The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The Drake is a family of Noise in The World Ends With You. It consists of Noise No. 45 to No. 48. They are one of the smaller families of Noise.

Noise 45.PNG Noise #45 - Doom Metal Drake

Noise 46.PNG Noise #46 - Ragtime Drake

Noise 47.PNG Noise #47 - Goth Metal Drake

Noise 48.PNG Noise #48 - Neoclassical Drake


Drakes are quite large, easily taking a quarter screen worth of space. Because of this, it is not hard to land a hit on them, regardless of what psych you are using. On the top screen, your partner will be shown on the right side of the screen, with the Drake and other enemies on the left. They can be knocked back by psychs such as Shockwave, Lightning Arrester, etc. They can deal quite a lot of damage, so caution is advised.

Attack Strategies[]

Please note that if there are no other foes on the screen, and you're not fighting a Taboo Drake, a midair Joshua can not be hit while against this family except for Neoclassical Drake, except on really rare situations in which the fireballs he launches will go a bit higher than usual, knocking him from suspention.

  • Red Orbs: The Drake will lower its head, and shoot 3~5 orbs depending on what type of Drake it is. Shiki and Beat can Block this attack, while Joshua can dodge it. Shiki and Beat can also jump while Joshua levitates, but it should only be done shortly after the orbs shoot out, otherwise one runs the risk of getting hit. On the lower screen, Neku can dash to avoid the attack.
  • Tail Whip: The Drake will swing its tail to hit the player in front. To avoid this attack, Shiki and Beat can Block, and Joshua can Dodge. On the lower screen, Neku can Dash to avoid this attack, either further from the Drake or behind it. The Neoclassical Drake uses a twin blade attack instead.
  • Dark Flame: The two "Metal" Drakes use this quite often. The Drake will lower its head and give out a roar, and spit out a flame that hits the player multiple times. If your partner attacks the Drake before the fire appears on the screen, it will simply roar and the attack will be intercepted. For Neku, you can move to behind the Drake, or above/below it to avoid this attack, or you can hit him with a finisher and the flame will stop. Beware of this attack, it deals an especially large amount of damage to your partner, and once it starts, unless your partner is Joshua and you teleport him upwards, you can't stop it from dealing massive damage unless you can use a fusion attack. On Ultimate, it may take you from full HP to death without even giving you a chance to block.
  • Dark Spikes: Only the Taboo Drake will use this attack. It summons several sword-like spikes that will hit a player unless they dodge while it is being fired or dodged by the partner. This is the only Drake attack able to hit a levitating Joshua.

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