"...I wanted to lose myself in the crowd for a bit. Y'know?"

BJ is a member of 777's band, Def Märch, along with Tenho. He has a crush on Uzuki Yashiro, but nothing comes of it.

Story[edit | edit source]

BJ first appears in Week 2, Day 3 when 777 loses his winged microphone. 777 suspects him because BJ frequently whines about wanting to perform the vocals in their band. Joshua and Neku prove his innocence by making him confess to calling Uzuki in Molco's phone booth of love at the time of the theft. BJ and 777 later reconcile over the mic and vocals after the mystery is solved. He later appears with 777 and Tenho, who tell them that they are using Minamimoto's megaphone to sing.

He also appears in Another Day with 777 and Tenho to play Tin Pin Slammer with Neku and his friends.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, B.J. is an opponent faced in Flick Rush in the Tin Pin Tournament along with 777, Tenho, and Sho Minamimoto.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • BJ is a normal, black hooded Reaper, dressed in a similar style to many other Reapers. Though he is never seen performing Reaper duties, he is presumably a Harrier Reaper.
  • In the game, his fate is ambiguous as he is never seen again. However, in the anime, it is revealed he was killed by Taboo Noise along with Tenho.
  • While he doesn't appear directly, the call BJ makes in the phone booth of love to Uzuki can be witnessed at Tipsy Tose Hall on Week 2, Day 3.

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