Item 472

(B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 10 is numbered as [[{{{Final Remix Number}}}]] in Final Remix.

Number 472 (TWEWY)
Name (B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 10
Sticker affects All
Description Did you know Reaper Creeper can solve all your problems? All you need is a coin, a sheet of paper, and a few crayons. (Mileage may vary.)
Tips Playing Reaper Creeper requires Matoya's spell, but "NEERC SEVAS EHT TARDNALD LOH" is a mouthful, so most folks don't bother!
How to get

Plot event: [[Plot event::Beat, Day 3 (Tipsy Tose Hall) - must choose "Can't decide this for him" when given a choice to get involved in the Reaper Creeper game.]]

Comments The spell is "Hold L and R at the save screen" backwards. Doing so will show the total play time.
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