The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

EXP (experience points) are earned for defeating enemies. Level will increase with enough EXP, which grants +50 HP, +1 max drop rate, and +1 BRV. When leveling up during a battle, both characters glow momentarily and are levitated into the air, and all HP are restored. The glow around the characters harms enemies that come into contact with it, and has a slight knockback effect.

The amount of EXP needed to reach the next level is 100 * current level. The maximum level is 100, indicated by a star.

EXP Modifiers[]

EXP is calculated as follows:

EXP = Base Noise EXP * D * (1+T)

The maximum total multiplier is 4.8: Ultimate difficulty, Revolution/False Teeth, Ribbon Shoes, Yukata, and Tin Pin Thrift in the pin deck.

Difficulty (D)[]

  • Easy: 0.5
  • Normal: 1.0
  • Hard: 1.5
  • Ultimate: 2.0

Thread/Pin Abilities (T)[]

Abilities are stackable. WARNING: These boosts only apply if the character who is holding the boosts lands the erasing blow!

  • EXP Boost 1: 0.1
  • EXP Boost 2: 0.2
  • Sacrifice: 0.2
  • EXP Boost 3: 0.5
  • Jinxed EXP Boost: 0.5