• Oran Asora

    Hey! I'm new around here, so I don't really have a good idea of where to look for this, but no matter where I look, I can't seem to find a solid answer.  I'm playing TWEWY Final Remix, and I'm trying to master every single pin in the game now that I've cleared the main story. However, I'm noticing that Pin 189, Jack's Knight, evolves into Queen's Knight with SDPP and King's Knight with BPP. How am I supposed to master Jack's Knight, then? I know that Final Remix did away with MPP, so I'm at a loss for how I'm supposed to do this.  Should I try to have exactly equal parts SDPP and BPP? Or is it possible for me to master it if I just play a bunch of Tin Pin Slammer? 

    Thanks! Rowdy

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  • Agent Random

    Guess what?

    June 22, 2019 by Agent Random

    Still no sequel.

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  • Agent Random


    June 21, 2019 by Agent Random

    HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There's still no sequel.

    Well, he wasn't going to tell us.

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  • Agent Random

    Hey look, an achievement!

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  • Kai Blade

    Hirotama Komatata

    May 11, 2015 by Kai Blade

    Hirotama Komatata, A new Reapers' Game Player; Similar to Neku Sakuraba as he doesn't like personal interaction.

    Hirotama Komatata

    Psych/Weapon Pins
    Default Attack 10

    Default Bravery

    Default Defense 10

    Extremely Dislike "Nasty!"
    Dislike "Really? Why would I eat this?"
    Neutral "Okay, I guess."


    "This is suprisingly good!"

    Extremely Like


    Fusion Levels
    Fusion Quote
    Lvl 1. "C'mon! Bring It!"
    Lvl 2. "Take This!"
    Lvl 3. "It's Over!"

    More Quotes in Battle
    5X Puck "Bring it on, Monsters!"
    Getting the Puck (any multiplier) "Gotchya'!"
    Finisher 1 "Do you Like that?!"
    Finisher 2 "Here!"
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  • Kai Blade

    TWEWY Help

    May 5, 2015 by Kai Blade

    I have just recently made a new Forum Page for Help on The World Ends With You and The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-. 

    This should be used for any questions, help, or reviews on The World Ends With You and The World Ends With You -Solo Remix- and are not to be used for questions or help about the Wiki. 

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Crocodilian Noise

    October 26, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    The Crocodilian Family is a type of custom Noise in The World Ends With You. They are notable for their slow pace, while having high-power jaws and self-healing capabilities. While not lethal at first, it can become one of the most potent enemies once angered.

    The Crocodilian family occupies entries #-# in the Noise Report.

    • Resting Time: While in this state, the noise is slow and will not attack aggressively, but has high defense and a passive healing.
    • Hunting Time: When attacked repetitively, or when the time comes, the noise's eyes will change shades, losing its passive healing and defense, but becoming a dangerous predator.
    • Amassed Body: Crocodilian noise, with its large body mass, has an impressive amount of health than normal Noise. This a…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Ran Hyouka

    October 20, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    Ran Hyouka (冰華 孌 hyouka ran) is a custom character of The World Ends with You. A sadistic beauty who is approaching her 30s, she loves seducing men for money. While she follows this pointless cycle, she can't find the meaning of living which she sought for. But, having relied on her capability to seduce for life, her social life is a disaster upon entering the UG...

    In the past, Ran had a deep passion for flowers, dreaming of becoming a flower shop girl or even an expert of ikebana, the art of flower arrangement. But this ended with her first love confession in high school, when her love interest literally stomped on her feelings for flowers. From then on, she had stopped dreaming of flowers and has been charming men with her beautiful looks. B…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hello there, JRPG Fans!

    Wikia is hosting an exciting tournament featuring Japanese role-playing games. The best titles of the genre are squaring off across 15 categories to separate the best from the best! Categories include Best Story, Best Cast of Characters, Best Soundtrack, and a whole lot more. Users can vote in these polls to determine the winners. This exciting battle is being brought to you by Mistwalker Corporation's new mobile strategy JRPG, Terra Battle

    We are stopping by to spread the word! The World Ends With You has been nominated in several categories, including Best Story and Best Cast of Characters.

    Visit the Ultimate JRPG Blog to vote for this game and all of your other favorite JRPGs!

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Natsuki Tomogi

    October 8, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    Natsuki Tomogi (共木 夏希 tomogi natsuki) is a custom character of The World Ends with You. An energetic and active girl, age 17, who is the twin older sister of Natsumi. Named "Missile Girl" because of her great ability in running, she excels at sports and martial arts.

    Natsuki is known for her boyish looks, with short dark-brown hair which at longest is to her shoulder. She tends to keep it tied into a ponytail. Her sportive look is well fawned over by other girls of the school. Unlike what most would think, Natsuki has an ample bust, which she doesn't like due to it being in the way of her running.

    Natsuki, outside of school, tends to go for what would allow her to run, wearing shorts, t-shirts and sneakers (especially her special-brand Hayabusa …

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  • Kai Blade

    Solo Remix changes

    September 19, 2014 by Kai Blade

    Since I just bought Solo remix a few weeks ago I've noticed that some of the food items have been changed. The HP Tablets are now 6 Bytes, the DEF and ATK Medicine is now 6 Bytes. I'm wondering if someone can help me with editing Source Code. I have yet to learn it, and I am in need of someone to help me with.

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Anna Chisato

    September 18, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    Anna Chisato (血里アンナ chisato anna) is a custom character of The World Ends with You. A young girl commonly seen in Gothic-wear, pale skin and the looks of a 4th grader, the disease she is plagued with has given others the impression that she's a "Vampiress". Yet, she was optimistic and in a state of delusion, causing her to think that she was a true vampire. Upon entering the UG, her wish was granted and she has become a true blood-sucker.

    Anna is a young girl who can be categorized as a "lolita" for her short stature and underdeveloped body for a 16 year old. Along with that, due to the disease she has, her skin is always pale along with a frail looking body. Her hair is silver-blonde and reaches to her waist. With the addition of her Gothic a…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Natsumi Tomogi

    September 18, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    Natsumi Tomogi (共木 夏美 tomogi natsumi) is a custom character of The World Ends with You. The younger twin sister to Natsuki, Natsumi had the hobby of making hair accesories and cooking. She was popular and admired because of her lady-like manners, but also bullied by the jealous, which eventually led to her death.

    Natsumi has a beautiful appearance, although not busty, that can be depicted as a true Yamato nadeshiko. She has long black hair that is straight and is kept in good condition, letting it sway in the wind gracefully.

    While her normal outfit tends to be simple but cute, in the story, she is wearing her school uniform. It consists of a white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt under a tan-colored blazer, accompanied with a brown, plaided, kne…

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  • Kai Blade

    Kai Tsubshi

    September 15, 2014 by Kai Blade

    This is a custom character for "The World Ends With You".

    Psych/Weapon: Keyblade
    Default Bravery 75
    Default Attack 10
    Default Defense 5

    Extremely Dislike Eww... this is disgusting!

    Well, at least I can eat it...

    Neutral Not too bad!
    Like Wow... this is great!

    Extremely Like

    Gimmie' More!


    (Level 1 Fusion)

    Kai: "Yeah, It's all over for you!"

    Neku: "Whatever..."

    (Level 2 Fusion)

    Kai: "You Ready?"

    Neku: "Hell Yeah!"

    (Level 3 Fusion)

    Neku: "Come on, Kai!"

    Kai: "Don't Worry! I'm ready for these Bastards!"

    Death Scream
    • "It's Over..."
    • "I...I'm screwed..."
    • "I've failed the World, and you, Neku..."

    Star Rank
    • "Ha! You thought you could beat us!"
    • "Nice try!"

    • "Bring it!"
    • "Got this!
    • "Ya'!"
    • "Come on!"
    • "Take this!"
    • "You're on!"

    Getting Puck
    • "Thanks!"
    • "Re…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Juuichi Matsumoto

    September 6, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    Juuichi Matsumoto (松本 十一 matsumoto juuichi) is a custom character of The World Ends with You. Once a famous singer of rock music and visual kei, his life came to an end when he protected a band mate who was in his high school band from a mugger. Even so, in the UG, he continues to love his music.

    Juuichi is a slender young man, tall and handsome. True to his visual kei style, he wears heavy make-up that gives him a pale complexion while having an elaborate hair style which covers one of his eyes. His hair is black and highlighted with dark purple, which accompanies his purple nail polish and lip make-up. He wears a white button-up shirt, which he usually rolls the sleeves to elbow length, and black slacks. He also wears accessories such as the…

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  • Robin Patterson

    Wikia management decided last year not to allow any more Wikia sites to take up Semantic MediaWiki, because of apparently insoluble problems. As our expert staffer said, "SMW is tough to run on a wiki, it's almost impossible to run effectively on a farming platform like Wikia."

    At that time staff remained "committed to keeping it active and useable on wikis that already had the tool". A recent staff posting may even cast doubt on its retention: could StructuredData replace it?

    See w:c:smwtest:Wikia's current approach; and please feel free to comment on that page's talk page or that wiki's forum.

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Hayatate Moriyama

    August 26, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    Hayatate Moriyama (森山 早盾 moriyama hayatate) is a custom character of The World Ends with You and is a player of the UG.

    Weapon: Katana, disguised as a wooden sword (木刀 bokutou).

    • Card Combo type 1: Hanafuda Cards:
      • Based on iroha-garuta. A "reading card" is visible above, showing a Japanese letter. The ending on the combo tree includes options of karuta cards, and the player must match it with the Japanese letter. Partly similar to Shiki's card line-up.
    • Card Combo type 2: Koi-Koi Cards:
      • Based on the game Koi-Koi. Concept still being made...
    • Fusion Boost Hayatate: Hayatate sticker. Increases Hayatate's max Fusion level. He receives one level for each sticker you collect. It may be wise to use lower level fusions instead of waiting for high level fusi…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Custom Feature

    August 26, 2014 by GreenMoriyama

    This blog page is dedicated to being the center for all of my non-canon material, including custom characters, items and other items. Basically, my fanon index.

    A man who fights with honor, Hayatate is known for being a contemporary Samurai. Excelling in deadly swift blows, he also acts as a voice to many of the other players who can't deal with the Game as easily as he has.

    The following are custom characters I thought up of. Some of them are based on existing parts of the game, such as brands; others are of characters from a different "universe".

    In the RG, Juuichi Matsumoto, famously known under his stage name "Juuichi ELEVEN", was a famed star. His flamboyant Visual-kei look awed many, and more so did his voice. While he speaks in few wo…

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  • Kai Blade

    While I am in no means new to the Wikia interface, I still haven't figured out how to create a table. Could someone help?

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  • Kai Blade

    Okay so I've been wondering this, and google can't provide me with an answer. In Mingle Mode does the person that you're trying to mingle with have to have played the game? I'm really confused due to it's description in-game. (P.S. This is the DS Version of TWEWY)

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    about me

    January 14, 2013 by POLICE

    well i will always try to keep people safe and protected ENJOY EVERYONE

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    To Do List

    December 5, 2012 by AWildPHILOSORAPTOR

    • rework found/day boxes to better organize information (see Template:Infobox Pig Noise)
    • add place for Noise symbols noise can be found in
    • write /doc page

    • rework found/day boxes to better organize information (see Template:Infobox Pig Noise)
    • add "Partner" box to indicate which partner you fight the boss with
    • add place for Noise symbols noise can be found in
    • write /doc page

    • try to rework template to remove the tables from its first and fourth usage (they don't seem to do anything but get in the way since they only ever contain the info from one pin)

    • New: infobox that indicates an article needs to be cleaned up, optimally including category support

    • formalize style/contents required

    • make redirect pages for each shop by name
    • move shop information to indivi…

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  • Minish Link

    Good work

    March 17, 2011 by Minish Link

    On a random side note, I just wanted to let you know that you guys are both doing great. Right after I post this I'm promoting Asphyr to Rollback position. Keep up the good work and I'll try to check back more often so I can fix up any (menial) errors and all that stuff. Unrelatedly, as for a Rollback template (see Template:Administrator-- it's a floaty template of an image that links to admins and displays the rollover text This user is an Administrator. This would be the same, but for rollback.) what image should be used? I used the O-Pin for Admin, so...What for rollback?

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  • Minish Link


    February 27, 2011 by Minish Link

    If either of you are using Oasis you'll have noticed that the theme has changed. This is temporary since I can't think of what else to change it to, so I went with all blue. I want you guys' ideas because I've got nothing. What colours do you think suit TWEwY?

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  • Minish Link


    February 26, 2011 by Minish Link

    Before we start making pages for every Noise I'd like to point out that we should definitely link Pin Drops. Also, I know of your idea Asphyr but Pin Drops linked in the infobox makes more sense; showing their images and etc. would only take up unnecessary space on the page. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. I'm going through Boss and Noise pages now and linking them up, so...Yeah. Also, I'll soon be making a temporary Manual of Style in the form of a Forum so things can be done at a consistent and professional level.

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