Shibuya Map - Dogenzaka
Dogenzaka is a Shibuya district in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix-. It connects to the 104 BuildingA-East, and Pork City.

Shops Edit

Ramen Don Edit

Ramen Don is a Chinese noodle bar maintained by Ken Doi. He can have a level 7 friendship and offers up to 3 item abilities.

Level 7 friendship
  • (Entering the shop) "Irasshai! Hey, kids! The soup's a cut above today."
  • "You having the usual? I'll make sure those noodles are firm. Make it an extra helping, too!"
  • (Upon buying something) "Growing kids like you need to have a little more. How about some extra veggies?"
  • (Upon leaving) "Thanks, kids! I've got some new soup ideas simmering. You'll have to come test 'em out!"

Food Sold hereEdit

  • Shio Ramen
  • Insta-Noodles
  • Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Salad
  • Shoyu Ramen
  • Miso Ramen

Cosmic Corner Edit

Cosmic Corner is a secondhand shop. The vendor, Shinta Iwata, can have a level 6 friendship and unlocks 10 item abilities. He is the big brother of Yoji Iwata from Towa Records and Shigemori Iwata from Shibu-Q Heads 3F.

Level 6 friendship
  • (Entering the shop) "...Hmm? Oh, good to see you. Take your time, kid."
  • "My little bros work at Shibu-Q Heads and Towa Records. They're the ones in lame glasses."
  • (Upon buying something) "Thanks. (Yeah, this kid's got serious style.)"
  • (Upon leaving) "Come back again soon, kid. Next time I'll show you my pet gator. Peace out."

Shadow Ramen Edit

The Shadow Ramen can be re-opened if Neku chose to not interfere when Makoto Miki asks for advice from his former boss during Week 3, Day 3. It can then be accessed the following days.

Makoto can have a level 9 friendship, and offers up to 3 item abilities.

Level 9 friendship
  • (Entering the shop) "H-hello? (He's back AGAIN!)"
  • "(What if he comes by because he's into me?...Th-this isn't in the manual!)"
  • (Upon buying something) "Th-thank you? (More!? I'm onto you.)"
  • (Upon leaving) "I always aim to p-p-please, sir. See you...soon, I'm sure."

Dr. Don Edit

Dr. Don is an inaccessible shop, it is presumably owned by Ken Doi. It is located between Ramen Don and Cosmic Corner.

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