The Black Hole is a Psych found on a few pins. All of them only have one use, and a fair boot time. By drawing a circle in empty space, it creates an attracting hole similar to that of Sweeper. However, enemies that are pulled into the hole are automatically destroyed. Unfortunately, no EXP or BPP are awarded by any Noise erased through this method. The Noise List will also not be updated if you haven't encountered the enemy before.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Boot Reboot
Pin 121c121Gimme Dat SheepSheep Heavenly R Black Hole C 110.5---
Pin 122c122Gimme Dat ElephantSheep Heavenly R Black Hole C 110---
Pin 123c123Gimme Dat HippoSheep Heavenly R Black Hole C 110---
Pin 283c283SharkUnbranded R Black Hole C 17.6---