The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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"I've got anything you'll ever need. Seriously, I'm like, not even lying."
— Coco, The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-

Coco Atarashi (新 子々 Atarashi Koko) is a Reaper in Shibuya.

Coco did not appear in the original The World Ends with You. She debuted in The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- where she sold microtransactions as the owner of her own shop. She returned in The World Ends with You -Live Remix- where she served as the guide. She returned in The World Ends with You Final Remix where she was one of the main characters in the Final Remix exclusive A New Day.

She returned again in NEO: The World Ends with You.


Coco has pale skin and sky blue eyes. She is said to have a biological age of 19 in NEO, suggesting she is inherently a very short, youthful-looking woman below five feet tall. Even though Reapers do not biologically age, her sprite in NEO compared to TWEWY still seems noticeably taller even disregarding her high heels, though this could be due to artistic choice.

In The World Ends with You, Coco has straight light blonde shoulder-length hair. The left side of her hair, beginning where she parts her bangs, is dyed a shade of pastel purple. Her attire is vibrant colored, consisting of lots of cute pink and bright blue, which contrasts with her role as a Reaper. She wears a cyan button-up blouse with a matching tutu skirt. The top of her shirt is ruffled, along with its hem and the hem of her skirt. Over that, she has a bright blue ribbon at her chest and a hot pink hoodie jacket with round ears. Her hoodie is accented with light pink hearts in the center of the bear ears and on three hearts on either side of her torso. Around her wrists on the outside of the jacket are multicolored flashy bracelets, while the bottom-left end of her jacket has a dark purple heart accessory with a "confused" expression upon it. She wears thigh-high socks that are patterned with dark purple and teal blue in alternation. She wears hot pink sneakers with white soles and pastel teal bow laces. On her back, she wears a purple backpack with white ruffles on the straps and chains on the bottom. This outfit seems like it may pull inspiration from decora fashion.

Like all Reapers, Coco has a set of wings, which matching with her size, are small in comparison to other Reapers. Because of her overall looks, her wings are one of the only ways to distinguish her as a Reaper. Otherwise, she could easily be mistaken for a normal shopkeeper, as she has her own personal store.


In NEO: The World Ends with You, Coco's hair has grown past her shoulders and is gradient colored, going from pink at the roots to purple at the tips. Her new hairstyle is lightly curled, and her bangs are side swept rather than blunt cut. Her fashion has shifted dramatically, and instead of her previous brightly-colored outfit, she now wears a light pink button up dress. The top section of her dress buttons up the front with frills on either side of the buttons, a peter pan style collar, and long, sheer, puffed sleeves. Her dress is cinched at the waist with a hot pink ribbon tied in a bow, and her skirt is layered with a straight skirt that opens to a panel of several pleats at the front. Her skirt is decorated with hot pink and light pink roses, light green leaves, and small white flowers. She wears a matching flower crown of roses, leaves, and small flowers on her head. On her neck she wears a black choker. She has black high-heel shoes and white shin-high socks.


"Don't you, like, ever know when to STFU!? JUST, LIKE, GTFO ALREADY!"

The World Ends with You[]

Coco represents the youth of Shibuya with her young and excitable attitude. She loves being supportive of others, even the Players in the Reapers' Game. Because of her bright personality, her social skills are exceptional and she has no trouble making friends with most people.

On the other hand, she can be the "annoying cutesy try-hard" to certain people, which is Neku's general impression of her. She can be especially bothersome from time to time with her valley girl accent ("cute girl" talk for the Japanese version) in which she says "like" a lot, similar to Nao. In A New Day, Coco uses Internet lingo and acronyms such as "totez", "wtf", "amirite", "legit", "lmao", "rekt" and "stfu".

She often roots for the Players, although she also understands that a Reaper needs to "eat" by killing Players. She considers herself a friend to both sides. Yet, it is also apparent that she's still as opportunistic and greedy as other Reapers: instead of free charity, she sells out her items for money in her store.

In the finale of A New Day, a different side of Coco's personality is revealed. She is depicted as being highly manipulative, lying to Neku and Beat for the entirety of A New Day. After being exposed by Hanekoma, she is seen as being devious, disrespectful, and sarcastic.

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

In NEO: The World Ends with You, Coco now wears a much more subdued (though still Harajuku-inspired) fashion style compared to her vibrant looks in The World Ends with You, but it's only a surface reinvention. Pitching herself as the most adorable Reaper-slash-fairy princess in all of Shibuya, she actually has little interest in her Reaperly duties and often spends her time in Harajuku, sometimes even wandering outside Shibuya. Despite her delicate appearance, she is actually quite cunning, deceiving others to help get her way—but she remains deeply loyal to her friends, such as Tsugumi.

Coco seems to not make moves to help others unless she already has an established friendship with them already, as evidenced by her dodging of Rindo's requests for help during the later parts of NEO. Only when Tsugumi or Neku are involved does she make moves to actually help anyone out, and assisting Tsugumi seems to have been her primary motivation for her actions in A New Day, as well as why she wanted to save Shinjuku.

As of NEO, Coco also appears to have toned down her usage of Internet lingo significantly, although she still uses very colloquial speech and a somewhat valley-girl esque speech pattern. While she normally seems to make an effort to sound cutesy, when angered, she immediately switches to name-calling and harsh language, making her seem somewhat duplicitous in nature. Her loyalties and general motives remain somewhat ambiguous, as despite clearly being friends with Tsugumi and Neku, she doesn't seem to have any particular loyalty to anyone else on the Shibuya side, and appears relatively unbothered by the Shinjuku takeover except in how it affects Tsugumi.



Coco and Neku.

According to the Social Network in NEO: The World Ends with You, Coco has been friends with Tsugumi Matsunae even in the RG before their deaths.

In the main timeline, Neku himself did not meet her in this particular job, neither did he know much about the game. Even so, other players such as Shiki and Beat knew at least the bottom-line rules of the game. This could possibly mean that Shiki and the others met Coco or other Reapers who introduced them to the game, while Neku jumped into the game unwillingly as a proxy for the Composer, which gave him no reason to meet the guide Reapers as his Soul was already "processed".

Coming into Live Remix, while Coco fulfills her role as usual, she also takes up an even larger role. Instead of only guiding the Souls at the start of the game, Coco is given the task to lead groups of players around as a form of advisory and chaperone. With Live Remix that collects 20 actual players into a group, where they have to fulfill a common goal by the end of the week, Coco is one of the "guide" Reapers chosen to lead these multitudes of groups.

A New Day[]

Coco shoots and kills Neku.

Sometime after the events of the Reaper's Game, Neku and Beat were both brought back to what appeared to be the UG by Coco under the ruse of an Expert Mode. A simple assignment was given to them to escape Shibuya. She introduces herself under her usual cute demeanor but is startled to learn that both Neku and Beat don't recognize her. She then follows the two during their trip through the remixed Shibuya. Upon reaching WildKat and confronting Hanekoma, he exposes Coco as misleading the two. Coco sees that Hanekoma wasn't one of the Noise's creations and sends the large Noise on the attack. Upon the Noise's defeat, she as well as Neku and Beat are all returned to the RG. However, she manages to kill Neku once again before being shot by Joshua, but manages to escape.

Coco reviving Sho Minamimoto.

She reveals in secret that she needs Neku for some plot, and also required him to have a "zetta strong" partner, reviving Sho Minamimoto.

Between A New Day and NEO[]

After Shinjuku's Inversion, Tsugumi Matsunae, a Reaper from Shinjuku, became one of the district's few survivors. At some point, Tsugumi began to act differently, though Coco had no idea why.

In the remains of Shinjuku in the UG, Neku crossed paths with Coco and she explained she was only trying to recruit someone powerful to help save Tsugumi and Shinjuku from erasure. The two became friendlier and they investigated what was once Shinjuku. Coco made her way back to Shibuya a little earlier than Neku in order to check on Tsugumi and the rest of the city.

Coco somehow obtained Mr. Mew which belonged to Shiki Misaki and gave the doll to Tsugumi, which became a vessel for her soul.[1]

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

Coco returns as one of the Shibuya Reapers alongside Koki Kariya and Uzuki Yashiro. Her role throughout the first couple weeks is very minimal, appearing in very brief scenes. Her first appearance is at the end of New Game (Week 2, Day 1) when she arrives in Shibuya and is angered by Reaper Pins on living people of the RG. She hints towards someone that could help her and impatiently asks them to arrive (implied to be Neku). She again appears at the end of CHECKMATE! (Week 2, Day 7), finding the damaged Mr. Mew doll Tsugumi's soul is trapped inside. She assures the doll that she can help if she acts fast.

Coco's first appearance in Week 3 is at the end of Re:START (Week 3, Day 3), where she goes to Kaie Ono's fortune-telling shop to presumably ask about saving Tsugumi in the Mr. Mew doll. He has a reading with a unique energy that recommends she is continuing on a dead end, to appeal to a creator, reforge her connections with acquaintances, and be patient. He cuts their session short, telling her his next client has arrived: when Coco leaves he gets on his laptop and writes to Raimu "Rhyme" Bito, a former Player who has hacked the RNS.

Coco's formal introduction happens in VisioN (Week 3, Day 5) at Cat Street. Neku reveals Coco killed him to bring him to Shinjuku to help her friend Tsugumi. However, it is unclear exactly how Coco expected Neku to help their situation. She explains with Neku that Tsugumi's soul is trapped inside Mr. Mew and can only be released if Shiki, who is currently outside of Shibuya, repairs the doll. Rindo suggests Nagi can Dive into Tsugumi's mind and talk to her; Coco asks them to relay to Tsugumi what happened, how can they fix it, and if there's anything to be wary of. Inside, Tsugumi explains her latent Trailer ability, and warns them of Shiba and Dissonance.

Coco is found in Tower Records in S • B • Y (Week 3, Day 7). She defensively explains she's been erasing Noise to help Shibuya and recommend the Wicked Twisters talk to Kaie due to his extensive knowledge of Shibuya. When Rindo creates another time loop in SHI • BU • YA (Week 3, Day 7') and asks her how to convince Shiba to stop fighting, she tells them Shiba's disagreeableness would make it impossible and recommend they defeat both him and Kubo, before leaving. Rindo calls their conversation "less than helpful".

In the second loop of the final day, SHIBUYA (Week 3, Day 7''), Neku asks Coco to escort Rhyme to Dogenzaka to meet Kaie. Later, Neku realizes he planned for Coco to escort Shiki to Tsugumi trapped in Mr. Mew, and Rindo has to travel back to get Uzuki Yashiro to escort Rhyme. Later, as Operation: Awakening commences across Shibuya, Coco is attacked by Plague Noise. She is rescued by Minamimoto, who greets her with "zero seven seven three four" (which when typed into a calculator and flipped upside down, reads like hello) and walks away to Coco's disgust.

In the epilogue, Coco talks with Uzuki, Kariya, and Minamimoto. She complains she deserves a long vacation after the events of the Reapers' Game. When Uzuki and Kariya talk about Minamimoto's antisocial attitude, Coco says she wants Minamimoto to listen to her like a master because she revived him. Kariya and Uzuki doubt Minamimoto would obey her.


Main article: Coco's Secret Reaper Shop


As mentioned in her personality, Coco has top-level social skills, which is presumably why she was chosen as one of the guide Reapers to lead in incoming Players.

While her battle skills are not mentioned, Coco is perhaps a veteran Reaper just as long as Kariya, indicated by her small and smooth-lined wings, which could mean that she is powerful enough that she shouldn't be taken lightly.

In "A New Day", it is assumed that Coco is the one who created the noise version of Shibuya, meaning that she could be one of (if not) the most powerful reapers. Though in Secret Addendum C, Hanekoma suspect she may have had additional help.


Sho Minamimoto[]

Coco and Sho's maybe-friendship began during the events of AND, wherein Coco resurrected Sho in order to have him play the part of Neku Sakuraba's partner in a new Reaper's Game. However, this was before Coco realized her actions came too late to save Shinjuku, and Neku and Sho presumably did not partner up as was her intention. Despite this, she and Sho seem to currently be on amicable terms. The usually coarse and preoccupied Sho greets Coco in his own manner, and actually helps defend Coco from Plague Noise later on. Coco also calls Minamimoto "Minimoto", but also seems annoyed with how he frequently walks off on his own and dislikes his obsession with numbers. Coco seems to wish that Sho would listen to her, and thinks he owes her big time for his resurrection.

Tsugumi Matsunae[]

Tsugumi and Coco's friendship originated when the two were still alive in the RG. Despite both dying and winding up as reapers in different cities, the two are still very good friends. Coco describes Tsugumi as her "darlingest friend," and was extremely concerned with solving Tsugumi's confinement to the Mr. Mew plushie. Tsugumi also called out to Coco for help with Shinjuku's circumstances, although Coco was at first too late to help. They are still good friends by the end of NEO.

Neku Sakuraba[]

Coco and Neku's relationship is somewhat unusual, having gone from Coco shooting Neku at the end of AND, to them being friends in NEO. Coco's reasoning for shooting Neku and attempting to force him to play the game again was all done to save Shinjuku, and as such Neku is quite forgiving of her actions. He considers her a friend, and she considers him one as well. She is even willing to help the Wicked Twisters once Neku requests it. The two presumably spent some time becoming friends during the three years that Neku was trapped in Shinjuku, since Coco was capable of navigating back and forth.


The kanji for Atarashi Ko-ko literally translates to: New, child, child (々 is a character that indicates that the previous kanji should be repeated). With the fact that Coco looks like a very young girl who can be considered as still a child, Coco is also a new character introduced into the The World Ends with You franchise.


The World Ends with You[]

  • "Your faces are, like, totez hilar."
  • "Um, are you for realz?"
  • "Sooo weird, right? It's, like, seriously sus."
  • "I thought Shibuya was finally back to normal, but lol nope jk."
  • "I'm, like, totez clueless here!"
  • "Omg yay!"
  • "This whole situation is, like, suuuper sketch! Amirite?"
  • "I totez hadn't thought of that tbh."
  • "Um, wtf?"
  • "So I know. like, literally nothing lol."
  • "Inorite? This literally sounds like a total waste of time lol."
  • "Omg that is, like, legit tragic."
  • "Tbh you guys need to, like, srsly finish this mission and get out of here!"
  • "Well, don't say I didn't, like, tell you so or whatevz."
  • "Like, only THE most previous and petite Reaper in the whole wide world, Coco!"
  • "Um, not just any Reaper? Like, literally the cutest."
  • "All I can say is, like, you're a real pain in the ass." (to Hanekoma)
  • "Oooh, I'm sooo scared! lmao jk"
  • "I, like, tried to do things the easy way but lol nope."
  • "Ugh, don't you, like, ever know when to STFU!? JUST, LIKE, GTFO ALREADY!"
  • "If those goons are sooo thirsty for a fight... then they can, like, come here and get rekt like the noobs they are!"

NEO: The World Ends with You[]

  • "My, what a fabulous day! I'm just tickled to be back in the lovely city of Shibuya."
  • "But there's no time to waste: I still have oodles to d— ...Hmmm? ...What the hell are those ugly-ass pins? Hold the phone—are those Player Pins? On living people? Wowww. I'd love to know which of those slimeballs came up with that little scheme."
  • "A-ny-way! Like I was saying, I still have oodles to do."
  • "After all, my dearest, darlingest friend needs my help!"
  • "*sigh* If only someone would come help this poor, little fairy princess... ...Seriously, I ain't got all day here. Clock's ticking, pal."
  • "Oh, no! This simply won't do. You're all beaten up! It's okay—Princess Coco's got you. But we need to act quick. Time is of the essence!"
  • "Oh, I feel so hopeless! I don't know how to fix it!" - to Kaie
  • "Really? Oh, goodie! What excellent news!"
  • "I'll be back soon, then. Toodle-loo!"
  • "UGH! Will you shut the hell up already!? You have no friggin' idea what I've been through to get here, you festering sack of garbage!" (to Beat)
  • "I'm ever-so pleased to meet you. I am the most adorable Reaper-slash-fairy princess in all of Shibuya, Coco Atarashi! If you aren't careful, I'll charm you to death ♥"
  • "Neku, I literally can not with him!" - about Beat
  • "My dear friend in Shinjuku. She told me the situation was quite bleak. Which is why I pulled this pauper and prince in to help me out! But, unfortunately, we were too late. Shinjuku was already gone..." - about her motive in A New Day
  • "Can you really do that!? That's simply stupendous! Oh, I have ever so many questions for you to relay. What happened? How can we fix it? And...let's see... Ah, yes! Is there anything we should be wary of? Be a dear and ask her for your favorite fairy princess!" - about Nagi's Dive
  • "Splendiferous! And is my darlingest friend all right?" - about Tsugumi
  • "My, if it isn't the Wicked Twisters! I'm ever-so glad I ran into you. Now I can wish you well in person. So...good luck out there!"
  • "Oh, but I am helping, dear Neku! Even if some uncouth oafs doubt my efforts, I'm doing what I can to ensure we all live happily ever after! ♥"
  • "UGH. Can you, like, cool it with the third degree, sis? I've been erasing Noise and helping folks I see around town. I'm, like, literally doing so much! Okay? Wow. Like, harsh much? ...Anyway, regardless of what you might think, I'm, like, totez committed to saving this city."
  • "Well, I haven't the faintest idea what he might know, but 'tis surely more than a fairy princess like me ♪"
  • "Well, then I do believe this is where we part ways! Best of luck to you all, or whatever!"
  • "You know... Shiba isn't the most...agreeable fellow. Oh, but I shall! He isn't the sort who can be convinced of anything, I think. ...Not without putting up a fight. You may find it easier to just take him out along with Kubo." - about Shiba
  • "You've got a lotta nerve, asking a favor at a time like this! I'm a super busy lady, you know! Sorry, schmorry! You're lucky I'd do just about anything to save Shibuya. Anyway, laterz!"
  • "Um, can somebody explain how I got roped into this frickin' mess!? Ugh. This is, like, literally the worst. I know I'm irresistibly adorable, but can't you all just buzz off!?"
  • "Hey! Don't just spout off numbers and walk away, you jerk!" - to Minamimoto
  • "All I'm saying is I totez deserve a long vacation after this. I mean, I erased, like, a literal frick-ton of Noise."
  • "Actually, I'd highkey prefer if he, like, didn't do his own thing. He should, like, listen to his master."
  • "Um, since I ever-so graciously brought him back to life? Which means he owes me a super-dee-duper big favor or two. And I'm totez gonna make sure he pays me back! Or he'll face super-dee-duper big consequences!" - about Minamimoto


  • According to Tetsuya Nomura, Shibuya Reapers have a hidden kanji in their names that relate to the Chinese zodiac and represent their Noise forms. Coco's is "rat" (子,) which was confirmed in an interview by Tatsuta Kando, meaning her Noise form would be a rat or a mouse.
    • This could mean the round ears on her jacket are supposed to be mouse ears.
  • The nickname "Live-chan" comes from the fact that Coco was an interact-able Reaper in the Live Remix version of the game. While she can also be interacted with in Solo Remix, her main role was established in Live Remix. She also became the most commonly interact-able Reaper in Live Remix as she guided the groups.[2]
  • Coco's speculated job among the Reapers in Live Remix is possibly the role of guiding new spirits into the Reaper's game, after their Soul has died, by "processing" them from the RG to the UG. Other Reapers may hold this job other than her.
  • Coco is the only character in the series to have animated emoticons sprites. However, the animations are exclusive to Live Remix where she can be seen blinking and moving her finger while thinking to herself. The bear ears on her hoodie would also move occasionally, wriggling as a sign of discomposure.
  • In a NEO developer interview with Famitsu, Kando stated there are certain parts of the story that don't add up "unless Coco is connected to Joshua in some way," but the nature of this connection is unknown.
  • Coco's voice actress Kitana Turnbull is well-known for portraying Carmelita Spats in the Netflix version of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Coco and Carmelita are very similar with C-names, wearing pink, being bratty at times, taking pride in being seen as adorable, and calling themselves "fairy princesses".


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