A distorted type of shark Noise exclusive to Expert Mode. Take out their squaliform squad before they chomp you to bits!
Noise Report

The Dissonance Shark is a purple and red shark-type Noise found exclusively in The World Ends With You: Final Remix. It makes aqua green waves as it moves. Like the Fusion Shark, the Dissonance Shark has a large, tattoo-like "horns" or "blades" sprouting out of each side of its face that create a shape reminiscent of a very stylized hammerhead shark. Because it is a type of Dissonance Noise, the Dissonance Shark appears distorted, with various static-like textures flashing across its body.

Locations Edit

Dissonance Shark appears in the following locations during A New Day, and will not appear in any other days.


The names used for abilities are purely conjecture to make points clearer and are not used within the game's notation.

  • Chomp: Following up every Dive, Dissonance Shark will send its head out of the water to make an attempt to bite at the player, inflicting a good amount of damage. Before every Chomp, a ripple will appear the targeted area for a second. Chomp also allows Dissonance Shark to eat other smaller Noise to increase its stats. After each successful Chomp, Dissonance Shark dives for a moment before its fin appears again to roam.
  • Razor Fin: As it roams around, Dissonance Shark's fin can inflict damage to the player if they collide.
  • Dive: Dissonance Shark dives, becoming unable to be targeted, even by Fusion attacks. The Dissonance Shark will frequently dive, always following up with a Chomp.


The fight with the Dissonance Shark takes place under Restore, Split, Curse, and Ravenball conditions. This means that Neku's HP is constantly being drained, but will be healed with each Noise defeated. A single Ravenball will roam the battlefield, inflicting significant damage on Neku if he touches it. The Dissonance Shark itself is not affected by the Split condition, but it is accompanied by several Fusion Sharks, which will multiply as the battle continues.

Once the battle begins, priority should be immediately given to eliminating the Fusion Sharks before they can multiply too many times; having multiple sharks on screen can quickly deplete Neku's HP if they are allowed to propagate too quickly, and also makes it difficult to trigger a Cure Drink, Healing, or Barrier pin. Once the sharks are defeated, Neku's HP should be healed to full or nearly full from the Restore condition, allowing him to focus on defeating the Fusion Shark before the Curse condition can deplete his HP.

Drops Edit

The pin a Dissonance Shark can drop as a reward upon defeat depends on the difficulty the player is currently playing on. The player can increase their drop rate by lowering their level. The percentages listed here are those of the default drop rate (when the player is playing at their maximum level).

U (15.00%)
H (2.50%)
Shadow Matter
N (0.50%)
E (20.00%)


  • The Dissonance Shark is the only Dissonance Noise that has the color green in its sprite.
  • Unlike the Swing Shark and Bebop Shark, the Dissonance Shark and Fusion Shark have no eyes on their main body, further supporting the idea that they are based on hammerhead sharks.
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