"Wyvern Noise pair lethal strength with a breath attack capable of annihilating opponents."
— Noise Report

The Doom Metal Drake is a drake Noise in The World Ends with You that has dark blue wings, red wing markings, and a red tattoo body.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Amassed Body: Doom Metal Drake, with its large body mass, has an impressive amount of health compared to normal Noise. This also makes it impervious to being forcefully moved by abilities such as Psychokinesis.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Red Orbs: Doom Metal Drake will lower its head to shoot out 3 orbs in a cone three times.
  • Tail Whip: Doom Metal Drake will swing its tail around to hit the player in front.
  • Drake Dash: Although it is overall slow in movement, Doom Metal Drake will occasionally dash to the other side of the screen (bottom only). On contact, Neku will receive damage and be knocked back.


- Take advantage of Pins that can "juggle" it around, like Murasame, Fresh Line, among others.

- In addition to this, make sure to take advantage of each juggle to deal extra damage with other pins.

- Keep an eye out for your partner's screen, as the Drake's long range attacks.will do a lot of damage, specially in Hard and above, and can end a battle really quick. Remember to either block or evade its attacks (depending on your partner) and choose your healing pins wisely.



The Doom Metal Drake's name is a play on "doom metal" (a form of heavy metal music) and "drake" (another word for a European dragon).