Blown Kiss (投げKISS Nage Kiss) is a pin in The World Ends with You.

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Pin 010.png
Number 010
Brand D+B
Name Blown Kiss
Levels 2
Psych Subconscious A
Spec Recovery: 70%
Damage @ATK=200
Secondary Damage Efficiency
Secondary Damage @ATK=200
Class Angel
Limit 2 uses
Value ¥1500
Boot 0s
Reboot 0s
Info 1 Automatically restores HP when they are half depleted.
Info 2 Growth Bonus: Power: N, Uses: Y, Boot: N

Growth Speed: Slow

This pin will not evolve.

  • BPP yields: M
  • SDPP yields: M
  • MPP yields: M
Tin Pin Weight: 9

Spin: 9

KO Length: 3


  • Stinger x 4
  • Bomber x 7
  • Hammer x 5
  • Hand x 0
How to get Sold by:

Dropped by: Ambiefox N

Event reward:

Evolved from:

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Angel +
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010 +
Automatically restores HP when they are half depleted. +
2 uses +
Blown Kiss +
Subconscious +
Recovery +
1,500 +