The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Character Specific Items are items worn by various in-game characters. Most of them are branded by Gatito and the rest are Unbranded. They are obtainable mostly via Quest purchase on shops, post-game side-quests (included in Secret Reports requirements), or special events (completing the secret challenge and defeating the ultimate enemy at the top of Pork City; both are done in Another Day).

Since most are very hard to obtain, only available post-game, and requires insane amount of Brave rating to equip, they are practically the most powerful equipment in the game- posing absurd status boost even when equipped separately. This is the list of those items by character who wears them, also how and where to obtain them.

Neku Sakuraba[]

Shiki Misaki[]

The Mrs. Claus, Mr. Mew Suit, and Maid Costume aren't actually worn by Shiki, but the description for each of them says that they're made by Shiki and Eri.

  • Her Stuffed Animal - Quest item at D+B Molco.
  • Mrs. Claus - Secret Report event in Week 1, Day 4; when Shiki asked you to go shopping at 104 Building, head down to Scramble Crossing instead and she will get mad, netting you this item.
  • Mr. Mew Suit - Secret Report event in Week 1 Day 7; go to Molco.
  • Maid Costume - Quest item at Sunshine Shibukyu in Shibukyu Main Store.



  • Your Cap - Quest item at WildKat in Cat Street.
  • Black Book Bag - Secret Report event in Week 3, Day 3; play Reaper Creeper, go to black.


Uzuki Yashiro[]

Koki Kariya[]

Yodai Higashizawa[]

Sho Minamimoto[]

Mitsuki Konishi[]

Megumi Kitaniji[]

Sanae Hanekoma[]

Although isn't wearing any of them, Hanekoma made these items (as CAT or himself):

  • Cat Deck - Quest item at Wild Boar Udagawa in Udagawa Back Streets.
  • Mr. Claus - Quest item at Nishimura Drugs in Shibu-Q Heads.

Wizard of Slam[]

He's supposedly a Square-Enix staff who invented Tin Pin Slammer...

  • Wizard's Glasses - after defeating Shooter in Another Day, re-enter Molco and defeat him in Tin Pin Slammer.

Tetsuya Nomura[]

The character designer for this game (together with Gen Kobayashi), has also designed several unique threads: