The trick to besting the bubbles these frogs spew lies in the other zone's Noise!
— Noise Report
To best the bubbles these frogs spew, you might just need your partner's help!
— Noise Report (Solo Remix)

The Bigbanfrog is a frog Noise in "The World Ends with You", "-Solo Remix- " and "-Final Remix-" that has a light blue body, yellow eyes, and dark blue tattoos for its hind legs. It is the first frog Noise in the game to be accompanied by sprog Noise, and one of only two (Orchefrog being the other) to do so.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Sprog Spawn: The Bigbanfrog has the capability to spawn a group of Bigbansprogs which will aid it in its battle against the player. The Bigbanfrog will not always spawn with sprogs.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Leap: The Bigbanfrog leaps onto the player, then leaps off to deal moderate damage. The leap is homing to a degree and so it is difficult to avoid by moving normally. However, dashing while the frog is attempting to land on Neku, or before it has leapt off is usually a good method of avoiding taking damage from the attack.
  • Bubbles: After standing still to inflate its throat sac, the Bigbanfrog releases a number of bubbles that inflict damage on contact; damaging the bubbles will pop them (the bubbles are considered airborne, so ground-based attacks will not destroy them). Attacking the Bigbanfrog while it's inflating its throat sac cancels the attack altogether.


A Bigbanfrog spawns with eight Bigbansprogs unless there are already two other Bigbanfrogs in the battle, but if the player erases the "parent" Bigbanfrog all of its sprog allies will automatically be erased as well. Since sprog Noise only appear on the bottom screen, a player may find it easier to attack only a "parent" Bigbanfrog on the top screen.

Although Bigbanfrogs have a higher attack stat than Dixiefrogs, making dodging its attacks more important, this is balanced by its low HP. Any offense pin should be sufficient when battling this Noise, as both positive (close-ranged) and negative (long-ranged) psychs are equally effective against it.


The Bigbanfrog's name is a play on "big band," a type of musical ensemble, and "frog".

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