"Powerful legs propel this hop-happy frog Noise around, and lend a biting edge to its kick!"
— Noise Report

The Dixiefrog is a frog Noise in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix- that has a green body, yellow eyes, and blue tattoos for its hind legs. It is notable for being the the first enemy the player encounters in the game.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Dixiefrog has no passive capabilities.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Leap: The Dixiefrog leaps onto the player, then leaps off to deal moderate damage. The leap is homing to a degree and so is difficult to avoid by moving normally. However, dashing while the frog is attempting to land on Neku, or before it has leapt off, is usually a good method of avoiding taking damage from the attack.


Dixiefrog artwork 2

A Dixiefrog performing a jump attack.

The Dixiefrog is easy to erase with the Shockwave (for short-ranged attacks) and Pyrokinesis (for long-range attacks) pins that the player is given at the start of the game, but any offense pin should be sufficient as both positive and negative psychs are equally effective. Combined with its low HP, even a new player shouldn't have too much trouble when facing these frog Noise.


The Dixiefrog's name is a combination of "dixie" (as in Dixieland music, an early style of jazz) and "frog".


Dixiefrog artwork 1

Frogs emerging from Noise symbols.

  • In Neku's first encounter with this Noise, he has not yet formed a pact with another Player. Since he hasn't done so, he is unable to use psychs, and is thus forced to run.
  • It is unclear whether the artwork of frog Noise emerging from Noise symbols that is used in-game (see right) depict Dixiefrogs or Orchefrogs. Although the Noise in the artwork have yellow eyes, like Dixiefrogs, they also have red legs, like Orchefrogs. Additionally, this artwork is seen both on Week 1: Day 1 and Week 3: Day 1, when Neku is attacked by Dixiefrogs and Orchefrogs, respectively.