The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Character Attack[]

The Attack (or ATK for short) is the statistic of a character that affects the damage dealt by that character's attacks or Psychs. Higher attack values increase the amount of damage. Attack, along with the Defense and Bravery statistics, can be viewed in the Item Screen. Attack appears as a white number which represents the Base Attack statistic for a character, followed by either a light blue plus sign and number showing increase to ATK, or a red minus and number showing decrease to ATK.

Innate Attack[]

A character's innate attack statistic can be permanently increased when Neku or another character digests food, specifically the following:

For grinding innate attack increase, Viper Drink is ideal, but it requires 3 Adamantite pins each (the other swag items, Mystery Liquid and Red Viper, can be bought at the same store, Herbal Remedies at the Shibukyu Dept. Store for yen) so it is difficult to acquire until late - or post-credits. The Mexican Dog shop in Spain Hill sells the first three items on the above list, with the Definitivo Chili Dog available for 3 Rare Metal, 1 Choice Meat and 1 Crimson Chili, the latter two of which are available at the Shibukyu Dept. Store for yen as well. However, the regular Hot Dog is also a good choice as it simply costs 460Y and is immediately available from the store without increasing the friendship gauge.

The Maximum Base Attack is 100 for each character.

Attack Modifier[]

A character's attack modifier can be changed by:

  • Collecting ATK Boost stickers for that character (9 total are available for each of Neku's partners, and each increases the attack modifier by 1)
  • Adjustments from equipped threads, through thread stats and thread abilities, which can be positive or negative

Neku's psych damage is also modified by the attack spec of the pin he uses to deal damage.

Attack can also be modified during battle by:

Noise Attack[]

A Noise's attack stat, along with a Noise's other stat's, can be viewed on the Noise screen.

See also: Damage.