge)
10% Frostbite
10% Holy Light
10% Burst Rounds (flak)

Planet set boost[]

When all six pins of the planet set are in the same deck, efficiency is tripled for all pins in the set. As a result, the planet pin with the highest efficiency (Black Uranus at 300%) is regarded as one of the most powerful pins in the game.

Partners' Efficiency List (DS)[]

Partners: Panels[]

200% Beat's air panel
150% Beat's ground panel
100% Shiki's air/ground panel
50% Joshua's air panel
0% Joshua's ground panel

Partners: Finishers[]

600% Joshua's ground finisher: minivan or pickup (activated by locking onto minimum three targets minimum twice each)
500% Joshua's air finisher after accumulating enough panels
500% Joshua's ground finisher: vending machine
400% Beat's air finisher
400% Shiki's air finisher
400% Joshua's ground finisher: blue motorcycle
300% Beat's ground finisher
300% Joshua's ground finisher: WOW sign
200% Joshua's air finisher
200% Joshua's ground finisher: bicycle
200% Shiki's ground finisher
100% Joshua's ground finisher: traffic sign (Parking, wrong way, yellow barricade)