The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

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"A special Noise capable of summoning subordinates through the smoke it spews. Could this be the creature behind the scrambling of Shibuya!?"
— Noise Report

Noise 105, the Dissonance Tapir, is the final boss of A New Day 3. Neku's partner for this fight is Beat.


The fight begins with the Tapir descending from the sky. When combat begins, it glides back and forth at the top of the arena. You can damage it at this time. Eventually, it starts spewing a noxious gas out of its trunk that can damage Neku. This gas eventually covers the screen and begins a new Dissonance battle, during which the Tapir cannot be attacked. Once the Dissonance Noise are defeated, the Tapir's shield shatters and becomes vulnerable to attack once more. This pattern repeats until the Tapir has taken enough damage.

At some points, when the Tapir takes enough damage, it will spew smoke as usual, but then grow massive and occupy the center of the battlefield. The Tapir's eye, glowing orange, will charge up bullet-hell style attacks. However, the eye is slow and mostly stationary, making it very vulnerable to cross combos and pins like PRW-02SR.

These phases of Spewing Smoke, Summoning Noise, and Bullet Hell are repeated until the Tapir is defeated.

The noise that the Tapir summons do drop pins.

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