A rarely appearing psych only in use by three pins, Earthquake is a positive-element attack activated by scratching the screen. When used, it shakes the whole of the bottom DS screen and momentarily inhibits movement of ground-based enemies, but leaving Neku free to move about. Like most psychs, the effects do not affect the Noise of the top screen, nor is the attack effective against airborne enemies (such as crows) or foes that levitate (such as Minks).

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Boot Reboot
Pin 005c005EarthshakeD+B B P Earthquake H Attack 4965162208
Pin 244c244Tin Pin GolemUnbranded B P Earthquake H Attack 6665173166.3
Pin 296c296WoollyUnbranded R P Earthquake H Attack 10665199116