The six possible rankings after winning a battle in the game.

Battle RankEdit

Battle Rankings appear on the Results Screen after winning a battle. There are six possible rankings. The higher your overall rank is, the more PP you are able to earn.

(In order of highest to lowest)

  • ★ (Star)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


After a battle, you will be given a specific amount of Battle PP. This is determined by four categories: Rounds, Time, Damage, and Special, with multipliers for each depending on performance and amount of difficulty.

Rounds refers to the number of battles in the chain. A longer chain gives a better multiplier. Every reduction added to the first in the chain provides a .1x boost to your Rounds bonus. Note that also Taboo Noises which comes themselves will count for PP multiplier and Chain Limit.

Time is the amount of time it took to complete all battles. Multipliers from Time range from 0.8 to 1.5. (The amount of time varies by the chain supposedly, but it's usually around 30 seconds for an average battle.)

Damage represents how much damage your team sustained during the battle. Taking LOTS of damage above what you should gives an E, and taking little to none gives a Star rank. (Ranks for Damage have the same multipliers as the ranks for Time.)

Special starts at 1.0, and increases by 0.1 for each of the bonuses listed underneath. (No damage + No pins dropped + 1000 hits + 200 puck passes + No auto-play used = Massive 2.5 multiplier!) Note that getting a 30-hit bonus, for example, also lets you get the 10-hit bonus.

Your overall rank for the battle is an average of the ranks given for Time and Damage, rounded down. (A Star for Time and a B for Damage will grant you an A Overall rank; an A for Time and a D for Damage will grant you a C Overall rank.)

Note that on Easy, the multipliers for Time, Damage and Special are always 1.0 or less, regardless of your performance.

Special Bonuses Edit

Special bonuses are given for:

  • No damage taken
  • No pins dropped
  • No auto-play used
  • Top screen-only win
  • Bottom screen-only win
  • 10 consecutive hits
  • 30 consecutive hits
  • 50 consecutive hits
  • 100 consecutive hits
  • 200 consecutive hits
  • 500 consecutive hits
  • 1000 consecutive hits
  • 10-pass puck rally
  • 30-pass puck rally
  • 50-pass puck rally
  • 100-pass puck rally
  • 200-pass puck rally


After the results are tallied by multiplying Noise PP at each step and rounding down, you earn what should be a larger amount of PP. Obviously doing better in each category increases the amount of PP earned from each battle.

PP collection works like this:

  • Say you earned 20 PP from your fights.
  • It's a 3-chain! Multiplier 1.2.
  • But you took too long. Multiplier 0.8.
  • Damage is fine, but not perfect. Multiplier 1.3.
  • 10-hit combo and no pins dropped. Multiplier 1.2.
  • Total PP earned is then 20*1.2*0.8*1.3*1.2 = 29.952, rounded down to 29.
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