A district is a part of the in-game Shibuya map structure. Characters can always move freely around a single district, but moving to a different district is allowed only if:
  • the new district is not closed off for the current day in the game.
  • there is a connection to the new district in the city map.
  • that connection is not blocked by a wall (such a wall can be removed by completing a Reaper's objective).

Each district ranks brands in a certain order. The rank affects the power of different pins in-battle, and is constantly changing (see Brand for details).

The following is a list of all districts.

Scramble Crossing Edit

"Shibuya's scramble crossing, the most famous of its kind in the world. The giant TV screens gracing the buildings are a sight to behold."

In the game, Neku starts the Reapers' Game in this district and it is the most common location he wakes up in when a new day begins. It has no in-game stores itself, but has the most links to other districts such as 104 Building, Center St. Entrance, the Statue of Hachiko, and the Shibu Dept. Store.

Statue of Hachiko Edit


Hachiko, The Loyal Dog

"An area located right next to the train station that holds the Statue of Hachiko, one of the most notable symbols of Shibuya. This are is also known for being a popular meet-up location, especially among young couples."

In the game, this district is where Neku makes the pacts with all of his partners. During Week 1, the statue houses a Noise that must be erased in order for a specific mission to be accomplished. The Shibukyu Stationside stores are located here. It is linked to the Scramble Crossing and the West Exit Bus Terminal.

104 Building Edit

"A hub for cutting-edge pop culture throughout Japan. TV soaps are often shot here, giving the place huge name recognition."

While in-game, it is small in size and has few quests throughout the gameplay, 104 Building is one of the more popular locations Neku will find himself walking through, as some of the main plot or sub-plot points are located in Dogenzaka, A-East and Pork City.

Corresponds to Shibuya 109 in reality.

Shibu Department Store Edit

"An upscale department store just a skip away from Shibuya Station. Famous brand names dominate its floor space."

Many of the more expensive brand items and threads are found here. If you want exceptional stat-giving food, such as Ginseng or Cordyceps or the special Curious Mushrooms, this is the place to go!
01CITY Shibuya by ITA-ATU Public Domain

Shibuya Marui City.

Corresponds to Seibu Department Store in reality.

Cadoi City Edit

"One of Japan's department store chains. While the focus is on fashion, they also sell furniture and jewelry."

Cadoi City is another interesting cross-way Neku will find himself travelling through often when he needs to get to and from Cat Street, Molco and the Scramble Crossing. If you are low on cash but want to shop, the Mus Rattus and Natural Puppy stores here will save your wallet.

Corresponds to Marui City in reality.

Towa Records Edit

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Tower Records logo.

"A record store born in the US of A. Currently, the store's collaboration with the artist "CAT" is creating a buzz."

Towa Records is the name of the district and the store. The store itself is all about CDs, CDs, and yes CDs. You can find the soundtracks of the games here to be exact. Also, certain rare threads and pins will be on display if you're lucky...

Corresponds to Tower Records in reality.

Miyashita Park Underpass Edit

"A tunnel beneath the Yamanote train-line that circles central Tokyo. The graffiti inside never stays the same for long."

A dull-colored underpass that is required to pass in order to reach Cat Street. For Beat, this is the perfect place for him to skate on his board.

Miyashita Park Edit

"A swath of precious green maintained by Shibuya's government. While a place of repose, the park is also beginning to show a slummier side."

The greenest district one can find in-game. As of current, it is become a favorable gathering place for the young.

Name kept in game. See here.

Cat Street Edit

"A street lined with cafés, imported furniture stores, and other classy establishments. Neighboring Harajuku Station might get you there quicker."

A dead-end district that houses two important stores in-game: WildKat which is run by Sanae Hanekoma and the only store for Jupiter of the Monkey.

Shibukyu Main StoreEdit

"A department store that targets the family demographic. The secret of its popularity is a wide range of tenants."

While one of the least visited locations by Neku, Shibukyu Main Store houses both the simple Mus Rattus brand and the detail-orientated Dragon Couture brand. But, because this district holds the Dragon Couture's main brand store, it is usually the most popular brand around.

Corresponds to Tokyu Department Store in reality.

Dogenzaka Edit

"A sloping street flanked by shops tending toward the eccentric. Once, this hill was a popular setting for novels."

Home to many of the most unique stores in-game, such as Ramen Don, Cosmic Corner, and Shadow Ramen. If you want Ramen, this is the place to go!

Name kept in game.

A-East Edit

"One of Shibuya's shadier neighborhoods. The street winds past "live houses" (concert spaces) and gothic-lolita boutiques."

Another unique, being the district connected to the Concert Stage and housing the only gothic store brand Lapin Angelique.

Corresponds to Shibuya O-East.

Center Street Entrance Edit

Shibuyacentergai 080610

Center Street Entrance

"A stomping ground for Shibuya youth. In the 80s, it gave birth to the "Shibu-Kaji" (Shibuya Casuals) fashion movement."

A thin road with no stores or other uniqueness else than being a connection to and from AMX and Scramble Crossing. It is, though, a notable gathering nest for crows and ravens.

Name kept in game.

AMX Edit

"A major Japanese CD store on Center Street. Nearby you can find show stores, lingerie shops, and other clothing boutiques."

A passing place to and from Center Street and Tipsy Tose Hill, AMX is the music-"brother" to Towa Records and Cyco Records. AMX holds the other third of in-game music Towa records doesn't have.

Corresponds to the HMV Megastore in Shibuya.

Tipsy Tose Hall Edit


The Shibuya branch of Adores

"A popular corner whose arcade and karaoke boxes draw crowds. There's even a store specializing in American comics."

The star location to play Tin Pin later in-game. Else than that, this district is the only crossroad that leads you to Shibu-Q Heads and the Udagawa Backstreets.

The Tin Pin arcade Stride may originally have been intended to be called Admirers, which is visually written on the sign for the arcade in-game. It corresponds to the Adores game center in reality.

Shibu-Q Heads Edit

20070801 shibuya tokyuhands by CC Attribution Noderivs Noncommercial

The Shibuya branch of Tokyu Hands

"A chain store that sells pretty much anything, including seasonal and party goods as well as collector items. They even have a drugstore."

If you need threads materials or rare items, this is the place. If you want special swags, go here. For specialized meds a stat-raisers, you are at the right place.

Corresponds to Tokyu Hands in reality.

Molco Edit

"A series of department store buildings centered around teen and twenty-something fashion. Don't miss the exhibition space for a dose of pop culture."

A large district that gives access to D+B's main store, along with an assortment of other interesting brands such as Tigre Punks and Sheep Heavenly.

Corresponds to Parco in reality.

Spain Hill Edit

"A narrow, Mediterranean street lined with eateries, bookshops, and more. As you climb the stone-paved steps, you'll want to veer off and explore."

The district that also houses a unique food store, Mexican Dog. There, you can have a bite of some exquisite hot dogs.

The name kept in game. See here. (The link is to a Japanese page.)

West Exit Bus Terminal Edit

"A terminal served by most Tokyo bus lines. Normally, this is your ticket all over the city."

A place where you can find lots of buses along with the Moyai head statue. From here, Neku can attempt to get access to the Station Underpass, which leads to a unique location in the very late-game...

Station Underpass Edit

"A tunnel beneath the train tracks. The eerie graffiti and gloomy atmosphere keep people away despite its proximity to the station."

In this dark and dank underpass, the Station Underpass invites strong Noise which can allow Neku and his partner to fight some productive battles. Very late in the game, this district connects to a key location...

Late Game Locations Edit

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These districts will only become accessible as early as the middle of week 2. The reason for this is because these "districts" are very plot-heavy.

Udagawa Back Streets Edit

"A graffiti ward of punks and underground rebels, Udagawa is no place for little kids. This dark backstreet is suited for only the toughest of men."

Udagawa visually is a graffiti mass, while also being a plot-heavy location revealed later in the game. This is also though is the location of the last one-third of the in-game soundtracks shared with Towa Records and AMX!

Cyco Records corresponds to Cisco Records, which closed in December 2007. This was after the game came out in Japan but before the English language localization.

Pork City Edit

"A tall building located near Dogenzaka, it is split into two buildings: the East as a hotel and the West for offices. It was built to attract the attention of women."

Pork City, as its name states, becomes a Pig Noise hub late in the game. Otherwise, this building serves as a final stage on two occassions, while also being the only multi-storied building accessible by Neku in-game.

Corresponds to Mark City in reality.

Shibuya River Edit

The Shibuya river is a special area Neku will have access to late in the game to end the Reaper's game. Parts of it include CAT's graffiti, with one section identical to the one in Udagawa.

Dead God's Pad Edit

The Reapers' official headquarters located within the Shibuya River. A trendy hangout made up of a glass aquarium floor, a personal bar, a jukebox, white sofas, and a waterfall glass. By the time Neku is able to arrive at this location, Megumi Kitaniji is the only remaining Reaper.

Room of Reckoning Edit

The end of the Shibuya River area, which is where the very final part of the game is located. This ominous room is seemingly the "home" of the composer, as it is named "The Throne of Shibuya".
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  • There are in all 21 districts on the map, along with a good handful of other out-of-map "districts", including Pork City and the Shibuya River.
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