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A Basic Cure Drink Pin

Cure Drink is the name of both the psych and the pin. This article is about the psych.

Cure Drink is an activated effect psych. Activate it by pressing the pin. Neku will perform a drinking animation, and HP will be restored once this animation ends. Unlike its relative Healing, Cure Drink will only restore HP and will not cure negative statuses. Since the two are distinct psychs, it is possible to have both a Cure Drink pin and a Healing pin in the same deck. All Cure Drink pins are categorized under A class.


Cure Drink generally has better HP restoration power than Healing. Unfortunately, this power is overkill if the player is adept with the puck. Using Cure Drink while Neku has the puck will amplify the psych's power and pass the puck. With a 3.3X puck, any HP restoration pin that restores at least 30% HP will instead restore all HP. Therefore, Cure Drink is usually a secondary restoration option.

I Live For Food vs. Healing Flamingo vs. Healing WhaleEdit

I Live For Food is the unbranded healing pin for Pork City. Healing Flamingo activates in about half the time compared to the other pins. Healing Whale activates a little slower, but is still faster than many psychs that require charge time. It only gains an advantage if the player wants to restore HP when Neku does not have the puck. Since they all have four uses, Healing Flamingo is the preferred pin of choice in most environments due to its speed.

Healing Flamingo vs. Peace FullEdit

Peace Full has one additional use and better non-puck restoration than Healing Flamingo, but activates a little slower. Since Peace Full is not slow to begin with, many players swear by this pin, as it is versatile enough to be used in emergencies. The extra use obsoletes many Healing pins that cure the less critical negative statuses.

Peace Full vs. Bear Leisure/Lolita Skull Edit

Peace Full restores 50% HP, while Bear Leisure/Lolita Skull has one less use, restores 30% HP, and cures ATK/DEF break. Advanced players will prefer Bear Leisure/Lolita Skull, as curing ATK/DEF break is very important in week 3 and the postgame. Advanced players can also time the healing with the puck so that Bear Leisure/Lolita Skull restores all HP.

Note that Black Jeans is the only maingame thread that prevents ATK/DEF break, so if it's equipped, Bear Leisure/Lolita Skull aren't needed.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Boot Reboot
Pin 101c101KonohanaJupiter of the Monkey A Cure Drink B Recovery 500---
Pin 128c128Healing BunnySheep Heavenly A Cure Drink B Recovery 500---
Pin 129c129Healing FlamingoSheep Heavenly A Cure Drink B Recovery 300---
Pin 130c130Healing WhaleSheep Heavenly A Cure Drink B Recovery 700---
Pin 147c147Peace FullTigre Punks A Cure Drink B Recovery 500---
Pin 176c176LeopardLapin Angelique A Cure Drink B Recovery 500---
Pin 268c268Cure DrinkUnbranded A Cure Drink B Recovery 500---
Pin 273c273I Live for FoodUnbranded A Cure Drink B Recovery 300---
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