Most pins and threads have a fixed brand from among thirteen brands. Miscellaneous items, such as Tin Pin Slammer pins, are considered "unbranded." Each brand has its own unique style and has a main store (with the exception of Hip Snake, Gatito and unbranded items) in one of the districts.

Brands with higher average BRV or cost requirements are intended for later perusal (either later in the main game or in post-story gameplay), but can sometimes be earned early on.

Brand InfoEdit

Name Logo Brand Style Locations Popular Psych Notible Thread Stats BRV Price
Mus Rattus Logo-MR Simple and plain
  • 104
  • Molco
  • Shibukyu Main Store
  • Cadoi City
  • Shibu-Q Heads
  • Elemental Core
  • Mediocre Damage, Multiple Hits
  • Combo/Puck-Pass Assist
  • Very low BRV and prices
15.3 1,335
D+B Logo-DB Fashionable or sexy
  • 104
  • Molco
  • Piercing Pillar
  • Psychokinesis D
  • AoE-Control
  • Support Shiki
  • High BRV, yet mediocre prices
82.8 12,933
Tigre Punks Logo-TP Punk-wear
  • Molco
  • Dogenzaka
  • Velocity Tackle/Crash
  • Vortex Saber
  • Semi-High Damage by Dashing or at Point-Blank
  • Empower Offense
  • Semi-low BRV, yet mediocre prices
41.7 14,200
Lapin Angelique Logo-LA Gothic and very frilly
  • A-East
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • Tap or Tap-Target
  • Double-Edged "Blade"
  • High BRV and mediocre prices
96.9 14,135
Dragon Couture Logo-DC Artistic and flowing
  • Shibukyu Main Store
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Artistic Names, Artistically Strong Abilities
  • Support Joshua
  • Mediocre BRV along with semi-high prices
56.7 22,382
Hip Snake Logo-HS Vintage "Hip"-clothing
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • Dogenzaka
  • 104
  • Cadoi City
  • Special-Psych Pins No Other Brand Has
  • Status infliction enhancers
  • Semi-low BRV with low prices
40.4 9,572
Pegaso Logo-PG Top-class and expensive
  • Shibu Dept. Store
  • Shibu Dept. Store
  • Chess Pins
  • Electric Royalty
  • High ability stats for high pay
  • Mediocre BRV, but overly expensive prices
54.7 344,638
Sheep Heavenly Logo-SH Cutesy and color-bright
  • Molco
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • 104
  • Cadoi City
  • Self-support
  • Black Hole
  • Support and Shield
  • Regenerate and Defend
  • Mediocre BRV for low prices
58.8 6,864
Jupiter of the Monkey Logo-JM Urban and Sportive
  • Cat Street
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • Shockwave
  • Unique Positive Psych
  • Physical Attacks with Sharp Strikes
  • Support Neku
  • Low BRV, with semi-low prices
30.0 11,245
Pavo Real Logo-PR Accessories galore
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • Shibu Dept. Store
  • Passive Ability Psychs
  • Good Stats to "Me", Bad Stats to Them
  • Useful Utility and Stats
  • Semi-high BRV, with high prices
64.1 39,629
Natural Puppy Logo-NP Clean and bright-colored
  • Cadoi City
  • Cadoi City
  • Shibukyu Stationside
  • Burst Rounds
  • Entanglement
  • Bursts of damage around and across the battlefield
  • Resist and Defend
  • Mediocre BRV with semi-low prices
56.1 10,187
Wild Boar Logo-WB Skater-boy and hip-hop
  • 104
  • Udagawa Back Streets
  • Explosion
  • Massive Hit
  • Explosive Damage in one hit
  • Support Beat
  • Low BRV with semi-high prices
31.0 18,061
Gatito Logo-GT Specialized game-sponsor threads
  • Cat Street
  • Other stores
  • High Power Stats
  • Exclusively high BRV for exclusively high prices
212.5  ---

Brand PopularityEdit

Each district ranks brands in order of popularity, which is affected through battle or by stores in that district. Pins receive damage buffs depending on the brand popularity, but threads do not.

While brand popularity is relatively random in each district, they are affected through two means: shop influence and battle influence.

Shop influence is the influence of shops within the district. If a brand is accessible through a store in that district, the popularity of that brand will usually find itself high. Especially if the main store of a certain brand is within that district, that shop's brand will be one of the more popular brands of the district. The player cannot change this factor.

The only way a player can affect the brand popularity of a district is through winning battles within that district while wearing pins and threads of that brand. After a few battles are won, the trends for that district will change based on the brands worn by the characters. Reapers will sometimes give out small missions that requires the player to change the popularity of a district through this method.

Bonuses are given to the most, second most, and third most popular brands' pins (x2.0 for Rank 1), while the least popular (rank 13) gets halved attack power. Other brands' ranks will be displayed, but their power will not be modified.

Live RemixEdit

The World Ends with You -Live Remix- also introduces a new brand, Mithril Scale, that includes a collection of the game's many new pins.


  • It can be debated that certain brands rival others based on actual opposites of fashion taste/choice. If one looks at the Chinese zodiac each brand represents, "rivals" are on opposite sides of the zodiac.
    • Mus Rattus (Humility) vs Pegaso (Luxury)
    • D+B (Seasoned Experience) vs Sheep Heavenly (Innocence)
    • Tigre Punks (Underground) vs Jupiter of the Monkey (Mainstream)
    • Lapin Angelique (Fancy Appearance) vs Pavo Real (Useful Functionality)
    • Dragon Couture (Extravagance) vs Natural Puppy (Simplicity)
    • Hip Snake (Antique/Old-School) vs Wild Boar (Contemporary/Novelty)
  • In the top screen during battle, if in the 104 Building (district) area, the screen on the 104 building will display the most popular brand in the district. This will also apply to Scramble Crossing, displaying the most popular brand in the Crossing, not the one in the 104 area.
  • Brand names are based on the Chinese Zodiac, including Gatito, which represents "the cat that was not included in the zodiac". The only exception is the "brand" Unbranded, which is made up of pins and items without a brand.

D+BNatural PuppyPavo RealMus RattusJupiter of the MonkeyHip SnakeSheep HeavenlyTigre PunksDragon CoutureLapin AngeliquePegasoWild BoarGatitoUnbrandedMithril Scale (Live Remix only)
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