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This page is for the character. Information on the boss Reaper Beat can be found here.
"Don't just take things people care about... AND THEN SIT AROUND CHATTING, YOU DAMN REAPERS!"
— Beat to Kariya and Uzuki (The Animation)

Daisukenojo Bito (尾藤 大輔之丞 Bitō Daisukenojō), nicknamed Beat (ビイト Bīto), is Neku's third partner in the Reapers' Game. He is the older brother of Rhyme.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Beat is a muscular teenager with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a black beanie with a skull on it, a white tanktop with either red lacing or a red shirt under it, beige yellow board shorts, and red-and-black shoes. He accessorizes with a black chain skull necklace, and black bracelet on his left wrist, and a chain dangling on his pants.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"Hot-blooded and hard-headed, Beat is the polar opposite of Neku—even if they are the same age. Still, despite his emotional outbursts, he has a big heart. He's always ready to throw down and ollie into combat on his board, with Rhyme right there beside him."
— Game manual description
Beat Artwork.PNG

Beat tries his best to act tough, but is actually soft underneath, getting embarrassed whenever people realize this. He is also highly embarrassed by his real name, which reflects his soft nature. At the same time, Beat is very loud and impulsive, and tends to come to conclusions without reason.

While he lacks well-rounded intelligence, can't pick up on complicated insults to him immediately, and is shown to be forgetful, he's a big-hearted person who would do anything for his friends. He is also shown to be brave and sometimes has his clever moments. For example, he may have been the only Player to discover that the walls of the game can actually be broken with enough physical force. His tenacity and determination, never giving up on a way to revive Rhyme when it all seemed hopeless, resulted in her being brought back to life.

Before he entered the Reapers' Game, he was much like Neku, uncaring and pushing his sister away from him, because he didn't like being pitied by her. With the discovery that Rhyme has lost her memories, he lies to her in saying that his dream was to become the best skateboarder in the world, as truly, he has no dream.

Beat's speech patterns in the Japanese version of the game is characterized as a typical rough and impolite delinquent. As his impolite speech in Japanese usually can't be translated seamlessly into English, this is generally turned into brash and aggressive dialogue, with a fair chunk of swears and misuse of words.

Story[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Growing up, Beat was consistently academically surpassed by his sister, Rhyme. His parents would constantly degrade Beat and compare him to Rhyme, saying he needed to go into a good school, and he felt they cared more about his academic results than him as a human being. Beat's school performance would cause constant fights with his parents, and he would end up leaving his home after these arguments. Eventually, his parents gave up on him and stopped expecting results. Rhyme was still there to support him, saying he should pursue whatever dreams he wanted, although Beat was unsure what he wanted out of life. Beat hated constantly being pitied by Rhyme and started to push her away as well.

Beat and Rhyme's death.

On one morning, Beat had another fight with his parents and he left home. Shortly after that Rhyme followed him. When she found him, she found herself in the pathway of a car about to hit her at the Miyashita Park Underpass. Beat tried to save her by grabbing her, but they were both hit by the car and killed. As a result, they became partners in the Reapers' Game, and he noticed that his sister did not remember him anymore.

Week 1[edit | edit source]

On their first day, they failed to reach 104 as the mission said, but as Neku and Shiki made it to complete the mission, their timers disappeared as well. They also met Harrier Reaper Uzuki Yashiro, who supposedly tried to trick them somehow, much like what happens to Neku and Shiki the following day.

Beat and Rhyme erasing the Master of A-East.

On the second day, Beat and Rhyme meet Neku and Shiki. When Beat tries to scan them he sees he can't, so he jumps to the conclusion that they are also Reapers. After some explanations (and also calling Neku "Phones" for first time in the game), Beat proposes for the four to work together, but when an angry Neku says that he doesn't want others dragging him down, Beat flies into a rage and storms away with Rhyme.

On the third day Beat and Rhyme meet Shiki and Neku again, and inform them about memes. After that they discover that the "Master of A-East" is a little golden Noise bat, and when it appears after Neku and Shiki destroy Vespertilio Canor they erase it, thus completing the mission at the last second. After this Neku agrees to work with them, seeing they are useful allies.

Rhyme rescuing Beat.

On the fourth day, Shiki, Neku, Rhyme and Beat wait for the mission at 104. The mission seemed to easy, just a ten minute walk to Towa Records, so Beat started a race between the two teams in which he ends being the only one truly participating. When he and Rhyme reach Cadoi City, he asked to stop in order to let their friends catch up. When the four are together again, Beat runs to Towa Records, where Kariya and Uzuki have set a trap for the players. Rhyme is erased after being caught in the Noise trap in order to protect Beat from it, echoing Beat and Rhyme's death from the previous car accident with the roles reversed. Mr. Hanekoma suddenly appears, saving Beat (as without a partner he only had a few minutes to live) replacing Rhyme with a pin made from Rhyme's Soul, which Beat forms a pact with. Mr. H. then takes him to his café, where Beat is imprinted in order to make him learn about how to use the pin, though Beat is still unable to use it.

On the sixth day, Beat runs away from WildKat to ask the Reapers why he can't use the pin. He meets Uzuki and Kariya on the last day, Kariya presumably being the one of the two who tells him the answers Beat is seeking.

Week 2[edit | edit source]

Beat as a Reaper.

This leads Beat to becoming a Reaper, and he is assigned by the Conductor to defeat Neku and Joshua during the second week, despite this being rule-breaking. While Beat makes several attempts, he never accomplishes this for various reasons and leaves them be after each try. On the fourth day, Beat drops Rhyme's pendant after attacking Neku and Joshua. Neku gives it back to Beat the next day and that resonates with Beat. As a Reaper, Beat's outfit does not change, but he does grow the traditional skeletal wings that all Reapers possess. He also learns more about the UG, Reaper Sports (which he quickly forgets after forsaking the Reapers) and how to become the Composer.

Week 3[edit | edit source]

Memorial of Beat and Rhyme's death.

During the third week, Neku's entry fee was the necessity of other players, which meant that he would be quickly erased (being that a player without a partner cannot erase Noise). Feeling that this was a cheap rule to add to the game, Beat renounces his Reaper status and forms a pact with Neku. However, in the beginning of the second day, Beat learns that during his time as a Reaper, he earned zero points and he will die in roughly six days, as a Reaper's life span is based on the number of Players they erase. He also becomes a player again as a result of his treason and has his entry fee taken, which is Rhyme's Noise pin.

The two players are given the mission of tracking and defeating the Game Master Mitsuki Konishi, which Beat wants to end quickly to recover Rhyme, forgetting about the plan he and Neku made of trying to reach the Shibuya River and face the Composer. They start searching for her, but on the third day they are offered Beat's entry fee back by Uzuki Yashiro and later by Koki Kariya (who are really being used by the Iron Maiden to stall for time). In that days Neku discovers about Beat's past and reasons for becoming a Reaper. When they get the pin they see it's just a fake, and Kariya apologizes and gives them his keypin.

Beat beginning to fade from existence.

In the fifth day, looking for the Game Master in Udagawa, notice the people in the RG and the Reapers saying the same things (as a result of the Conductor's plan to "fix" Shibuya). They also get a photo of the first day in which Mr. Hanekoma appears doing something strange in Udagawa (repairing the Taboo refinery sigil Minamimoto needed to come back). Then they are forced to fight possessed versions of Uzuki and Kariya and they end up being victorious but Beat convinces Neku to spare them. On the sixth day, they go to Cat Street, where they find WildKat has suffered an attack and they get a keypin for the Shibuya River. Then in the way to the River they meet Sho Minamimoto, who has been transformed into a Taboo form of himself. After a fight with him in which they barely scratch him, the day ends.

Beat shields Neku from Shiki's brunt of attacks.

On the last day, Beat is starting to fade away, but before that happens completely he and Neku go to the Shibuya River. When they reach it they meet Sho again, and the Game Master finally appears in Beat's shadow. The Game Master is erased then and Beat gets Rhyme back, but before disappearing she tells Beat that her sister didn't hold Beat dear, as her memories of him was in fact Beat's entry fee. After the fight the boys meet Shiki again, and see Sho crushed under a junk pile. The three kids find the Conductor, and Shiki is forced to fight her friends. Beat protects Neku from an attack and is left unconscious along with Shiki. When they wake up they follow the path to reach the Composer's throne and fight with Neku for last time against the Conductor. That's when Beat says Neku that he is his partner no more, but his friend. After the fight, and though Beat doesn't become the Composer as he planned, Beat gets his desire of Rhyme being a human again fulfilled.

The four players alive in the Realground.

At the end of the game, he is seen meeting Neku in front of the Hachiko, with Rhyme by his side.

A New Day[edit | edit source]

At the start of A New Day, Beat and Neku are thrown into another Game, this time on "Expert Mode". Their mission is to escape Shibuya. A Reaper named Coco tells the boys she's just as confused as they are about what's going on, and the three decide to trek through Shibuya for answers, only to find that it isn't the Shibuya they recognize, but a jumbled up version.

Beat is concerned for Rhyme, and is relieved when he reunites with her at Tipsy Tose Hall, where he and Neku learn that Shiki and Rhyme have also re-entered the Game as partners. The girls act out of character however. Rhyme says that she can still remember her dreams but Beat has no way of verifying it since he doesn't know her dreams. This results in Rhyme sacrificing herself for Beat by pushing him out of the way of a Dissonance Shark that tried to attack him. After Beat and Neku erase it, Beat mourns that he didn't believe it was really Rhyme because she sacrificed herself to prove it.

After learning that the Shibuya he was playing in was a pseudo-parallel world and is actually all one Noise, Beat and Neku erase it. Afterward, they are transported back to the Realground in Udagawa. Coco ends up there with them, too. Beat speaks to Rhyme on the phone and is relieved to know she is alive and well. Beat plans to meet up with her in the park to go shopping together but first he and Neku debate what to do about Coco, thinking they shouldn't just leave her alone there. Before they can do anything more, Coco pulls out a gun and shoots Neku in the back. Joshua appears a tad too late, and shoots Coco, only hitting her in the shoulder, and she escapes. Neku falls to the ground and Beat reaches out for him, before his body disappears.

Another Day[edit | edit source]

In the parallel universe of Another Day, Beat is a stand-up comedian along with Rhyme. However, she wants him to put more focus on it instead of Tin Pin Slammer after he cancels their routine. So she teams up with the Black Skullers to end Tin Pin. After Beat defeats her in Tin Pin, they decide to get back together.

Beat is also shown to be very fond of Ken Doi's food.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Neku[edit | edit source]

"Yo, forget this "partner" crap. You ain't my partner anymore, man. You're my friend! So trus' that, yo!"
— Beat to Neku (Week 3, Day 7)

Beat first encounters Neku on Week 1, Day 2 where they get off to a rocky start. They meet again the next day, where Beat is reluctant to give Neku and Shiki advice. However, at the end of Week 1 Day 3, Beat and Rhyme appear and save Neku and Shiki by completing the mission. Afterwards, they seem to be on good terms, and agree to work together for the rest of the week.

When Rhyme is erased the next day, Neku, Shiki and Hanekoma talk him out of fighting the shark Noise that attacked Rhyme. As he leaves with Hanekoma, Neku and Shiki agree to avenge Rhyme in Beat's place. Beat joins the Reapers at the end of Day 7, surprising both Neku and Shiki.

During Week 2, Beat is assigned by Megumi Kitaniji to defeat Neku and Joshua. He attacks and overpowers them a number of times, but never brings himself to erase them. Despite their misgivings, in one encounter Neku is compassionate enough to return Rhyme's pendant (which Beat had dropped the previous day) to him.

At the start of the third week, Beat chooses to leave the Reapers to become Neku's partner and save him from certain demise (being the only Player, Neku could not form a pact). As partners, the two become closer, and work together to survive the week, save Rhyme and attempt to dethrone the Composer. During their time together, Beat shares more of his background with Neku and why he is in the Reapers' Game. In the final battle, Beat states that he no longer sees Neku as a partner but as a friend. Together, along with Shiki, they defeat Kitaniji in both his Noise forms.

In the ending, Beat and Rhyme both meet up with Neku and Shiki by Hachiko, and the friends are reunited. Beat then later partners with Neku again in A New Day. At the end, Beat is shown to be panicked at Neku's sudden death.

Rhyme[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

According to the Japanese game manual, Beat uses Respect, a neutral-damage Shockwave-type pin, to attack using his skateboard. He attacks one-on-one with a targeted enemy, and he can jump in order to evade. While his ground combo attacks do more damage, his air attack can hit both ground and air targets while evading enemy ground attacks. He may obtain the later ability called Air Cancel. Later in the game however, Beat's midair attacks do more damage than his ground attacks. Also, he appears to be a Glass Cannon, lacking in defense, but having strong attacks and combos, so Beat is useful for taking out enemies that require large amounts of damage as he levels up in the game.

Suit Cards[edit | edit source]

Beat's cards are generally considered the most complicated of the three partners, though this is balanced by the high number of Fusion Stars he can potentially rack up with a good setup. In order to gain stars with Beat, the player must successfully line up pairs of the same suit in consecutive rows, before executing them. Each ending on the combo tree will lead to one of a pair of cards. After gaining that pair, it will appear at the top of the screen, along with a red arrow signifying where the next pair of cards will be placed. There are four unique suits; a red heart [♥], a green club [♣], a blue spade [♠] and a yellow diamond [♦], based on the suits of an ordinary deck of playing cards.

For example: The first two cards are a [♥] and a [♦]. It will appear at the top of the screen like this: [♥][♦] And an arrow will appear where you must place the next set of cards. The | denotes where the arrow is. [♥]|[♦]

This means that the next set of cards will appear in between the current cards. Note that this arrow is random.

Therefore if you choose a new set, for example, [♦][♣], will result in the combo looking like this as a possibility:


You keep going until you choose to activate the combo. This is done by choosing the skull icon from the end of a random branch of the combo map. From this point, each pair of cards with the same suit will earn you one fusion star. That is to say, when two cards of the same suit are next to each other, each pair will turn into one fusion star. Cards that have no pairs will simply disappear.

For example:


When activated, will get you 2 fusion stars; one for the pair of Clubs and one for the rightmost two Diamonds. The middle two will be discounted and disappear.

Please also note the flames that appear on the top right and top left of the screen. Over time, they move toward the center of the screen, and act as a timer measuring how physically long you can make the string of cards. When cards touch these flames, they are burnt and disappear, causing heavy damage to Beat. This serves to stop and discourage the player from endlessly stacking cards or making overly elaborate combos.

Combos[edit | edit source]

Combos are also possible, in order to gain bonus stars from otherwise useless cards.

For example:

[ ][♦][♥][♣][♣][♥][♦][ ] When activated, will turn into:

[ ][♦][♥][♥][♦][ ] and give you one point. In addition, any new pairs formed (such as the [♥][♥]) will net 3 stars. And if another pair is formed from the use of a 3 star pair such as:

[ ][♦][♦][ ], you get six more fusion stars.

[ ][ ] When another pair is made as a result of that fusion star, you get ten fusion stars. Any other values are irrelevant* (see below) as getting four pairs in this manner would result in the level 3 fusion being accessible. (only sixteen stars are required and 1+3+6+10=20)

*However, it is possible to use a level 3 fusion as soon as the first four combos "collapse" and count towards stars, before the fifth combo gets counted in. In this way it is possible to do two level 3 fusions one after another.

This mechanic can also be used when you have some stars already:

e.g. Say you have 3 stars (with 4 being required for 1st fusion).

You manage to combo a [♥][♣][♣][♥]

The [♣][♣] will count towards your stars first, followed by a short delay before the two [♥] cards count.

If you manage to activate the level 1 fusion BEFORE the second part of the combo counts in, you will perform a fusion, and end up with 3 stars (from the [♥][♥]) AFTER the fusion.

If you activate the fusion AFTER both phases of the combo have completed, you will have zero stars after the fusion, as stated before.

Fusions[edit | edit source]

  • Fusion-B1.png Level 1: Beat and Neku randomly teleport around the screen inflicting damage.
    • Beat: "Pick it up, Phones!"
    • Neku: "I'm there!"
  • Fusion-B2.png Level 2: Chains form across the screen, Beat and Neku ride the chains and gain speed until the end of the fusion.
    • Beat: "The beat is on!"
    • Neku: "Bring it!"
  • Fusion-B3.png Level 3: Beat and Neku surf a wave that consumes enemies.
    • Beat: "Let's start it up!"
    • Neku: "No, let's end it!"

Tin Pin Deck[edit | edit source]

In Another Day, Beat's pin deck is shown during a Tin Pin Match against him. As you can only fight him once, there is no rematch and 2 of his decks are known.

{C}{C Deck #1:

Pin #1: Tin Pin Fire | Weight: 5, Spin: 4, KO Length: 4, Stinger x 3, Bomber x 4, Hammer x 5, Hand x 1

Pin #2: Tin Pin Fire | Weight: 5, Spin: 4, KO Length: 4, Stinger x 3, Bomber x 4, Hammer x 5, Hand x 1

{C}{C Deck #2

Pin #1: Tin Pin Wheel | Weight: 4, KO Length:4, Stinger x 7, Bomber x 6, Hammer x 0, Hand x 1

Pin #2: Tin Pin Wheel | Weight: 4, KO Length:4, Stinger x 7, Bomber x 6, Hammer x 0, Hand x 1

Solo Remix[edit | edit source]

In The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-, all partner characters saw their combat abilities altered into usable Partner Pins. Beat's pin is activated by pressing on an enemy which summons and guides Beat. Beyond that, Beat will attack the closest enemy automatically. However, after a few seconds without an input, he will stop. His various other abilities are replaced with abilities that upgrade the pin's usability or improve the pin's attack mechanism. See Beat Partner Pin for full details.

Final Remix[edit | edit source]

In The World Ends With You: Final Remix, Beat, like all other partners, keep their pin usage style from The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-. The player can control Beat with a second Joy-con in Co-op mode, giving him two extra moves on top of his partner pin.

Fusion Cards[edit | edit source]

In Remix versions, Beat’s Fusion attacks are powered by a card minigame. An endless line of suit cards appear and the goal is to make matches. If two cards on each side of one are the same, tapping the middle card will remove it, bringing the two now adjacent cards together. This creates a match, removing the cards and giving a multiplier bonus. It is also possible that when those cards are removed, it will shift two other cards of the same suit next to each other with the same results, creating a chain.

Items[edit | edit source]

Swag[edit | edit source]

The following is all of the Beat-related items the player can get in the game:

Threads[edit | edit source]

There are several Threads that give bonuses when worn exclusively by Beat. Listed in order of their item number, they are:

Food[edit | edit source]

Beat will react differently to different foods, giving him more or less Sync than the food's description states. Beat enjoys meaty and fast food; he also likes most ramen. He hates most sweet foods. Alluding to the fact he likes Cola, his memorial in Miyashita Park Underpass had a can of it in it. Beat has the most hates with 7 and ties with Neku in likes with 12.

Beat's line eating food he loves with a 200% sync modifier is "It's a party in my mouth!" His 8 loved foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Beat's line eating food he likes with a 150% sync modifier is "This is great!" His 12 liked foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Beat's line eating food he's neutral on with a 100% sync modifier is "That hit the spot!" His 11 neutral foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Beat's line eating food he dislikes with a 75% sync modifier is "Ugh! Barf!" His 6 disliked foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Beat's line eating food he hates with a 50% sync modifier is "Ugh, take it away!" His 7 hated foods, listed in order of their item number, are:

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The kanji of Beat's Japanese name, Dai-suke-no-jo Bi-tou, literally translate to big, help, of, help, end, wisteria. He finds his name embarrassing, and tries to keep people from speaking it, freaking out and/or getting angry whenever anyone does. His nickname, Beat, could be from the game attuning names to sound or music. Also, it might simply refers to the Japanese pronunciation of his name: Bi-to, which is the Japanese pronunciation of English word "Beat".

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Need a hint? Go ask your friends." (accusing Neku and Shiki of being Reapers)
  • "...Hey, hold up. We should do introductions. The name's Beat. And this is my... my partner, Rhyme."
  • "You two gonna get owned down the road, yo!"
  • "Yo, Phones! What the hell's your problem!? We just lookin' out for you, and you treat us like this?"
  • "But yo, you ever try scanning 'em all? It's like havin' the radio on every channel at once."
  • "Your job? Screw your job! Murderers! You... You erased Rhyme!!!"
  • "...Fine. But you better kill that bastard dead. Avenge Rhyme!"
  • "Now you senior citizens can hobble off, aight?" (to Kariya and Uzuki)
  • "First you gimme some lame special op and make me snipe my friends, and now you gonna take down a defenseless Player? Ain't you Reapers got any honor? Now you got me all kinds a' pissed! Y'all goin' down, yo!"
  • "I wasn't about to leave your sorry ass to die."
  • "That Reaper crap was lame, yo. I was getting' sick a' how they ran things. The good guys suit me better."
  • "Stupid @#!%(#^)^@^ WALL!"
  • "I pave my own roads, yo."
  • "Once I'm Composer, this Game business is done!"
  • "Sorry, man, but I don't speak geek."
  • "She always had some saying. And she knew to think ahead! But me... I never learn. Even now, when she needs me the most."
  • "It's like I killed her, man. You don't know the half of it."

Battle Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Ready for a beatdown? - Begin battle
  • Bring it, yo! - Begin battle at low HP
  • Slam! - Combo finisher
  • Dumbass! - Combo finisher
  • Shred this! - Combo finisher
  • Good one, man! - Neku erased a Noise
  • Quit hoggin'! - Neku erased a Noise
  • Nice try! - Air cancel
  • I'm diggin' it! - Catching the puck
  • Let's step it up! - Catching the puck at 5x power
  • I don't think so. - Activating the partner pin in Solo or Final Remix
  • Yo man, we in trouble. - Low HP
  • What the hell?! - Knocked down
  • You all right? - Neku recovering from knockdown
  • RHYYYYYYYYME! - Game Over
  • I ain't done yet! - Noise erased
  • Come back when you grow a pair. - Noise erased
  • Man... no more of that. - Noise erased at low HP
  • Hell yeah! That was tight! - ★-rank victory
  • So what? A win's a win! - E-rank victory

Non-Canon Appearances[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance[edit | edit source]

"A boy who has been forced into the Reapers' Game. You won't meet a sweeter guy than Beat, and he seems desperate to keep people from finding out. He picked a fight with Joshua to protect his Game partner."
— Beat's character file

Beat makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, though he appears mainly on Riku's side of the story. Along with the others, Joshua saved Beat from the brink of obliteration by bringing him to the Sleeping World Traverse Town. However, ending up in the Traverse Town of Sora's dream, Beat was separated from Rhyme and was forced to rely on creatures called Dream Eaters as a substitute to fulfill the Reaper's Game while looking for his sister. However, he is tricked by the game's antagonist Young Xehanort, thinking he was a Reaper, into thinking Joshua is to blame for his sister's disappearance. After attacking Joshua and Riku to bring the latter to him, Beat realizes Young Xehanort's deception and makes peace with Riku soon after.

By the time Riku returned to Traverse Town, Beat is reunited with Rhyme as they and the team of Neku and Shiki are given a Reapers' Game challenge to defeat the world-hopping summoner Dream Eater Spellican. During their fight with the Spellican, Beat and Rhyme are joined by Riku and become so distracted in their friendly conversation that they unknowingly infuriated the Dream Eater as it flies off while leaving behind Dream Eaters that Beat and Rhyme deal with. Once Riku manage to send the Spellican to the Traverse Town Sora is located at, he gives his good byes to Beat and Rhyme.

Kingdom Hearts Union X[edit | edit source]

Beat appears in several medals in Kingdom Hearts Union X:

The Animation[edit | edit source]

"A hot-blooded, hard-headed teenager who suddenly shows up with his partner Rhyme."
— Beat's description in The Animation's official website

Beat in The Animation.

Beat's role is mainly the same in The Animation. He and Rhyme are present when Neku tries to erase Shiki. After Rhyme's erasure, he tries to attack Kariya and Uzuki but is overwhelmed by them. He later confronts them in a restaurant, angry at their cruelty.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beat uses the phrase "Booyaka!", making a reference to the phrase that Selphie uses in Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Of Neku's partners, Beat is the most outwardly confident with regards to battling the Noise, opening battles with taunts like "Ready for a Beat-down?!" and others. He is the only Player to seem confident when entering a battle with critical HP, taunting "Bring it, yo!" to the enemies.
  • Beat will occasionally, if the player gets a Game Over, desperately scream "RHYME!" in anguish before the game cuts out, revealing his true motivations for playing the game in Week 3. This may also happen when he's defeated as Reaper Beat, potentially revealing the secret as early as Week 2.
  • Beat is the most vulgar out of the group, constantly swearing to hurry something or when he's angry.
  • On Week 2, Day 3, Neku can overhear a conversation between Shooter and Yammer discussing an Tin Pin themed anime show. During the conversation, Yammer speculates that Yellow from the show is Black's brother. In Another Day, Beat is called Yellow while Rhyme is Black.


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