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Days are a game mechanic in The World Ends with You, The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-, and The World Ends With You: Final Remix. Each Day functions as a chapter. There are 22 Days total in both the DS and mobile versions of the game, while Final Remix adds a 23rd Day.

Other than the amount of Bytes per real-world day the player can consume. Days do not use real-world time, and the time limits in most of the missions are simply a part of the story and are not implemented in actual gameplay. This leaves the player free to play each Day as quickly or as slowly as they wish.

Single-time exclusivesEdit


Pin 255


Each Day gives the player one Scarletite (except for Another Day and A New Day). The player cannot get Scarletite by revisiting the chapter and completing the day again. Instead, to obtain additional Scarletite, the player must go to Shibu-Q Heads (Floor 1) to trade in pins for a quest item Scarletite.

However, Days that give non-exclusive pins (i.e. Tin Pin Golem) will still give the player the pin when replaying that part of the day.


Pig Noise Symbol
Pig Noise can each only be defeated once. Once they are defeated, they will not reappear, even if replaying a Day.

Chapter SelectEdit

After beating Days 1-21, the Chapter Select menu unlocks and can be accessed from the inventory menu.

This menu allows the player to pick between any of the previous days, as well as certain new days based on which game they are playing. While in the overworld and not engaged in any activity, the player is allowed to switch to a new day at any point in the current day that they are playing.

List of Days Edit

In total, there are 22 Days in The World Ends With You and Solo Remix. Final Remix's exclusive, A New Day, spans three parts, each split into a separate in-game day.

Secret Reports Edit

Main article: Secret Reports
Secret Reports are files explaining the underlying mechanics of the Underground, and the events of each day. There are 25 Secret Reports in total, obtained by completing special objectives in each chapter after unlocking the Chapter Select menu.
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