"Watch the shadow cast by this ruler of Noise ravens for a clue on when it'll attack!"
— Noise Report

Cornix Canor is a Boss Noise found in Week One of The World Ends with You.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight State: Cornix Canor spends most of its time in flight above the fray. While in flight, it will not be visible on either screen, but its shadow will be visible crossing the bottom screen as it flys across. Each time it completes lap across the screen, it will descend closer and closer to the battle, eventually dropping in for a Sweep.
  • Sweep: When it has descended low enough, it will appear on the bottom screen, sweeping from one side to the other and damaging Neku if it collides with him. Once gone on the bottom, it will do the same for the top screen. Once done sweeping, it will return back to Flight State.
  • Drag and Drop: While doing a Sweep, Cornix may pick up and drag an obstacle off the screen. While Cornix is towing an obstacle, he will be slowed, giving Neku an opening to attack. After returning to Flight State, it will drop the object onto the bottom screen. The shadow of the obstacle will be visible to indicate where it will fall, inflicting damage to Neku if he is caught under it. Cornix will not drop obstacles onto the top screen.
  • Decadraven Minions: Up to six Decadraven will be present on at all times during the fight. When one is erased, it will be momentarily be replaced by another.


Compared to most boss noises, Cornix Canor has only two options of attacks, both of which are avoidable. Avoiding the Sweep ability requires Neku only to move out of the way of the noise, where most of the times, its wings won't cover the entire bottom screen(for Neku's partner, jump+attack is useful in avoiding this if not the most). For Drag and Drop, because the shadow of the falling object is visible, moving out of the way should be simple.


  • Cornix is Latin for 'Crow', while Canor is "Tune", making this noise's name "Crow Tune".