The Darklit Planets pin set is widely considered by players to be the most powerful deck one can obtain in The World Ends with You. Other than via a mingle shop, the pins can only be obtained after the game has been completed, and each pin must normally be won off from certain Noise on Ultimate difficulty. WildKat will have one of the pins for sale, which is determined by the system.

Each pin may be used individually, but when all of the pins in the set are equipped in the same deck, psych efficiency is tripled. When using the deck, four of the six pins are commonly used.

Combining the planet set with the Cosmic SOS thread setup is the most powerful setup one can have on Neku, save for a few alternative setups that are focused on time attacking.

Damage per hit on normal difficulty:
ATK Uranus 5X Jupiter Mercury Venus
10 1050 105 136 52
246 (no SOS) 4590 459 596 229
201 (Cosmic SOS) 7830 782 1016 390

Black Uranus (Piercing Pillar S)Edit

Black Uranus is the primary puck passer. At a devastating 300% efficiency, this pin, when combined with a 5X puck, will singlehandedly deal more damage than the rest of the planets combined. Dealing four digits of damage per hit with this pin, even on ultimate difficulty, is typical.

It is the only planet pin of the six that is also highly useful by itself. When combined with the Over the Top set along with Speed Factor, Black Uranus' reboot time will drop to 1.05s, allowing it to infinite juggle some bosses, including Panthera Cantus.

Black Jupiter (Lightning Bolt)Edit

The primary non-puck option, Black Jupiter has a beefy 150% efficiency and fires almost instantly. Its second hit per use will be canceled if slashing is too fast, so having careful stylus control is important!

Black Jupiter is the ultimate drop of Panthera Cantus, so it is usually the final planet pin that is obtained.

Black Mercury (Splash Core)Edit

The secondary puck passer and non-puck option, Black Mercury's orbs hit at a monster 195% efficiency. To avoid having all pins drained at the same time, it is important to drain the entire pin while using this, only interrupting for Uranus when the puck is returned.

Black Mercury can also inflict Immobility.

Black Venus (Force Rounds)Edit

The tertiary non-puck option when Jupiter and Mercury are rebooting. Black Venus deals the least damage per hit at 75% efficiency, but has the fastest firing rate of all the planets and is easy to drain.

Black Venus can also inflict Defense Break.

Black Mars (Pyrokinesis)Edit

Black Mars has a slower firing rate than Venus and will generally deal less damage against single targets, but it can be effective against groups by burning multiple enemies at once, and can in fact achieve stunlock against many types of lesser Noise.

Black Mars can also inflict HP Drain.

Black Saturn (Dark Barrier)Edit

Black Saturn can give protection and healing for Neku with a fairly long duration and fast reboot time. This can be used to allow the player to concentrate on the top screen without fear. However, when using the full Darklit Planet deck the damage output of the other pins is so high that this healing and protection typically is not necessary. Black Saturn is the only positive psych in the Darklit Planets deck, and so it is useful for defeating noise which absorb negative psychs such as the Bigbanfrog. On its own, Black Saturn may actually find more use than it does as part of the set due to having an extremely short reboot time for a Barrier-type pin, allowing Neku to use it to heal with virtual impunity during long chain battles.

Black Saturn can also inflict Defense Break.


  • The World Ends With You: Final Remix has the Crimson Kingdoms set which has a similar effect, though it only doubles psych efficiency. However, the set only contains three pins, allowing the player to supplement their deck with more pins.
  • All of the Darklit Planet pin artwork can be found in graffiti throughout Shibuya.
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