The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

The damage formula used in the original Nintendo DS version of The World Ends with You for both the player and Noise is as follows:

DAMAGE = [(eATK + (pATK x R x T)) x SOS x EFF% x D - DEF] x (2-RES%) x P
  • eATK: Equipped attack: Attacker's base ATK (plus/minus thread modifiers for players).
  • pATK: Pin attack: Attack value of the pin (Neku-only parameter).
  • R: Resonance multiplier. If the attack is under the effect of Resonance, this value is 1.2, otherwise it's 1.0.
  • T: Trend multiplier for brands:
    • Most popular: 2.0
    • No. 2 brand: 1.5
    • No. 3 brand: 1.2
    • Least popular: 0.5
    • Unranked: 1.0
  • SOS: SOS multiplier. Default (no SOS) is 1.0; maximum is 2.7.
  • EFF%: Efficiency multiplier. This can range from 0.2 to 6.0.
  • D: Difficulty multiplier:
    • Easy: 2.00
    • Normal: 1.00
    • Hard: 0.61
    • Ultimate: 0.40
  • DEF: DEF of the opponent. This is 0 for most Noise, but some noise have a hidden DEF value.
  • RES%: Resistance value of the opponent.
    • For Noise, this is the percentage value listed in the Noise Report. If RES% is listed as 200%, then substitute 3.00 instead.
    • For characters, this is 100% (1.0) for Neku and partners facing the enemy. It is 50% (0.5) for partners attacked from behind or for Joshua while airborne.
  • P: Puck multiplier. If the attack is not amplified by the puck, this is 1.0. Default start value is 2.0; maximum is 5.0.
    • If attacking Taboo Noise without the puck, this is 0.25.

Damage formula for other games[]

As there is no puck in Solo Remix, Live Remix, and Final Remix, the damage formula is similar, but different.

  • D: The Difficulty multipliers have been modified:
    • Easy: 3.75
    • Normal: 1.25
    • Hard: 0.9375
    • Ultimate: 0.625
  • RES%: Resistance values are mostly the same, but with an additional detail:
    • If the RES% is listed as greater than 100% for the specified attack type, and if the attack triggers as a Cross Combo, this value is treated as 1.00 instead of the usual value. This applies even if the RES% was listed as 200%. Values less than 100% are unchanged.
    • If RES% is listed as 200%, the variable is now set to 2.50 instead of 3.00.
  • CC: Cross combo multiplier. Similar to and replacing the Puck multiplier. For non-Cross Combo hits this is 1.0. For Cross Combos, the default starting value is 1.1, which increases by 0.05 with each consecutive hit, with the maximum value still unknown.. Threads with the CC boost ability add 0.05 per level to this value when the equipped character executes a cross combo.
    • It is likely that when attacking Taboo Noise without CCs, this multiplier functions identically to the Puck multiplier when attacking without the puck.