The Corehog-kind are a type of porcupine-like Noise in The World Ends with You. They're numbered No. 33 - 38.

Noise 33 Noise #33 - Hard Corehog

Noise 34 Noise #34 - Emo Corehog

Noise 35 Noise #35 - Melodi Corehog

Noise 36 Noise #36: Classi Corehog

Noise 37 Noise #37 - Metal Corehog

Noise 38 Noise #38 - Chaoti Corehog


Corehogs typically don't move around a lot, and often stay in one spot to execute their attacks. They tend to try to get away from Neku, and can move quite fast.


They can fire quills at Neku or his partner. The quills initially don't do any damage, but after a second, they begin to flash and then explode, dealing damage to a fairly close area. Neku can move away from the quills, but his partner must attack and destroy the quills to avoid being hit (Joshua can avoid the explosions simply by levitating).

One of Melodi Corehog's quills is larger than normal, has a larger blast radius, and inflicts more damage.

Classi Corehog, instead of dropping quills randomly, aims to drop them on Neku. This "sniper" style of attacking means that Neku must constantly move to evade the attack.

Chaoti Corehog, the Taboo corehog, drops quills that explode at random, meaning that there is no warning given to predict when one will explode.

If Neku/his partner is behind the corehog, it will also attack by impaling them with its quills.

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