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"I've got anything you'll ever need. Seriously, I'm like, not even lying."
— Coco Atarashi in The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-

Coco Atarashi (新 子々 Atarashi Koko) is a Reaper that debuted in The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- where she sold microtransactions as the owner of her own shop. She returned in The World Ends with You -Live Remix- where she served as the guide. She returned in The World Ends with You Final Remix where she was one of the main characters in the Final Remix exclusive A New Day. She returned again in NEO: The World Ends with You.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Coco Atarashi.png

Coco has pale beige hair that is shoulder-length, along with sky blue eyes. While not as noticeable, the left side of her hair is slightly more purple in color; although it can be dismissed this as a shadow of the head, it is actually her hair that is shaded slightly darker into a light purple. Her skin is light and almost white, while her overall stature is child-like.

Her attire is vibrant and pastel colored, consisting of lots of cute pink and candy blue, which contrasts her role as a Reaper. She wears a candy blue button-up top with a matching thigh-high skirt, both with frills and fluffs. Over that, she has a sky blue ribbon at her neck and a pink hoodie jacket, where the hood has bear ears marked with hearts. Around her wrists on the outside of the jacket are multicolored flashy bracelets, while the bottom-left end of her jacket has a light-purple heart accessory with a "confused" expression upon it. She wears thigh-high socks that are patterned with candy purple and sky blue in alternation. She wears normal sneakers that are pink with candy blue laces and white soles. On her back, she carries around a purple pack which also has frills.

Like all Reapers, Coco has her own set of Reaper wings, which matching to her size, is small in comparison to other Reapers.  Because of her overall looks, her wings are probably the only way to distinguish her as a Reaper. Otherwise, she can be easily mistaken as a normal shopkeeper, as she has her own personal store.

In NEO: The World Ends with You, Coco's hair is now longer and is gradient colored, going from pink at the roots to purple at the tips. She dons an ankle-length pink dress decorated with frills, flowers and ribbons, as well as a matching flower crown in various shades of pink. The sleeves of the dress are long and transparent.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Coco represents the childish youth of Shibuya with her young and delighted attitude. She loves being supportive of others, even the Players in the Reapers' Game. Because of her bright personality, her social skills are exceptional and she has no trouble making friends with most people. On the other hand, she can be the "annoying cutesy try-hard" to certain people, which is Neku's general impression of her. She can be especially bothersome from time to time with her valley girl accent ("cute girl" talk for the Japanese version).

She often roots for the Players, although she also understands that a Reaper needs to "eat." She considers herself a friend to both sides. Yet, it is also apparent that she's still as opportunistic and greedy as other Reapers: instead of free charity, she sells out her items for money in her store.

In the finale of A New Day in Final Remix, a different side of Coco' personality is revealed. She is depicted as being highly manipulative, lying to Neku and Beat for the entirety of A New Day. After being exposed by Hanekoma, she is seen as being devious, disrespectful, and sarcastic.

Story[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

In the main timeline, Neku himself did not meet her in this particular job, neither did he know much about the game. Even so, other players such as Shiki and Beat knew at least the bottom-line rules of the game. This could possibly mean that Shiki and the others met Coco or other Reapers who introduced them to the game, while Neku jumped into the game unwillingly as a proxy for the Composer, which gave him no reason to meet the guide Reapers as his Soul was already "processed".

Coming into Live Remix, while Coco fulfills her role as usual, she also takes up an even larger role. Instead of only guiding the Souls at the start of the game, Coco is given the task to lead groups of players around as a form of advisory and chaperone. With Live Remix that collects 20 actual players into a group, where they have to fulfill a common goal by the end of the week, Coco is one of the "guide" Reapers chosen to lead these multitudes of groups.

A New Day[edit | edit source]

Sometime after the events of the Reaper's Game, Neku and Beat were both brought back to what appeared to be the UG by Coco under the ruse of an Expert Mode. A simple assignment was given to them to escape Shibuya. She introduces herself under her usual cute demeanor but is startled to learn that both Neku and Beat don't recognize her. She then follows the two during their trip through the remixed Shibuya.

Upon reaching WildKat and confronting Hanekoma, he exposes Coco as misleading the two. Coco sees that Hanekoma wasn't one of the Noise's creations and sends the large Noise on the attack.

Upon the Noise's defeat, she as well as Neku and Beat are all returned to the RG. However, she manages to kill Neku once again before being shot by Joshua, but manages to escape. She reveals in secret that she needs Neku for some plot, and also required him to have a "zetta strong" partner, reviving Sho Minamimoto.

NEO: The World Ends with You[edit | edit source]

Coco returns as a Reaper alongside Koki Kariya and Uzuki Yashiro.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Main article: Coco's Secret Reaper Shop

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As mentioned in her personality, Coco has top-level social skills, which is presumably why she was chosen as one of the guide Reapers to lead in incoming Players.

While her battle skills are not mentioned, Coco is perhaps a veteran Reaper just as long as Kariya, indicated by her small and smooth-lined wings, which could mean that she is powerful enough that she shouldn't be taken lightly.

In "A New Day", it is assumed that Coco is the one who created the noise version of Shibuya, meaning that she could be one of (if not) the most powerful reapers. Though in Secret Addendum C, Hanekoma suspect she may have had additional help.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The kanji for Atarashi Ko-ko literally translates to: New, child, child (々 is a character that indicates that the previous kanji should be repeated). With the fact that Coco looks like a very young girl who can be considered as still a child, Coco is also a new character introduced into the The World Ends with You franchise.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The nickname "Live-chan" comes from the fact that Coco was an interact-able Reaper in the Live Remix version of the game. While she can also be interacted with in Solo Remix, her main role was established in Live Remix. She also became the most commonly interact-able Reaper in Live Remix as she guided the groups.[1]
  • Coco's speculated job among the Reapers is possibly the role of guiding new spirits into the Reaper's game, after their Soul has died, by "processing" them from the RG to the UG. Other Reapers may hold this job other than her.
  • In the Japanese version, it is apparent in Coco's speech bubbles that she uses "text talk" to accompany her "cute girl" talk.
    • In Final Remix this is carried over with her dialogue in "A New Day", as she says phrases such as "lol" and "wtf".
  • Coco is the only character in the series to have animated emoticons sprites. However, the animations are exclusive to Live Remix where she can be seen blinking and moving her finger while thinking to herself. The bear ears on her hoodie would also move occasionally, wriggling as a sign of discomposure.

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