Character Specific Items are items worn by various in-game characters. Most of them are branded by Gatito and the rest are Unbranded. They are obtainable mostly via Quest purchase on shops, post-game side-quests (included in Secret Reports requirements), or special events (completing the secret challenge and defeating the ultimate enemy at the top of Pork City; both are done in Another Day).

Since most are very hard to obtain, only available post-game, and requires insane amount of Brave rating to equip, they are practically the most powerful equipment in the game- posing absurd status boost even when equipped separately. This is the list of those items by character who wears them, also how and where to obtain them.

Neku SakurabaEdit

Shiki MisakiEdit

The Mrs. Claus, Mr. Mew Suit, and Maid Costume aren't actually worn by Shiki, but the description for each of them says that they're made by Shiki and Eri.

  • Her Stuffed Animal - Quest item at D+B Molco.
  • Mrs. Claus - Secret Report event in Week 1, Day 4; when Shiki asked you to go shopping at 104 Building, head down to Scramble Crossing instead and she will get mad, netting you this item.
  • Mr. Mew Suit - Secret Report event in Week 1 Day 7; go to Molco.
  • Maid Costume - Quest item at Sunshine Shibukyu in Shibukyu Main Store.



  • Your Cap - Quest item at WildKat in Cat Street.
  • Black Book Bag - Secret Report event in Week 3, Day 3; play Reaper Creeper, go to black.


Uzuki YashiroEdit

Koki KariyaEdit

Yodai HigashizawaEdit

Sho MinamimotoEdit

Mitsuki KonishiEdit

Megumi KitanijiEdit

Sanae HanekomaEdit

Although isn't wearing any of them, Hanekoma made these items (as CAT or himself):

  • Cat Deck - Quest item at Wild Boar Udagawa in Udagawa Back Streets.
  • Mr. Claus - Quest item at Nishimura Drugs in Shibu-Q Heads.

Wizard of SlamEdit

He's supposedly a Square-Enix staff who invented Tin Pin Slammer...

  • Wizard's Glasses - after defeating Shooter in Another Day, re-enter Molco and defeat him in Tin Pin Slammer.

Tetsuya NomuraEdit

The character designer for this game (together with Gen Kobayashi), has also designed several unique threads:

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