The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You
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This article contains information pertaining exclusively to The World Ends with You: Final Remix.

A New Day is a day featured exclusively in The World Ends With You: Final Remix, and serves as an epilogue to the story of the main game. It spans three parts.

How to Unlock[]

In order to unlock A New Day, the player first finish the game's main story, unlocking the Chapter Select menu option. In addition, they must complete the combat challenges offered by purple Expert Mode Reapers on the seventh day of each week.


Shortly after the main ending of The World Ends With You, Neku and Beat awaken in the Scramble Crossing and are informed that they are in the Reaper's Game: Expert Mode, with the goal of escaping from Shibuya within 24 hours. The two form a new Pact to win the Game and allow a Reaper, Coco Atarashi, to tag along in their escape. At the beginning Neku also experiences several visions involving a strange girl Neku remarks that he might know her somewhere.

Neku and Beat quickly find that the "Shibuya" they have awakened in is not as it seems; in addition, Neku is plagued by strange visions showing Shinjuku's erasure and an unfamiliar girl holding Mr. Mew. After Neku and Beat find and defeat Uzuki and Kariya, they decide to seek out Joshua for answers. Joshua, while unable to provide assistance, directs them to Mr. Hanekoma, who cryptically informs the trio to go to WildKat Cafe to rendezvous with him.

Upon arriving at WildKat, Mr. Hanekoma reveals that Neku and Beat are trapped inside a powerful Noise taking the form of Shibuya, and that Coco is the mastermind behind the scheme. Coco quickly drops her friendly facade and pits Neku and Beat against the Dissonance Tapir; the two emerge victorious and erase the Noise, freeing them from the fake Shibuya.

The trio reappear in the real world in front of the CAT mural at Udagawa. While Neku and Beat discuss what to do with Coco, Coco fatally shoots Neku; Joshua appears to shoot Coco but is too late to save Neku. At the same time, Shinjuku is Erased in a phenomenon called an Inversion, and Joshua and Hanekoma deduce that Neku's visions were of the future. Coco, having escaped to the Shibuya River, resurrects Sho Minamimoto from a Taboo Noise Sigil, claiming that Neku will need a Partner for his next Game.

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