The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

DS Version[]

This is the guide to the DS Boss Strategy. Solo Remix's guide is incomplete, feel free to add to it! It is highly recommended seeking out the Darklit Planets as soon as you possibly can. For each boss, there are different decks that need to be created.

For Stationary Bosses[]

First of all, don't use any pins with psychs such as Black Hole, or any pin that says "May not affect all enemies" or "some enemies may be immune" in the information tab, because they will not work. For some stationary bosses such as Ovis Cantus or Draco Cantus, disregard any danger a psych may have being slow (for example, Massive Hit, Nexus Ray, or Explosion). Time Bomb tends to work well too. Here is a deck recommended to use against Anguis Cantus (all pins should be mastered):

  1. Lightning Rook
  2. Lightning Rage
  3. Anguis (set to sub)
  4. Dope Line(set to sub)
  5. Rhyme
  6. Peace Full (or) Visionary Blend


When there's a chance, repeatedly use Lightning Rage on the enemy by repeatedly blowing into the mic. To pass the puck and easily get a Blazing puck pass, have the puck reach Neku in the middle of Lightning Rook's duration. For attacking with the puck at a high multiplier, use Anguis when puck power is at its maximum, Dope Line after Anguis (either one's charge can be stopped by releasing the sub slot button), or Rhyme there is no way to charge without interruption. Peace Full should be used with the puck in hand for a full recovery and even a quick puck pass.

For Mobile Bosses[]

Mobile bosses sacrifice the ability to resist knock-back for the ability to move. This being said, these bosses are able to be repeatedly knocked back with attacks and render them unable to strike back. Here is a deck that utilizes this fact in such a way, and is particularly useful for keeping Tigris Cantus off balance during the second stage of the fight, with a strategy listed below.

Deck 1[]

  1. Velocity Attack (set to sub)
  2. Lightning Rook
  3. Boomer
  4. Lightning Rage
  5. Rhyme
  6. Peace Full (or) Visionary Blend


Use Lightning Rook to pass the puck. At first, use a repeated barrage of Velocity Attacks to knock the opponent up. Then, continuously use Boomer, then either use Lightning Rage if it has little uses left or another Boomer if it has only been used once or twice. When Boomer has pushed the enemy to the edge of the screen, repeatedly use Lightning Rage. Use Rhyme as a puck passer at high 4 or 5.

Deck 2[]

Another good set of psyches to use against mobile bosses is as follows:

  1. Shockwave
  2. Stellar Flurry
  3. Entanglement
  4. Splash Core
  5. Turbo Reboot
  6. Aqua Barrier


Use Entanglement to wall the boss in. If it is easily stunned, it will be helpless for a Stellar Fury barrage, and if not, attack it with Shockwave to keep it in place. Place water orbs in strategic places or simply attack with them until another pin reboots. Do not use the barrier unless Neku is in mortal peril or the player needs to desperately block an attack, and when used, use all of it so it can begin rebooting.

Deck 3[]

  1. Velocity Attack (or any pin like it)
  2. Shockwave (or any pin like it)
  3. Vulcan Uppercut (or any pin like it, set to sub)
  4. Grave Marker (or anything like it, set to sub)
  5. Vortex Saber (or anything like it)
  6. Any, preferably a healing pin


Use either pin 3 or pin 4 (preferably 3) to momentarily stop the enemy in its tracks. When it's stopped, use either Shockwave or Grave Marker to attack and further keep them from attacking. If they begin moving again, use Grave Marker or Vulcan Uppercut (again, preferably the latter) to stop them again, then continue pummeling them with Shockwave and Grave Marker once more, occasionally throwing a Vortex Saber once in a while for good measure (and easy damage), preferably when Neku has the puck.

The other pins can be used to attack, too; when you've stopped the enemy with pins 1, 3, or 4, use any combination of pins 1 through 5 to attack, though it's best to rely on pins 2 to 4 and use the rest for when pins 2 to 4 need recharging, using the remaining pins to hold the enemy off until the original pin trio recharge and continuing the combo.

Also, pin 7 can be used either in place of pins 1 to 5, or in conjunction with them by using it as pin 6.

Clothes to Wear[]

There are 3 main choices here:

While it seems as if it would be better to go for an all-out attack and finish off the boss before they can do major damage, the most times fighting bosses are for the Darklit Planets pins or for 100% completion. All-out attack is a fine choice for mobile bosses that you can juggle the whole time, so as to avoid getting damage at all, but in the long run, health is a wise choice to make for any long boss fight. Post-game (or wealthy normal game players) can easily afford major health-increasing clothes, and equipping two to three on each character will make them near-invulnerable to most bosses. With this, they can forgo a healing pin, or keep one in, just in case they end up on the receiving end of some major hurt. Defense is also a good choice as some bosses can do major damage. Pick the character that usually takes the most damage during battle and give them some defensive clothing so that there's no need to worry about them when focusing on the other character.

There are clothes that have special abilities, such as ones that heal when health starts to get low, and ones that give Fusion Stars at the start of the battle. Pick clothes that have good special abilities, and increase the stats needed for fighting styles.


No. 44: Progfox[]

Progfox fights just like other Fox Noise, growing tails to gain new attacks. It copies a lot of the noise you have faced. However, do not let it grow nine tails. If it does, make sure Neku has plenty of Defence, as once it gets nine tails, it uses a fusion-like attack, and shoots a laser at Neku and his partner. Luckily, it is an extremely predictable attack. Fireballs start to spin rapidly around it as it before it transforms, and like fusions, it freezes time on execution. Before it attacks, dash with Neku as he will be invincible. The same applies to Joshua, who can sidestep it. The screen fades white just before it attacks, so dash/sidestep when that happens. An Invisibility pin can make the dash window more generous for Neku, as this psych is best at allowing him to move around while staying invincible. A barrier pin can also block the attack if you react quickly enough.

When destroying the fireballs, use middle-long distance attack, because it harms at the contact. Other than that, it moves around a lot by teleporting, so use pins that are effective against high-speed Noise. When it teleports it may leave behind fireballs. It can transform into a frog Noise, a raven Noise or Neku, where it'll use its own Piercing Pillar and Stellar Flurry attacks that can lower Attack. It can also become a Moyai and fall on either Neku or his partner in much the same way the kangaroo noise do and a mushroom that hides in the corner of the screen. Finally, on the bottom screen, it can turn into a skeleton form. If you attack it, it'll heal itself. The only way to hurt the skeleton form is with a fusion attack. Overall, the only attacks that really hurt are the Moyai form and the fusion. When it transforms into Neku, its Piercing Pillar attack can also cause a lot of damage.

No. 47: Goth Metal Drake[]

Use all the knockback pins like Piercing Pillar so that you can to make sure the boss on the bottom screen does not attack. Block carefully on the top screen while passing the puck when possible. Use strong attacks while it charges, and always try to stay on its back. When fighting with Beat, be careful when Goth Metal Drake uses its megaflare (hardly difficult to avoid in the air). He will always start the fight on the top screen charging his gigantic fire attack. During his scream, however, it can be interrupted by simply damaging him, leaving Goth Metal Drake stuck in the animation, allowing for another combo to be followed up with. If you try to juggle him, once he falls on the ground he will likely retaliate with his tail attack. This move is very fast and covers a big angle around him, so be sure to dash away once he falls to the ground. Some of his attacks can be jumped over on the top screen, and if you get stuck in his fire, with good enough timing it is possible to block it in its entirety.

No. 66: Woolly AOR[]

This one is extremely difficult due to the fact that it constantly stomps on the ground, interrupting any commands. And since most healing items take a few seconds to use, if you plan on healing, the best way to go would be to use an auto-heal pin such as Archangel and to stack it with as many Supply Boost pins as you can fit in. Blowing or shouting psychs work wonders, since the best strategy is to get close and avoid the moving footprint attacks. Since it's the partner that gets hurt the most, it's best to just move Neku close to it and blow or shout at regular intervals while paying attention to the top screen to avoid attacks. Pass the puck as much as you can, and use the fusion attacks immediately to get a minor health boost.

At first, Woolly AOR won't attack, so use these seconds to hurt him more, get stars for fusion attacks (for any of the partners) or pass the puck all you can. Wolly AOR has only two attacks, but both are dangerous. The first is a trunk attack, easily avoided by Neku (this attack always hits your partner and drags them to the floor, unless they protect or avoid). The second one is the most dangerous. Woolly AOR will stomp on the ground, creating shades of its feet. These shades harm on contact, and each time they move, the shake will interrupt every attack. In the partner zone, the stomp will drag Neku's partner to the floor and interrupt their commands. Normally your partner has lower attack and defense stats, so before this battle increase their attack and defense.

There is a better and easier way to kill this noise. In post-game, there's a Lazy Bomber pin at the Wild Boar store in Udagawa. This pin, if fully mastered, will work wonders against any enemy that doesn't move (not the same when the enemy moves, however). Lazy Bomber is a Time Bomb psych, and it will help greatly against Elephant noises, Ovis Cantus, Anguis Cantus and Draco Cantus.

If the player wants the pins Woolly AOR drops but cannot defeat it, use a 4-chain battle or superior. Each battle increases the probability of dropped pins, and in these, stars can be gotten easily, and when the battle against Woolly AOR comes, use the maxed fusion to defeat it.

No. 80: Reaper Beat[]

In the maingame, don't have to bother with him - all fights are merely survival. When it comes to the post-game matches, though, the player may wish to utilize psychs that can attack in a radius around Neku, such as Tin Pin Blade, or fast psychs that can keep up with his speed. On the bottom screen, focus on dodging or countering his aerial finisher (which has a circular area of effect), while continually pounding him. On the upper screen, focus on his position, and if possible, use Joshua's levitating ability to deal damage - the ground finisher may be stronger, but it's a one-shot deal per combo, and Beat is likely to dodge to the other side of the screen before the combo finishes. Joshua's beams do not have this problem, as they stunlock.

As a reminder, Beat's aerial finisher moves Beat on the other side of Neku before attacking. This may be trouble with slower pins, such as Lightning Rook.

No. 81: Uzuki Yashiro[]

When you fight her solo, Yashiro likes to switch between screens when you hit her on the bottom screen, leaving her shadow in her place. However, she also likes switching out when you hit her shadow on the bottom screen, meaning that if you use pins with fast attacks and boot times, you can keep her too busy switching screens to actually attack you. She fights by shooting you with bullets from her gun and creating a light blue star that hits you directly. She can also create a purple or pink colored star that can split into multiple stars and cause a lot of damage. Don't worry if you have a Light-Puck powered character on the screen opposite to where Pinky is, you can still attack her shadow and do damage to her. The only catch is that her shadow is harder to see than herself. She can also heal herself using her wings if you leave her alone for a short while. This is actually a great chance for you to attack her.

In addition, you can equip pins such as "Vortex saber", "Vulcan Uppercut", "Grave Marker", and "Velocity Attack" for when her shadow appears on Neku's screen, in which case, have Beat defend (or attack) the real Uzuki on the top screen. Use Vulcan to stop it, then follow it up with grave marker and vortex saber. If she runs away, use velocity attack to catch up with her and stop her once more. This way, you should be able to keep the shadow from attacking and/or switching out. As a beneficial side effect, using short range pins such as the ones mentioned above will do more damage than if they had hit the real Uzuki, the reason being that the shadow and all enemies like it are weak against short-ranged attacks.

No. 82/84: Koki Kariya and Uzuki Yashiro (Non-Berserk and Berserk)[]

This is one of the toughest fights in the game due to the fact that, as a properly "synced" duo, Kariya and Uzuki have their own light puck when both are in battle and they have a fusion attack too. Use evasive action for Beat when Uzuki gets the puck, and try and interrupt Kariya's attacks when he has the puck. If you aren't hit for a while, it goes away just like your light puck. On the bottom screen, use the same strategy as you would use for Kariya. A decent strategy is to keep chasing Kariya on the bottom screen, this will make him constantly try and move away from Neku, and never actually attack. On the top screen, defend whenever necessary and try to rack up a good fusion combo. Keep at it and they should go down pretty easy. Lollipop and Pinky use the same attacks they did when you fought them previously, so you know what you're up against. The most surprising thing you will see during this battle is their fusion attack, which can only trigger after their puck has been passed enough times. Uzuki will pass the puck even if you block an attack successfully as Beat, so the best way to prevent this from happening is to dodge carefully as Neku. Kariya's attack are also easier to deal with than Uzuki's, but failing to do so properly will cause you to take great damage.

No. 83: Koki Kariya[]

Use long range pins at all times on Lollipop and make sure to move out of the way (dodge on the top screen) when Kariya shoots a yellow blast from the air since it explodes and has a large blast radius and inflicts a lot of damage. Kariya also attacks by shooting normal energy blasts on the ground, creating a lightning orb around himself, and throwing shuriken stars. If you're not paying attention to Kariya, you can be warned about upcoming attacks by hearing him say "Ready To Clock-Out?".

You can also use the second strategy mentioned above for Uzuki on Kariya.

Another strategy is to use Piercing Pillar to interrupt his attacks and leaving him airborne for you to hit him, Grave marker pins (available on that day on both Normal and Hard by defeating Noise no.40) can teleport above his bullets and damage him; placing down Splash core's bubbles is also efficient since he usually dashes back and forth quite often, and tends to walk into them very frequently. The biggest issue in this fight is predicting his movements, but he's generally considered a simpler fight than his partner.

No. 85/92: Sho Minamimoto/Leo Cantus[]

Part 1[]

At first, Sho Minamimoto will appear at the very center of the top screen, making it impossible to attack him. When he sends out Taboo Noise, immediately take advantage of them to max out Joshua's fusion. After defeating two or three waves of Taboo Noise, Pi-face comes out of hiding so you can wail on him. He basically attacks you by shooting shuriken stars in a spinning motion. Don't use any direct attacks, because he teleports away whenever you touch him with the stylus; instead, use area attacks such as Vortex Saber (not available at this point during the maingame), Burst Rounds (only possible to hit by aiming in his direction without touching him, for example by pressing behind). When he goes to Joshua's screen, send him up and attack Minamimoto some more.

During the whole fight, Pi-Face sends out Taboo noise to deal with your otherwise unoccupied character. Use them to keep the light puck going.

Part 2[]

Once you do enough damage, Pi-Face becomes Leo Cantus. He behaves mostly the same except he has some new attacks. He likes kicking you around a lot and charging at you as well. He also picks up Joshua and slams him on the ground sometimes. So you should use the same strategy except for two things:

  • First, he's very easy to dodge with Joshua. Just go up, then down, and repeat until you see an opening.
  • Second, Leo Cantus behaves like a Taboo Noise, in that you can deal almost no damage to him without the light puck. Now it really becomes crucial to keep it going.

Another Strategy is to always be on the opposite part of the screen with Joshua, (when Leo Cantus is on the ground, levitate and attack and when he is in the air, go on the ground and use your normal moves) and keep attacking until he moves up or down, but you have to be quick, especially when his HP is below 50%.

Another Strategy to beat the first half of Leo Cantus (before he gets to half health) is to get him on bottom screen with Neku, and have Joshua beat all enemies except one on top screen. If it's a crab, if you don't attack, there is no way for the crab to hit you! Provided you didn't damage the last enemy very much, you can wait until the light puck expires (or not if you want to risk killing the last enemy), and attack the enemy to pass the light puck to neku so he can hit Leo. Then, on bottom screen, if Neku stays a little in front of his kicks, he will kick in place for a while, leaving you open to attack with ranged pins, such as big bang / big crunch, Piercing Pillar, Force Rounds, Burst Rounds etc.

No. 86: Sho Minamimoto (Taboo)[]

Use some kind of knockback attack pin (Vortex Saber is excellent since it has a big hitbox, the circle can be drawn far away from him to avoid his teleports, if using the draw version, or you can just blow into the microphone) then attack Sho in the air with a projectile attack to deal extra damage. If you can't quite land a hit, use microphone attacks. Use a healing pin like Splish Splash Barrier if your dual HP gets low. Use Beat's fusion pin if you get it. In his taboo form, Sho may seem very tough and hard to hit because he teleports a lot, but if you don't get overwhelmed by his speed and sudden appearance, this fight won't last long with a good use of the light puck. His only real attack is summoning shuriken stars, however the pattern in which he summons them may differ from time to time.

No. 87: Megumi Kitaniji and Shiki Misaki[]

Most of Megumi's attacks hit a large area, but are quite weak, so if you have enough defense, you don't have to worry about those attacks. Dash away when Megumi is about to use his Serpent Arm attack; it does a lot of damage and knocks Neku back. When he says "Time be still", quickly use an attack with knockback or juggling capabilities to interrupt his time freeze, like Piercing Pillar. If you are not able to stop the time freeze (either because you couldn't get your pin off in time or you don't have that type of pin), always ready yourself for a quick dodge because Megumi will follow up the attack with his Serpent Arm. Megumi also attacks by creating fireballs, energy stars, and shooting a light beam at you.

Another technique is to continuously attack him without giving him time to attack, to do this have at least 2 pins that have short loading time, or lasts for a long time, cause then when yours first pin is reloading, use your other pin to cover for it until it finishes loading.

Finally, be careful with Beat, for as Shiki does a lot of damage to him since it's not easy to make him dodge/block her attacks when your focusing on Neku, I surgest regularly checking how he's doing every now and then and also healing of course. Making sure Beat uses air combos in this fight can make him fall out of Shiki's combos, avoiding the finisher and preventing status effects.

No. 88: Vespertilio Canor[]

The Canor series of Noise are pretty simplistic. Here, have Shiki attack the bat Noise on top, while having Neku just move around on the bottom screen. While the lights are off, Neku is barred from attacking the Noise. By attacking specific bats, the lights will slowly turn on. Activating one side fully (by clearing all bat Noise on the lights) will render the boss vulnerable on the bottom screen, and cause it to send more bats to the top screen. Destroying all of the bats covering the lights will render the boss very vulnerable, stunning it and doubling the damage of all attacks it takes. Eventually, if the battle takes too long, the boss will summon (while invincible) a cloud of bats, which immediately latch onto the lamps, obscuring the stage.

No. 89: Pteropus Canor[]

Practically the same as Vespertilio, but this time with Beat. The same strategy applies here, but make sure Beat's cards don't get too long, and late in the battle, the Noise will turn into a golden bat which sometimes swaps screens. He also has a few extra attacks up his sleeve as well once the lights go back on, so look out for them.

No. 90: Cornix Canor[]

First off, clear the two Noise however you feel like. Leave Shiki to deal with the lesser Noise. This is a good time to have the volume up, as before the boss goes down to the lower screen, it makes a very distinctive shriek. Pyrokinesis (if the pin description describes the flames as "tall" it can hit flying opponents, otherwise it's a waste of a slot) and Psychokinesis pins are useful when you first face this Noise, as the former doesn't really need any sort of aiming, and the lesser Noise sometimes drag obstacles to the bottom screen for you to use. Considering a car/truck obstacle will always spawn at the start of the fight, Psychokinesis pins (especially thise that trigger while dragging the obstacle) will shred his surprisingly small Health bar. If the Noise gets away with picking up an object, it generally moves up to the top screen to strafe Shiki, from left to right. Shiki is allowed to destroy the object, but she will take damage unless she blocks. W If the Noise safely gets up to the sky with an object, it will generally attempt to drop it on Neku. However, this is very easily dodged. You can also use your fusion attack if you want to destroy the object that it tries to drop on you. The best times to use your fusion attacks are when Cornix Canor is passing by on your screen. Not only will this damage it, but it will also destroy the object that it is holding. While using air combos as Shiki will massively damage him, especially with the light puck on, the timing to avoid taking damage from the Noise's attack while hitting it with the finisher is extremely tight, so it's recommended to stick to ground combos at low Health.

No. 91: Ovis Cantus[]

Equip: - Force Rounds - Cure Drink - Ice Blow or any other long-range pins that don't require you to move. Stand in either the bottom-right or bottom-left hand corners of the screen, and rapidly and constantly tap the boss, which should constantly activate all of your pins. His first attacks will be unable to hit you. However, he can create a special black hole which absorbs all of your psychs. In other words, while this black hole is present, avoid using any of your attacks or else you'll just waste your time attacking (and heal the Noise). Neither Neku's nor Shiki's attacks will work when he uses it. As his HP lowers, he will begin using new attacks, such as spitting out blue energy balls, attacking with his fists or side swiping the battlefield. Dodge these if possible, but return to the corners of the screen. If you aren't comfortable with Shiki's attacks yet, repeatedly hammer the left button. This will allow her to constantly attack, faster than in auto-play, while you can focus on Neku. Constantly attacking as Shiki also helps her survive longer, since during her finisher's animation she is immune to attacks: by increasing the pace of your attacks you increase the odds of accidentally avoding the Noise's fists (to make it faster you can hit both the left and Y button to make combos at least four times faster)

After you end the game you'll gain access to Lazy Bomber, a really good pin for static bosses and noises like Ovis.

No. 93: Tigris Cantus[]

Part 1[]

Initially, Tigris teleports when Beat tries to attack, but can be hit by using Air Cancel after the initial combo panel, and then finishing the air combo when she reappears. If Neku leads the Taboo Noise into the large white area on the bottom left of the bottom screen, Tigris will recieve damage and be stunned long enough for Beat to use a direct combo. However, if normal Noise is sent into the area, Tigris will be healed, and obstacles that are sucked in will damage Beat. This phase lasts for the first half of her yellow HP bar.

Part 2[]

Tigris is now easier to hit on the top screen (and shows up on Neku's screen, due to his location comparative to Beat). When Beat uses a finisher on her, the clone she has on the bottom screen will turn into Tigris herself. When she appears on the bottom, attack her relentlessly and quickly. If you don't, she will disappear from the bottom screen (leaving the dummy Tigris) and go back to the top screen. If you do, she will be unable to attack you for the rest of this stage of the battle. If you somehow have a Fusion ready to go, unleash it before you drain her yellow HP bar for best effect. You may also want to use any healing pins.

Part 3[]

During part 3, Neku won't be able to use any of his pins because Tigris takes them away. This includes the Fusion Pin and all of your Fusion Stars. Then Tigris will attack Neku by moving into his shadow to cause damage, while attacking Beat with a combination of clones and her standard attack. Have Neku move into Tigris' shadow to hinder her (by destroying the clones she creates) and have Beat attack Tigris repeatedly on the top-screen.

Part 4[]

Tigris Cantus will disappear from both screens, leaving only her clones. On the bottom screen, go in the direction opposite Neku's shadow (because Tigris is depicted as a light source in this part of the fight). When there's a a light, hit it with Rhyme (by touching it). Tigris (as a light source) will then appear on the top screen so you can hit her with Beat. After a while, Tigris will go back to the bottom screen. Keep repeating these steps until Tigris Cantus is Erased. After the fight, Neku's pins are reset, which is very useful in Final Time Attack for limited use pins.

No. 94: Anguis Cantus[]


Focus on the head of the snake at all times; when it is on the top screen, use Shiki's aerial combo to inflict a lot of damage. When it is on the bottom screen after taking enough damage focus on the head again using Neku's most powerful psychs (projectile weapons are advised since Anguis can do a lot of damage to you if you are too close to the head). Take advantage of the fact that the head cannot harm Shiki or Neku unless it is on their respective screen. Skilled players may be able to take advantage of the fact that Shiki cannot be harmed for most of her finisher, and time it so that she is either winding up or performing the finisher just as the attack comes in.

His fireballs are each different colors, three of them dealing a status ailment. Red deals Attack Down, blue deals Defense Down, and purple inflicts HP Drain. Later, he may create an orange bubble which, if you allow yourself to be caught by it, will drag Neku into range for a deadly bite. Enough damage will break the bubble. Anguis may also bite if Neku stays close to his head for long enough, dealing massive damage, so make sure to avoid it.

Note that when Anguis' head is on the top screen, Neku can only attack the quickly-withdrawing body. When it's on the bottom screen, Shiki is still permitted to attack, as the body remains on her screen. This also applies to the next part. There is also a safe spot from the flames, but is fairly hard to reach, despite the fact that the body on the upper-left or -right can push you into that position for the rest of the battle (barring the orange sphere).


Same strategy as Shiki's part except make sure to use Beat's air combo since it is stronger and try to get rid of all your cards quickly if they are close to hurting Beat.

No. 95: Draco Cantus[]

Megumi now absorbs Joshua, Shiki, and Beat to beef himself up. They'll be incapacitated for most of the fight. Focus on Neku, attacking one of the 5 heads at all times. Eventually, Shiki's "Level 2 Fusion" cinematic comes up, which signifies that you can press buttons to create a light puck. The same things happen with Beat and Joshua as you continue causing damage to Draco Cantus. Note that failing to execute the button command will cause Draco to regenerate a significant amount of HP. However, the game will remind you to look up at the top screen by either the aforementioned screen (which also breaks any orange spheres on the field), or a flash of light and sound. Push the button you are told (right, left or up) to get a permanent puck. An alternate possibility is to continually press all of the buttons (right, left and up). The head in the middle takes some extra damage but just like Anguis has a strong bite attack if you get too close, or get trapped in the bubble. The best spot to avoid hits is below the heads in the corner, occasionally dashing to avoid the bubble attack or his explosions.

Any pin that can hit more than one head at the same time is recommended, such as Vortex Saber or Lightning Arrester. Time Bomb (Lazy Bomber specially) will make the battle a really short one. Going in with the wrong setup is more punishing in this fight than anywhere else due to the lack of partner damage.

Also any pin that can heal you and shield you at the same time is highly recommended for healing, like Splish-Splash Barrier. Healing Flamingo can also be quite useful in later stages since it's less likely to get interrupted by Draco's attacks, and after 3 interactions with your partners it will almost fully heal you with each use.

Once his HP bar is depleted a four-starred fusion pin appears on the screen; press it to end the fight.

No. 96: Panthera Cantus[]

Preparation: Know Your Enemy and What To Do[]

This fight is really long and tough. Panthera Cantus is a combination of Leo Cantus (bottom screen) and Tigris Cantus (top screen). The "Leo" version will attack the same way that Leo Cantus would. He basically just kicks and charges into you. The only difference is his attacks are stronger, faster, and much more frequent. The "Tigris" version creates clones of itself to block your attacks on the top screen and attacks by launching a shadow at you. Just as with the Leo version's, the Tigris version's attacks are stronger and happen a lot more times than usual.

Top Screen[]

On the top screen, you will be fighting a blue-colored version of Tigris Cantus. In order to win, you need to, carefully, decide which partner you're going to use. Okay, so let's say Joshua is your favorite, but you're not good at playing with him. If you still want to use him in battle then you should train with him until you think you're ready. If you don't have a favorite or don't care which one you choose, then pick the partner that you're the best at using.

Joshua - Immediately, when the battle starts, have him levitate into the air. Spam attack the boss and try to concentrate on getting a fusion.Use Joshua's extra combo map attack (which can only be used by equipping a thread item like Pi-face's Jeans) so that you can attack both sides of the field for massive damage. This is useful in getting rid of the clones the boss creates. Try to do this as quickly as possible because this is the hardest boss fight in the game. If you see one of the clones trying to attack then immediately teleport down to save time. However, if you're playing on Ultimate/Hard difficulty, the tactic would change. It would be better to dodge as much as you can as Joshua (If Panthera [blue] goes up, move Joshua down, if Panthera is down, move Joshua up), and instead of trying to use the beam where he hits both sides (you can if you're brave), you would want to use short, correct combos to get more fusion stars. The higher fusion ability is better because of the instant healing and damage being dealt on Panthera. Sometimes the healing badge on Neku may not be ready to use so using a fusion would be your best choice. This tactic may take a while, but should be as long as your first time fighting Draco Cantus. Focus on picking threads that increase Joshua's fusion stars and attack. Leave the defense and health to Neku since he can't levitate and dodge attacks like Joshua can.

Shiki - Shiki has a beautiful invincibility frame at the end of her ground combo that will prevent her from taking any damage as long as you finish the combo on time (it's when she jumps into the air at the end). Stay on the ground with Shiki, and don't go for air attacks. When Panthera is on the ground, start the combo, and judge if you need to use the shortest combo path, or if you can take the middle, or longest one. Block when you don't think you can complete a combo in time. When you whittle the boss' health down to half, be prepared to start blocking a lot more. This method works on all modes, though on easy and normal you can be more aggressive and go with the longer combo paths. The threads are up to you, but Mr. Mew is recommended. Unless Shiki's attack is high, you're going to have problems causing a large amount of damage. So any threads you have her wear should give her a lot of Fusion Stars (with Shiki's Card System, you should get you're Level 3 Fusion Attack faster if she already has some fusion stars at the start of battle) and increase her attack.

Beat - Remember that blocking is the key to finishing this battle. Just block Panthera's (blue) attacks and wait for an opening to strike. If you don't block then you're going to take a lot of damage in only a short amount of time. The threads you wear should increase your attack, defense, and health to a pretty high level. It's easy to lose this fight with Beat as your partner, especially if you're too busy paying attention to Neku. Also, try to wear some threads that give Beat some Fusion Stars. This will help you get your fusion faster, so you can save it for when you really need it. Out of the three available partners, this is the hardes option you have. An useful trick is to attack clones that aren't on the same height as Panthera, to pass the puck to Neku, make him easier to hit later, make him spawn more clones (he won't do so while more than 2 are present on screen) leaving himself open while doing so, all in a quite safe way.

Bottom Screen[]

Neku's side of the fight is much more annoying for some people. First of all, depending on which strategy you're going to use, the threads you wear will determine the outcome of the battle. If you're going on the offensive (attacking with your partner) with Neku then wear threads than increase his health and attack. Defense is important too, but you're probably going to take some damage in the middle of your attacks so having a lot of health will allow you to ignore it for a while before you eventually have to heal. If you decide to attack at close-range then pick some pins that allow you to attack quickly so you can make an escape if you need to. Also, pins with a knockback are good in this situation. If you decide to attack at long-range then use pins that allow you to stay away from Panthera (red) so that you don't have to worry about being hit. Pins such as Thunderbolt and Piercing Pillar would work. No matter what range you decide to fight at, ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE HEALING PIN. The healing pin should fill your HP bar well and have a lot of uses. Monkey Leisure (which can be used 6 times when fully leveled up), is a good example.

If you're going on the defensive (using your partner to attack, while you either run around dodging and/or only attack once in awhile) then you should wear threads that increase your defense and health. Make sure you have at least one good healing pin. You should also have one good attack pin just in case you need to cause some damage quickly. If you do decide to wear an attack pin, then it should be able to do a quick combo that can cause a lot of damage.

Below are some decks recommended for your use.

A good idea is to equip Neku with:

  1. One Jump From Eden
  2. One Skip From Eden
  3. One Hop From Eden
  4. One Step From Eden
  5. Eden's Door
  6. Splish Splash Barrier/ Visionary Blend

This will allow Neku to become invincible when the Light Puck attaches on to him. It also allows you to concentrate on your partner's fight. If your partner is ever low on HP, pressing and holding on the Neku will trigger the barrier. It's not a good idea to use up Black Saturn/Splish Splash Barrier because if it gets spent, the Light Puck will travel to your partner which will cause Neku to lose his invincibility. If that ever happens, dash around like crazy until you can finish a combo on with your partner to send the Light Puck back down to Neku.

A different approach is to use Wolf, Velocity Tackle (Or Velocity Crash), and two other healing pins. Peace Full (mastered), and Monkey Leisure (mastered) are good choices due to the number of uses they have. Adding support pins that add extra uses or increase health regained would also be good, seeing as how your sole attacking pin is Wolf/Velocity Tackle/Velocity Crash (which isn't a bad thing). Take the following steps:

  1. Touch Neku.
  2. Drag Neku.
  3. Keep dragging him, and try to juggle Panthera with Wolf/Velocity Tackle/Velocity Crash.
  4. Heal if necessary.
  5. Never stop doing steps 2 and 3 unless you need to do step 4.

Another approach to this battle relies on mostly Gatito pins. Equip the Over the Top set, Speed Factor, Black Uranus, and whatever you feel like for the sixth pin (either Tin Pin Thrift to take advantage of SOS or a healing pin in case one screen takes a cheap shot and you see an opportunity to use it). The combination of Over The Top and Turbo Reboot will allow Black Uranus to recharge in just a little over the time it takes for a juggle to finish (meaning, the enemy lands). While this requires much attention unconsciously as you need to keep slashing upward on Panthera, it allows you to focus on the top screen, dodging or attacking as the situation changes.

A similar approach replaces Speed Factor with Her Royal Highness (which increases the amount of times a pin can be used by 30%) and makes the remaining pin Black Venus. This allows you to use 2 attacks from Black Uranus followed by 24 attacks from Black Venus in a never-ending combo, as the time it takes for the pins to boot is less than the time it takes to use them up. If done correctly Panthera never hits the ground. Joshua is a good choice, as you will find it easier to avoid the top screen attacks (due to his levitation ability) and on higher difficulties should not attack at all as his finisher leaves him vulnerable to attacks from behind. If you're using another partner then blocking at the right time will make this battle go more smoothly, but you have to pay attention. This is important because there is no space for a healing pin in this pin deck, meaning there isn't any room for careless mistakes. This means that the action on the top screen should be all about dodging up and down to the horizontal plane that Panthera isn't on, or blocking Panthera's attacks.. Like the previous strategy, this also allows you to focus solely on the top screen while slashing and tapping Panthera and is a relatively easy way to beat him without taking a single point of damage.

Solo Remix (in progress)[]

This is the Solo Remix section of the guide, covering bosses on the iOS and Android version of the game. Most of the information for the DS version applies here as well, so only the differences are included.

What's different in the Solo Remix version?[]

The full list of differences can be found on the Solo Remix page, but a few things are important to keep in mind for boss battles:

  • You fight paired bosses on the same screen. E.g. in the Kariya and Uzuki fight, you fight first Uzuki, then Kariya, then both together.
  • Some bosses have different AI. E.g. Kariya and Uzuki fire bullets much more aggressively, which in combination with having them both on the screen, results in them covering the screen with bullets.

Because of those two points, it's more important on harder difficulties to prevent mobile bosses from attacking than deal damage to them. Piercing Pillar is an excellent psych for this because of its built-in juggling ability.

Another way to prevent mobile bosses from attacking is to stunlock them with Cross Combos. Which partner you have determines which psychs are the easiest to use for stunlocking:

  • Shiki: Apport, Force Rounds, Thunderbolt, and similar "Tap an enemy" pins. "Swipe an enemy" or "Tap empty space" psychs are fairly easy to use too once you get the rhythm of repeatedly tapping the enemy and tapping/swiping nearby.
  • Joshua: Shockwave, Grave Marker, Entanglement. "Tap/swipe an enemy/empty space" pins also work, like with Shiki but reversing the commands.
  • Beat: Pyrokinesis, Flame Blast, Holy Light (Although it has less efficiency, Holy Light usually lasts longer).

Setups To Use[]

Single-enemy Stunlock with Beat[]

This deck is built to stunlock a mobile enemy (like Uzuki or Kariya during the first half of their battle) with Beat as your partner.

  1. Fresh Line
  2. Eyes Full of Light
  3. Entanglement

The key to stunlocking an enemy with this deck is to then slide down on the screen to activate Fresh Line, then keep your finger on the screen to activate Eyes Full of Light, which also summons Beat and starts the lock. Once Eyes Full of Light runs out, use Entanglement then Fresh Line to continue the lock until Eyes Full of Light reboots, then start the lock again. This usually works until Beat disappears and/or another enemy attacks you (so it doesn't work when both Uzuki and Kariya are on the screen), and was the setup one wikier used to beat non-berserk Uzuki and Kariya on Hard at level 1.

Eden set[]

This setup is only in the post-game, and includes both pins and threads. The deck is simple: Eden set + Yoshimitsu (for Joshua) or Drake (for Beat). Then equip the following threads:


  1. Green Warm-ups (CC Faster Sync 1)
  2. Citrus Shorts (CC Faster Sync 2)
  3. Purple Sneaks (CC Faster Sync 2)
  4. Biker Gloves (CC Faster Sync 2)


  1. Brown Baby Tee (Sync Charge 3)
  2. Citrus Shorts (CC Faster Sync 2)
  3. Purple Sneaks (CC Faster Sync 2)
  4. Heart Pochette (CC Faster Sync 2)

To play with the setup, simply use cross-combo attacks as much as you can, fusion attack when you can, and dodge when a pin is recharging. The Eden set will give you invincibility frames during your cross combos, and the Eden set together with the threads above will charge your sync meter very quickly, so you can execute level 3 fusions as fast as possible. With sufficient base ATK (from Viper Drinks, etc), it trivializes post-game bosses.

Credit for this setup goes to GipFace


No. 66: Woolly AOR[]

Since it's a stationary boss, you only need to stay away from it. Ranged attacks such as Tin Pin Sunscorch, Sexy Beam, and Eyes Full of Light work wonders against it. Just make sure to avoid the red glyphs: stand at the edge of the screen and dodge when you see one. Bring along a Healing pin just in case.

No. 82/84: Koki Kariya and Uzuki Yashiro[]

Method 1[]

This is the strategy one wikier used to defeat Berserk Uzuki and Kariya on Hard at level 1. It should work for the non-berserk fight too since the only difference is the increased stats and fusion attack they gain when berserk. The following deck is made to prevent Uzuki and Kariya from doing anything as much as possible, as often as possible:

  1. Yoshimitsu - Used to stunlock the bosses with Beat.
  2. Final Pyre, All Expired (FPAE) - Used to stunlock the bosses with Beat.
  3. Grave Marker* - Used to stunlock the bosses when you're alone/with Beat.
  4. Blizzard Cool - Used to juggle Uzuki at the start of the fight, and Kariya when Beat's meter runs out.
  5. Wolf - Used both to interrupt Uzuki and as general-purpose damage/sync-building in the second half of the fight when you can't perform a stunlock without getting hit.
  6. Splish Splash Barrier* (SSB) - Used to gain invincibility frames and heal. This pin greatly restricts your ability to run, but you should be dashing whenever possible in this fight to avoid bullets. One of the keys to using this pin is to leave the barrier when you have an opening, rather than when it runs out.

Items marked with * are flex slots that you can replace with pins of your preference.

Before the fight, make sure you start with ~120 sync, Sync Charge III, and the 200% fusion attack for Beat (or be very good at building sync during the second half of the fight). You can get an extra 20 starting sync from the Gold Padlock Necklace, and Sync Charge III from Shirt & Arm Warmers. The following clothes can help, but aren't strictly necessary:

Beat: Dandy Hat, Shirt & Arm Warmers, Darkness, Gold Padlock Necklace

The first "half" of the fight is Uzuki and Kariya separately. If you do this strategy correctly, neither of them will get off an attack. The second "half" of the fight starts when the boss has about 30% yellow bar left, and is more hectic because both Uzuki and Kariya are on the screen, and you can't stop both of them from attacking.

At the start of the fight, before the timer has finished counting down, mash the screen beneath Uzuki to activate Blizzard Cool as soon as possible. Then tap slowly to keep her juggled until Beat's meter charges. Immediately after the final tap, press the screen to activate FPAE. Beat should appear and start a Cross Combo stunlock with FPAE. Once FPAE runs out, switch to Yoshimitsu to continue the lock. Once you reach 200% sync, activate fusion attack. Your goal with this attack is to deal enough damage to make Uzuki go away, but not so much that she comes back before you can rebuild 200% on Kariya. For one wikier, this meant a 4.5x fusion attack, or about 2400 damage.

If you dealt the right amount, Uzuki will go away and Kariya will appear. Start FPAE on him immediately (or one of the other pins if FPAE is rebooting) to continue the Cross Combo stunlock on him. Once Beat's meter runs out, switch to Grave Marker or Blizzard Cool (or SSB if you need to heal) to keep Kariya busy until Beat's meter reboots. Then start the lock again. Your goal is to get to 200% sync before or shortly after Uzuki reappears, then activate it as soon as soon as possible.

Then the second "half" of the fight begins. Both Uzuki and Kariya will be on the screen at the same time, and they'll start filling the screen with bullets in a manner reminiscent of Touhou. You can't stay in one place for more than a second or you'll be hit by an attack, possibly knocking you into more attacks. That means you can't activate Blizzard Cool, nor reliably stunlock the bosses. Instead, your main source of damage and fusion gauge will come from Wolf. The strategy for the rest of the fight boils down to 3 points:

  • Dodge continuously to avoid attacks and, when possible, deal damage/build sync with Wolf.
  • When you have an opening, activate FPAE to call Beat back onto the screen.
  • When you have an opening and are at low health and Beat is gone, activate SSB.

Activate fusion attacks when you have a chance. For one wikier, Uzuki and Kariya died before reaching 200% sync again.

Method 2[]

This strategy is demonstrated in this video:

First, ensure you have Beat fusion level 3, and all 3 ATK boosts for Beat. Then get 100% sync before the start of the battle (via Orange Juice/Cross Combos)

Equip Neku and Beat with Green Warm-ups, Brown Baby Tee (or Citrus Shorts), and Nylon Waist Pack. Note: Sync Charge does nothing when equipped to Neku, so consider giving him Biker Jacket and Naraka instead. For pins, use:

  1. Blue Blood Burns Blue
  2. Blue Blood Burns Blue
  3. Ice Risers
  4. Wolf (Note: you can substitute for Cure Drink for the Uzuki/Kariya fight the day before)
  5. Velocity Attack (or Velocity Tackle, if you have it)

At the start of the fight, and whenever you want to start CC-sunlocking Uzuki or Kariya, use Ice Risers (IR) to knock them up into the air, then initiate Blue Blood Burns Blue (BBBB). The press will summon Beat, and the flames will both slow Uzuki/Kariya's fall and start the CC-lock. One both BBBB run out, use IR/Wolf/Velocity Attack to continue the CC-lock until BBBB recharges. After Beat disappears, use level 3 fusion attack with a 4-5X multiplier to make Uzuki go away. Then repeat the process with Kariya, except wait to use the next level 3 fusion attack until Uzuki reappears, so that it hits both of them.

The second half of the fight is similar to Method 1, except you have two Wolf pins and IR is much less committal than Blizzard Cool, so that you can (and should) use IR to set up a press to summon Beat. If you try to summon Beat while Uzuki is on the ground, or while one of the white snowflake bullets is chasing you, you will almost certainly be hit. A few more fusion attacks will finish the fight, but it's worth noting a few things:

  • Level 2 and level 3 fusion attacks heal you (hence why a healing pin isn't included in this setup). Level 3 fusion heals 100% of your HP bar, or close to it.
  • Fusion attacks clear bullets off the screen, and end multi-bullet attacks before the later bullets can come out. However they don't interrupt attack animations (as far as one wikier can tell), so if Uzuki jumps up right before you start a fusion attack, you'll likely get hit by a snowflake once the fusion attack ends.
  • If you can group Uzuki and Karyia close together with Beat on the screen, you can sometimes CC-lock both of them with BBBB. This is demonstrated for a few seconds in the video before Uzuki gets out.

Final Time Attack[]

In Final Time Attack, you will face 11 Bosses of The game. Completing it on Hard or Ultimate will get you a record time, which if you get a Star Rank on your Final Time Attack's Record Time, you will get the "Fastest In The 'Buya" achievement. For the Final Time Attack, the quickest way to get a Star Rank is to use your Max LV Fusion. Getting the fusion is the easy part, but pulling off a successful Fusion (Multiplier 4.0+) is the difficult part. When using Beat as your partner, you can easily get past Bosses with an easy LV 5 Fusion Attack.