The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Each pin is categorized in one of six classes, which restrict deck configuration. Classes are designed to encourage deck variety. All non-noise pins of a particular psych are assigned a specific class.

Class Restriction
A 1 per psych
B 2 per psych
C 3 per psych
Angel 1
Reaper 1
--- Unlimited


The majority of psychs belong to this class. Many A-class psychs feature knockback, which stuns the enemy for a short duration. In order to lengthen a stun-juggling combo, the player must use a variety of A-class psychs in succession.

The most potent A-class psych is Sacrifice, belonging to Tin Pin Thrift, and is an auto-include in a player's main offensive deck as long as that player is running an appropriate SOS setup.


These psychs generally have little to no knockback. Two pins of the same psych may be used to minimize downtime during reboot. Some of the most powerful psychs in the game belong to this class:


There are fairly few C-class psychs in the game. Aside from Psychokinesis S, C-class pins are generally considered to be weak and avoidable.


Angel-class features Noise versions of lettered psychs, which allows the player to circumvent those class limits. It also features a few exclusive support psychs, such as Cure Boost, Subconscious and Turbo.

Turbo is generally considered to be a game-breaking psych and is the preferred psych to use for this slot.


Similar to Angel-class, this class features Noise versions of lettered psychs. There are also some exclusive psychs such as Piercing Pillar R, Black Hole, and Sweeper.

Sweeper is considered to be the most useful Reaper-class psych when facing multiple enemies. It will set up a huge combo when combined with a fast puck-passing psych such as Piercing Pillar S or Lance Lunge.


All yen and material pins are classified under this class, along with the Holy Field set. Two offensive psychs also belong to this class: Irregular Note and Summon Rhyme.

Class restriction bypassing[]

It is possible to trick the game and bypass class restriction if a non-Angel, non-Reaper pin evolves into a pin with a different psych than the original. The game does not check if the evolved pin's psych is already in the deck. The following psychs can have their class restrictions bypassed: