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• 3/13/2019

Panthera Cantus Images

So, I don't know much about editing Wikis, and stuff like that, but I took the time earlier to make individual images of the Leo Cantus and Tigris Cantus that are part of Panthera Cantus. If someone wants to take the images and add them as a gallery for the Panthera Cantus page, please do.

Post image
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• 10/20/2018


Anyone else planning on doing pages for the days? I saw it discussed a while back but barely anything came out of it. If not, I'll work on it myself, but I'd appreciate the help!

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• 10/14/2018



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• 1/13/2018

so red pp

so scene not many people play twewy together is red pp impossible to get red pp being (mingle pp)
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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/11/2015

Want to help create a Poll of The Week?

Attention all TWEWY Users!
If you are interested in creating a Poll of the Week, please submit here!
Must have at least 2 Choices
Can be a remake of another poll, as long as the choices are different.
Must be TWEWY or TWEWY Wiki Related
Keep it Appropriate.
"My Friends Are My Power, and I'm Theirs!" (talk) 15:05, August 11, 2015 (UTC)
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• 8/6/2015

we should put the things the shopkeepers say.

mh im gonna try a little on my own.
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• 8/4/2015

Each TWEWY Day

I believe that there should be pages for each Day in TWEWY, highlighting major events in the day, and enemies that can be fought in the day.

This project has already started, however it still needs some work! See here (,_Day_1)

"My Friends Are My Power, and I'm Theirs!" (talk) 12:54, August 4, 2015 (UTC)
Week 1, Day 1
Week 1, Day 1 The World Ends With You
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• 6/4/2015

When will the next game come out?

I mean, the ios version came out like, a year or two ago, right? What's Square Enix working on right now? I totes think they need to do a new TWEWY, it's a cult hit and my favorite game of all time because it was perfect in every field, made the most of the DS controls, beautiful art, awesome music, and a touching story that changed my life. I would LOVE to see a true sequel. Maybe one that uses co-op so each player controls one of the two partners. Anybody have a guess as to how long until the next game or what SE is working on right now (I dunno myself, probably another damn Final Fantasy that still isn't the FINAL one)
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• 5/19/2015

Chat Moderator Applications?

Looking to become a Chat Moderator? Well, apply now!
1. Should have at least up to 130 Edits.
2. Tell us Why you want to be Chat Moderator, and what you will add to the Wiki if you're put on the job.
3. How many Hours a Week will you be available.
4. Go through Staff Training after being chosen.
If you're not looking for the position of Chat Moderators, please visit GreenMoriyama's Requests For Adminship.
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• 4/30/2015

The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-

This is the Help section for The World Ends With You: Solo Remix.
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• 4/30/2015

The World Ends With You Help

This is the Help section for The World Ends WIth You on The Nintendo DS.
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• 4/30/2015

Solo Remix Pages

As a part of a new project, I've decided to put pages with items from the Solo Remix game, and I can't do it alone. I need your Help!
Creation of Pages from Solo Remix should have the Category "Solo Remix Exclusive".
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