Ai (アイ Ai?) is a side character who appears a few times in the three weeks, mostly appearing next to Mina. While she is seen to be quite jealous and paranoid, as well as implied by Mina to easily jump to conclusions, she highly values her friendship with her, and is grateful for her forgiveness when they reconcile over an argument.

Biography Edit

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In Week 1, she comes across Mina and Makoto chatting outside Shibu Dept. Store. From this she becomes suspicious and concludes Mina is attempting to steal Makoto, her crush. Later, she is seen in Spain Hill with her friend, acting extremely cold and frustrated. Her suppressed negative emotions attract the Noise, which in turn spawn further and worsen her mood. Eventually she loses her temper and confronts Mina in a game of Reaper Creeper (unknowingly assisted by Neku), in which it comes to light she believes Mina also has a crush on Makoto, which makes her feel resentful and hurt. However, Mina was simply trying to set up a date with him for Ai, and they resolve their differences. Mina gives Ai tickets to the Tin Pin Slammer slam so that Ai can ask Makoto out.

Makoto and Ai go to the slam, but unfortunately the date does not go well because Makoto is too preoccupied to enjoy Tin Pin anymore, and they leave halfway through. She is seen confiding this to Mina in Week 2.

Ai is then later seen with Mina during the events of Week 3, possessed by the Red Skull Pin.

In Another Day Edit

In "Another Day", Ai can found by the statue of Hachiko for a game of Tin Pin. The pre-game dialogue states that she and Beat have been friends for an undisclosed, but implied, long amount of time. Whether their relationship stands in the actual game or not is unknown.

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Trivia Edit

  • Ai's name, look, and personality could be a possible reference to the Ai of the animated series Noein - To Your Other Self. This is debatable, however.


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