This sawshark is capable of deadly jump attacks utilizing its long, sharp snout.
— Noise Report

The Bebop Shark is a Shark Noise in The World Ends with You, -Solo Remix-, and -Final Remix-.


  • Chomp: Following up every Dive, Bebop Shark will send its head out of the water to make an attempt to bite at the player, inflicting a good amount of damage. Before every Chomp, a ripple will appear the targeted area for a second. Chomp also allows Bebop Shark to eat other smaller Noise to increase its stats. After each successful Chomp, Bebop Shark dives for a moment before its fin appears again to roam.
  • Razor Fin: As it roams around, Bebop Shark's fin can inflict damage to the player if they collide.
  • Dive: Bebop Shark dives, becoming unable to be targeted, even by Fusion attacks. The Bebop Shark will frequently dive, always following up with a Chomp.


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