Aliens are believed to be random occurrences that can be encountered during Mingle Mode. Whenever the player contacts an Alien, they will gain 100 MPP. As far as it has been tested, Aliens are not triggered by any wireless devices or signals. Aliens only appear in The World Ends with You, and do not appear in -Solo Remix-, -Live Remix-, or Final Remix.

When the player encounters an Alien, the screen will say "You ran into [Alien's Name]..." and have a picture of an item next to it representing said Alien, sometimes in abstract ways.

Possible AliensEdit

  • Item 056Yourself in 20 years
  • Item 076Your future lover
  • Item 080An unknown lifeform
  • Item 114Another you
  • Item 146Bliss on a stick
  • Item 152Mr. or Ms. Right
  • Item 177That lovin' feelin'
  • Item 182The hero within you
  • Item 235A secret admirer
  • Item 249Some bodacious vibes
  • Item 254A nagging feeling
  • Item 256A childhood memory
  • Item 257A Plutonian
  • Item 258A Jovian
  • Item 259Hot coffee
  • Item 259A string of bad luck
  • Item 260The guy ahead of you
  • Item 262The one who got away
  • Item 264A cuckoo
  • Item 269Some nasty juju
  • Item 271A monkey's uncle
  • Item 272Hope for the future
  • Item 273A psycho hose beast
  • Item 276Your shining prince
  • Item 278A vengeful spirit
  • Item 279The winds of change
  • Item 282Just what you needed
  • Item 325The impossible
  • Item 328The doorframe of life
  • Item 341Your big chance

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