The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The Dead God's Pad is a district in The World Ends With You. It is the fourth part of the Shibuya River and connects the Trail of the Bygone with the Trail of the Judged.

It was at the Dead God's Pad that Neku Sakuraba and Beat faced off against Megumi Kitaniji and a possessed Shiki Misaki.

Its name might be a reference to the fact that the composer isn't in his base by the time the game's plot takes place.

The Japanese name of the Dead God's Pad (死せる神の部屋, Shiseru-shin no heya) literally translates to "Dead God's Room", but the kanji used for "Dead God" are identical to those used in "Reaper" (死神 Shinigami, which does literally mean "Death God"). It is therefore possible that this is actually a pun or wordplay on the idea of a place where tired (ie, "dead") Reapers go to relax and recover, and some fan translations refer to the room as the Reapers' Lounge.

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