The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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This article contains information pertaining exclusively to The World Ends with You: Final Remix.

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The screen after selecting co-op on the Main Menu

Co-op Mode is a mode exclusive to Final Remix, replacing Mingle Mode as a multiplayer feature. The player can select this mode after reaching a certain point in Day 2, and it allows two Joy-Con controllers to be used during battle. This feature cannot be used in Handheld Mode, only in Tabletop Mode or while Docked.

As with normal gameplay during Final Remix, the HP bar belongs solely to Neku, meaning his partner is invincible.


Controlling a partner with a Joy-Con is similar to controlling Neku, utilizing a pointer to use psychs through similar inputs.


Co-op tip shiki.jpg

  • Mr. Mew Punch! - Tap an enemy to punch. Tap Multiple times to perform a powerful combo.
  • Mr. Mew Kick! - Slash empty space to launch a dropkick at enemies in a straight line.
  • Mr. Mew Lariat! - Drag empty space to deal big damage with multiple spinning strikes.

Joshua (Grounded)[]


  • Telekinesis - Tap an empty space to send out an obstacle that inflicts damage on enemies and grows larger on contact.
  • Higher Telekinesis - Slash across Joshua to send multiple obstacles in that direction and damage enemies they touch.
  • Wield Telekinesis - Drag enemies and obstacles such as cars and signs to launch them and damage certain types of foes.

Joshua (Levitating)[]


  • Punishment - Tap empty space to conjure a column of light that damages enemies and widens with every hit.
  • Wield Telekinesis - Drag enemies and obstacles such as cars and signs to launch them and damage certain types of foes.
  • Execution - Press empty space to fire a laser that damages any enemy it touches. Can be dragged after use.



  • SK8 Combo - Drag across empty space to cause Beat to move there and attack foes with a flurry of blows.
  • Vertical Boot - Slash an enemy upward to move next to them and land a kick. Becomes a combo after acquiring (S) Power Combos.
  • Grind Flame - Slash across Beat to launch his body in that direction and send out flames that damage any enemies they hit.

Fusion attacks[]

As with previous games, cooperating enough between Neku and his partner will charge up the Partner Pin, which will then appear in the upper right-hand corner. Either player can select the pin with their Joy-Con pointer to activate it, giving them the opportunity to earn Fusion Stars to fuse attacks with their partner and unleash powerful attacks on every enemy on the screen.


  • At the end of Joshua, Day 5, Joshua will reveal his true power to Neku, at which point his moveset switches to the levitating version permanently.