"Attack these golden wolves as they begin their lightning quick charge, or brace for impact!"
— Noise Report

The Alterna Wolf is a gold wolf Noise with a purple tail and front legs in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Roam: Instead of remaining stationary, the Garage Wolf will run around, getting ready to pouncing onto Neku when the chance comes. This is temporarily disabled at the start of battle, when the noise has been attacked or sometimes after it has attacked Neku. Only applies to bottom screen.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Subjugate: The Alterna Wolf will swiftly attempt to leap at Neku or his partner to harshly bite them and resume running. Neku should keep dashing to avoid this quick attack; his partner can attempt to dodge/block the attack.
  • Blazing Rush: The Alterna Wolf dashes at high speed from one side of the battle area to the other, damaging everything in its path, while leaving a path of flames in its wake. While the Alterna wolf will only across the screen once on the top-screen per use, on the bottom-screen, it may use it up to four times in one use.


Alterna Wolf (Lightning Charge)

An Alterna Wolf's Blazing Rush attack.

As with any wolf Noise, the Alterna Wolf will run from side to side during the battle. It will not move for a while at the start, and being attacked will slow its movement. These brief periods of time are crucial when damaging it, otherwise it could be hard to hit with slower pins due to its speed. Note that the Noise's Blazing Rush will strike only once on the top-screen.


The Alterna Wolf's name is a combination of "alterna" (likely a reference to any one of a variety of different music genres with "alternative" in their name, but most likely alternative rock) and "wolf".