The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You

Item 395.png

Number 395TWEWY

421Solo Remix

455Final Remix

Name (S) ATK Boost
Sticker affects Joshua
Description Joshua sticker. Increases Joshua's Attack. The more of these stickers you collect, the stronger he will become.
Tips The Attack (ATK) stat determines how much damage Joshua's attacks deal to enemies. Higher Attack means more damage.
How to get Sold by:
  • Import Stylings - Shibukyu Main Store for 1x Scarletite; 2x Rare Metal;
  • Luxury Fashions Pegaso Atelier - Shibu Dept. Store for 1x Scarletite; 1x Rare Metal;
  • Real Life Solutions 2F - Shibu-Q Heads for 1x Scarletite