Carcin noise are a crab-like noise and are 53-57 in the noise list.

These noise are:

Noise 53 Noise 53 - Carcinofolk

Noise 54 Noise 54 - Carcinoska

Noise 55 Noise 55 - Carcinometal

Noise 56 Noise 56 - Carcinosamps

Noise 57 Noise 57 - Carcinopunk


In battle, carcins tend to have different strategies for each noise, quite like frogs. You will find them inside frog head noise symbols in week 2.


Each noise attacks differently.

  • Folk - They go up to Neku and his partner and pinch him/her. Pretty easy to defeat.
  • Ska - They have a big claw designed to throw Neku up in the air.
  • Metal - Claw at the opponent, but can also place thier claws over their heads to create an impenetrable shield.
  • Samps - They launch a boomerang-like claw at Neku.
  • Punk - Like carcinometal, they can create a sheild for themselves. When Neku attacks the shield, they counter and spin at you.

Notable DropsEdit

Noise Families
Noise Symbol - Red Small Noise 1
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