Enemies with 200% polarity resistance will absorb attacks, healing them for half damage. The "damage" will appear green and effects the attack would normally have (like knockback) are negated. Without prior knowlege it can be difficult to cope with, especially if a player's deck is full of the absorb-able polarity.

Frog Noise[edit | edit source]

The ability to absorb are relevant to three Frog Noise, and only these Noises: the Funkfrog, the Brassbanfrog and most of all the Fifenfrog.

Brassbanfrogs are able to absorb all negative psychs while Funkfrogs will absorb all positive psychs. This being said, it is best to have negative (long-ranged) psychs when fighting Funkfrogs and positive (close-ranged) psychs for Brassbanfrogs.

Fifenfrogs[edit | edit source]

Fifenfrogs are a special kind of Frog Noise that only appears ever so rarely on Another Day in the Shibuya River area. Even with low health like most Frog Noise have when compared to other Noise, the Fifenfrog has powerful offense along with the ability to absorb positive and negative psychs alike.

Most Psychokinesis and all Pressure Mine pins are unusable as obstacles do not appear in Fifenfrog's domain, limiting usable pins to:

Should you have no usable attack pins, your partner must erase these frogs.

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