Beat Partner Pin

Beginning in ​Solo Remix​, Beat's attacks were tied to the newly introduced Partner Pin. When no Fusion is available, this pin is displayed in place of the Fusion Pin in the top right corner of the screen, and with the exception of Co-op mode from ​Final Remix​, a gauge is used to indicate how many uses remain.

Pin StatsEdit

  • The pin's total attack power is calculated by adding 43 points to Beat's attack statistic.
  • The pin initially utilizes a two-hit combo, consisting of a low kick with Beat's skateboard followed by a lateral drop kick. After obtaining (S) Power Combos, Beat will alternate between these two attacks for the first strike of his combo, while the second hit changes to one of two styles of airborne attacks where Beat charges the enemy, potentially hitting multiple targets.
    •  Efficiency of the pin's attacks are 72% for the first blow and 80% for the second. In contrast to its description, (S) Power Combos only increases the effective area of Beat's finisher without affecting its attack strength.
    • Unlike other partners, Beat attacks automatically once brought within range of a valid target, which can make controlling him more difficult as he's as likely to attack a Frog's bubble as an actual enemy. On the flip side, because his attacks are automatic, it's easier for Neku to Cross Combo with a variety of psychs.
  • The pin has 6 uses by default, which increases to 9 after obtaining (S) Gauge Extender Beat. One use is consumed upon the completion of a combo. Unlike Shiki, Beat always completes his combos.
  • The initial boot and reboot times are about 3 seconds and 8 seconds, respectively. This drops to about 1.5 seconds and 7.5 seconds, respectively, after obtaining (S) Quick Boot Beat.
  • The pin is activated by dragging on an empty space (pressing also works). Unlike with other partners, activating this pin does not consume any uses, as Beat is a semi-autonomous partner. The pin's activation method is used to position Beat only, after which Beat will attack on his own. Leave him alone for too long though and he'll stop attacking until another command is issued or until the summon times out and he vanishes.
  • The (S) Hyperdrive Beat sticker is stated to increase the speed at which Beat can be moved around the battlefield. However, the sticker is automatically included in Neku's inventory without any notification immediately after the first battle with Beat, so it's difficult to tell whether Beat even has a slow mode to start with.
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