The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
This article is about the species. For the classification of pins, see Angel (class).
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Angels are a species above who come from the Higher Plane, a parallel plane of existence in Shibuya that is stacked above the Underground. Almost all of the information about Angels come from the Secret Reports penned by Sanae Hanekoma, an Angel himself. They are noted for their powerful vibes, extensive capability to travel between planes and to parallel worlds, and their influence over the Underground.


Angels have extremely high-frequency vibes. Because of this power, Angels can easily travel between Shibuya's parallel planes, like the Underground or Realground. They also have a strong Imagination, and in tandem with their powerful vibes can easily penetrate the membranes of parallel worlds and jump between them.

Angels are heavily restricted in the actions that they can take by Angel code. Typically, they can only do so much as observe. The Angels are able to use things traces of Imagination to track the true intentions of psych users or their second sight to gain insight on what is happening in places that they cannot be.


The Angels created what Hanekoma calls "a web of social schema".


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The Composer is the creator of an Underground. and has complete control over that space. They also have some amount of influence over the Realground, as Composers have the ability to destroy it. Because of this tie to the lower planes, Composers are often associated with the Reaper ranks. To become a Composer, one must defeat the currently standing Composer.

Composers are responsible for restoring Players to life as no Reaper is capable of such a feat. Composers may also appoint a Reaper officer to the Conductor position. The Conductor is the only Reaper that the Composer typically interacts with.


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The Producer watches over the Reapers' Game and the UG at large, ensuring Reapers and Players follow the rules of the Game. He can also create and deliver items to the Composer or Conductor, an example being the request for the O-Pins in Shiki, Day 1's Secret Report or the upgrade to Joshua's phone camera on Joshua, Day 3. The Secret Reports imply that Producers usually stay in the Higher Plane during Games, but the specific circumstances of the long Game in The World Ends with You required Hanekoma to descend to the UG to observe the Game from a closer perspective.


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Some Angels, called Executors, are tasked with cleansing a district. Often by infiltrating the ranks of those such as the Reapers. While they are forbidden from directly harming Players, they may interact with and manipulate them socially to assist in their mission. The only known example of this is with Tanzo Kubo who was known to create Noise from Dissonance in order to serve as a catalyst for an Inversion.

Fallen Angels[]

The Angels are bound to a strict code, which is not ever fully detailed but it restricts the actions in which an Angel may take. When an Angel oversteps this boundary, they may either be Exorcised or become a Fallen Angel.

Sanae Hanekoma, the current Producer, is the only known Fallen Angel. His crime was revealing the secrets of Taboo Noise refinery to the Game Master, Sho Minamimoto. Hanekoma reports the alert of a Fallen Angel was handed down on Joshua, Day 2's Secret Report, but refers to the Fallen Angel in the third person until Secret Report 21, This Day Ends with You!'s Secret Report. In gameplay, this is also the last Secret Report the player can collect discounting the addenda for A New Day, so Hanekoma's secret is withheld from the player until the very end of the post-game. He saw Minamimoto as a "back-up plan" to impede the Composer's plans to destroy Shibuya, unwilling to lose the unique city. He accepts the severe stigma of a Fallen Angel as he saw saving Shibuya necessary over the sanctity of the code.

It is unknown if there are any biological changes that occur when becoming a Fallen Angel. However, a Fallen Angel can be detected by an alternate version of themselves and may report their Fallen counterpart.

List of Angels[]

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